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JL Smith Jan 2019
Give me your eyes
For they're desperately sought by mine
My mind's diseased
Like a plague set before the Red Sea--
Distraught, a catastrophe
And a heavy heart
Anchored absently
Set ablaze for the crowds who gather
To fan the flames
Fueling in contemptuous laughter
My spirit pirouetting wildly
A cyclone spinning violently
But its eye--calm by design
Give me yours
For they're desperately sought by mine

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jan 2019
As my type whispers
Yes, as it softly speaks
Through emphasis of pressed ink
It reveals my secrets,
Desires and fears
Listen with your heart
Rather than your ears

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jan 2019
No fruits from the trees
Nor honey from bees
No meat from the livestock
Nor dairy's finest cheese
Could satisfy my appetite
For I crave a love too sweet
Fulfilling this hunger
Savoring each heartbeat

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jan 2019
Dig deeper--
For the answers you seek
Require travel farther beneath
An ambiguous surface
Along a foundation of strength
Tracing the tips of my roots
Is where you'll discover
My soul, my truth

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jan 2019
Loves casts a shadow
Through your glance
While concealing its confession
Behind lips
Fleetingly blinding my world
As the moon masks the sun
By eclipse

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jan 2019
I'm divorcing my demons
To engage in angelic flight
Your proposal of grace
Weds me to Light

© JL Smith
JL Smith Jan 2019
In the quietest moments
Yes, the deafening silence
When life becomes still
As breathing breaks
Slowing the heart rate
Time halts
While reality dreams
I hear your voice
Echoing within
The walls of my organs
Vibrating my bones
And while I'm away
Here, you'll stay
Loudly, boldly
Professing your love,
My home and safe haven
In the quietest moments
While I'm away
I hear your voice
Promise me, you'll stay

© JL Smith
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