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24.3k · Mar 2011
jeremy wyatt Mar 2011
The only roses I ever bought were chocolates for my Nan
I've noone there to give flowers to I'm a solitary man
At least I'd have a little fun as chocolate is my sin
and when me and Nan had eaten them I got to keep the tin
9.0k · Jan 2011
Dragon Butt
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
Goats and skinheads try to boast
they say they do it more than most!
Musk ox have a mighty try
Bang! A crash to split the sky.
Alpine sheep, buffalos too
all decry "the rest are poo!"
But they see stars around their nut
when they receive a Dragon ****.
No run up or deep breath required
**** all day long , they're never tired.
Oh how the jealous ones desire
a headbutt fuelled with dragon fire!
7.4k · Jan 2011
Mad Bran
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
Poor mad Bran sat at the edge of the well
scratching  and pulling at the stones
through days of cold and rain
summers blaze
whispering to himself words of no import
no-one understands this poor mad man
sat with his hound that never leaves his side
the people feeding and warming him when they could
a big man with no mind they said
but he had a smile for the children
and could cure a lame horse with a touch
then scratches at the stone and talk  again
at mid summer's eve he stopped talking and listened

On Midsummer's day he was gone
at lughnasadh he was found at the well
freshly healed wounds on him and the brave hound
and a girl-child with no voice to speak
but she could smile and sing of the sea
they took the girl to the great hall
but she came to sit each day at Bran's side
listening and singing to him in the evening
waiting for them to come for her

They came  at Imbolc
biting frost days wise women sensed them
creeping slow stained fields defiled by their foulness
the child is what they want
and some would quail and give her up
the women blessed her
set her upon on her horse
asked  for it to run it's small heart out

doors crashed, splintered wood
swords and spears flash and jab
evil tries to take her back
but she is gone and evil  must follow
hindered by men and their strength
women and their hearts and knives

Bran digs in the stones where he scratches
shouts to his hound "Guide Her back to the sea.."
drags the sword out from the rocks
where he has guarded it all these long years
then waits for evil to come
Iron-clad heavy, black steel and hate
ten spared the chase to bring terror and death
"You will all die..." their eyes flash
Yes, but not here, not today,  Bran's smile back..

Gone now leaving scarecrow corpses
nothing evil daring to come past
the wreck of bodies  he scattered
armour scales flew like ****** rain as he bites through
to their blackened hearts
then runs to the sea to meet fate and the coming change
he catches them at the strands edge
cold spume driven by the east wind
soaking the wounded dog and the horse collapsed
foam flecked, stricken, and the child who won't leave them

Thundering their hate an onslaught of rage
horses of the sea rise up and drag so many down
but a few keep on, the strongest ones
Bran sees them, He knows there is no hell
but these would take her somewhere worse
so he will stand alone and face their curse
He whispers quietly again to what flies above him
all these patient years they guarded and watched
he was the first to bring the cross to this wild land
but waited till now to show his hand

Swords and strength blood and wounds battling on
until even he is struck down,
Angel guardians silent watch his doom.
Broken spear driven through his chest
but still striving to live and save

The Great Dark One moves in to take the child
sneers, plots to soil and twist her to his will
the last one Bran could just not ****
but She looks up with gentle tears
"What would you have me do"? Asked this
child of the Elder Gods..
" Take me to your realm,
so I may be the darkest of all powers."
"No" says Bran,"With one final embrace,
I take you with me to heaven, with Christ's grace.."
Hugging him tight, Bran's death-spear kills two,
one forgiving one forgiven, as the weapon drives through

And the waves drifts slowly in washing the hurt from
child and beasts,  She drifts in the tide ,
horse now beside her playing in new form
guardian of the child of the sea,
who this Man of God She  Mourns
But the dog, strong again returns
to sit by the well and remember his master,
the coming of Mad Bran and the dawn
of the  Old God's passing.
This is a story in my head I have shrunk down to this size for fun. I will try and do it properly one day, that and a thousand other things I mean to do!
7.3k · Jan 2011
Chlamydia The Cow
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
Chlamydia, you grumpy cow!
You're twice as grumpy as Sarah the sow.
Half as happy as Jennifer hen,
But ten times better than all the men !

Chlamydia, Chlamydia,
we never will get rid of yer.
A fixture in the draughty barn,
giving us milk and a gossipy yarn.

Have some grass and Chrstmas cake,
have a snooze and then awake,
to a surprise picnic on your floor,
then you can be a grump once more.
5.7k · Jul 2014
Flying Through Orchids
jeremy wyatt Jul 2014
Flying bloom to bloom,
but no mere dance this faultless path.
You favour puple,
so it seems.
Clover, thistle, orchid, no dream-like drift this bustling  march.
In each quick kiss no flower touched twice,
no frantic frenzy,
"keep on, keep on" your gentle buzzing seems to say.
Until, pushing through an orchids sweet embrace,
head buried in the blooms,
Your tiny heart
to beat...
Saw the wee deid bee.....but the photo is quite beautiful.
4.6k · Feb 2011
Olwen of Deheubarth
jeremy wyatt Feb 2011
Olwen grew after mid-winter's passing
the wind had sung her a child's name
she knew her time was now come
the man she picked was strong and wise
and she had seen his death was anigh
the great gift she would give him
a girl child she would carry, birth and teach
her first word would be the name of him
who was to fall in the cattle raid to Seisysllwg
no man to own her or claim her

Olwen mothered
a world of dreams
a world of knowing
she knew the seasons
and the schemes
of life growing
hares and foxes
would sleeep at her feet
enemies before her
would not fight but retreat

Olwen's way was of care and of love
her power of the earth and skies above
no denizens of dark and deepest hate
would stand her eyes that saw their fate

fast eye
clear sky
brown flash
passes by
beast or bird
we cannot see
good  Olwen
watching over thee

The child came in the autumn months
gold- clad meadows bear the last of mother's bounty
as she came into the world scythes cut the last bushel
weak with the birth she carried the child
to the stone on  plynlimon's east side
"let the source of the five feel the spirit of this child
carry her through her life with power and love..."

When Cariad was five she took her to the great marsh south of the Dyfi
and watched as the child threw her father's sword back to his spirit
further than any man could throw

ask not for power
for your arm
ask for strength
in your heart

ask not for dominion
over men
seek love
for the world

ask not for thyself
anything you
would not give
away freely

no shadows came to dwell in the hills and vales
where peace eternal dwelt with power of hearts
Olwen  slept after one mid-winter's passing
She died when the spirits asked for her
Cariad bore her to the Plynlimon stone
where all wise women's bones will lie

The rivers remember her eyes
The trees remember her wisdom
The birds remember her song
The stars remember Her dreams

The Stones of Deheubarth
remember their Wise-Woman
when Moon and  Sun rise
and the shadows flee
4.4k · Jan 2011
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
Acorns lying by a tree,
plenty there for you and me.
but please be careful what you do,
for acorn legends all are true.
Pick up only one or two,
take them gently home with you.
Put them in a secret spot,
not too cold, not too hot.
Watch them shake, and hatch, then giggle!
Acorns are the eggs of squirrels!
4.2k · Jan 2011
Not My Noooooose!
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
My Nan just took away my nose,
she's got it in her pocket.
She did it 'cos she saw me
put my fingers in the socket.
I said "not me!" so she decided
to teach me quite a lesson.
And though her tactics I derided
soon I'll be confessing.
I cannot breathe without a nose,
cannot smell dad's awful toes.
Cannot sneeze, only cough
and my glasses will fall off!
So put it back, oh Nana dear,
and from the socket I'll keep clear.
And for a spare nose I'll be wishing,
in case the one you take goes missing!
4.2k · Jan 2011
Three Naughty Rabbits
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
Under the Grass beneath the snow,
is a place where the naughty rabbits go.
To sleep and dream of summer fun,
surprising the sheep and making them run.

So please be quiet when you pass,
the three wee rabbits under the grass.
They need to dream in their beauty sleep,
of sun and flowers and chasing sheep!
These wee rabbits live in Susi's story!
4.0k · Feb 2015
Roses Grow Within You
jeremy wyatt Feb 2015
Warm as soil beneath spring sun
banishing memories of januarys frost
time has not dulled your light
my skin heals
my scars soften
your flowers bloom again each spring
as nesting birds begin to sing
Roses grow within you
Birds are singing outside our windowon a beautiful morning. Nests are being repared and the plants are flexing themselves
3.5k · Feb 2011
White Squirrels
jeremy wyatt Feb 2011
Grace Slick get over here
something seems a little queer
you know that rabbit in your song
well something has gone really wrong
seems to have spread to other kinds
or is it just inside my mind
but in the corner of my eye
a big white squirrel passing by
water with a tainted source
turned the poor thing white of course
oh well it could be worse I think
at least the squirrel wasn't pink
keep an eye on where they are
breeding spreading wide and far
then again how very grand
if  squirrels white come to Scotland
One escaped,wee minx pinched my raft.......
3.0k · Mar 2011
Poor Wee Cat
jeremy wyatt Mar 2011
Poor wee cat lost in the dirt
trodden on when wee and hurt
lived on worms and ***** things
insects crawlies all with wings
you fell lucky furry boy
found a family full of joy
hunted you until they won
took you in for love and fun
now you weigh a lot of pounds
your belly drags along the ground
but such a baby you're so sweet
rubbing all around our feet
"Dry me off then put some food
in my dish please don't be rude!"
I have to say that in my mind
a cuter moggie can't be found
If am born next as a cat
I'll be like Wilson soft and fat!
2.9k · Jan 2011
Flirt Gland
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
It is locked up solid
it sounds so squalid
horrid even torrid
my flirt gland is stuck shut
no I am not a nut
not got a feeling in my gut
if I do I'll run away
from you
probably so fast
there will be a sonic boom
as I leave the room
thinking of
my impending doom
need a woman full of fight
who'll tag me bag me
put me right
needs to be a real tough gal
got to sneak her by my pal
so why do I just give on up?
women in Wales say that I am tup
never trying is my only plan
shrinking violet not a man
will I change?
Will I hell!
such a coward can't you tell
keep on like this till I die
then hide from women in the sky X
2.8k · Jan 2011
Winter and motorbikes
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
Motorcycles are fickle things
fleeting as fairies with whizzing wings
don't always work when you want them to
sometimes faultless sometimes poo
mended mine again today
set fire to it as well but hey,
it goes again and kinda smiles
waiting for the happy miles
we do together in the sun
this winters frost has been no fun
My men's bits froze to popcorn size
don't ride in the snow, so say the wise
so wee and slow it won't go quick
been so cold it's made me sick
but got no licence for my car
and my bike though slow gets me quite far
got the car test coming soon
easier to touch the moon
worry so if I will pass
maybe I should offer up my ***?
do the examiner ****** favours
or pray to the lord my only saviour
Hmmm my **** is not so cute,
and prayer is such a selfish route
I'll settle for a mournful wail
when the examiner tells me "Jeremy.. FAIL!"
2.8k · Jan 2011
Falcons and Crows
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
Spirits come wearing feathers
guides watching for our changes
teaching our spirits to fly and soar
despairing of those who fade
Five peregrins flew over our head
two parents cutting the still water with speeding wings
three young trying to mimic
two fly  straight up the cliff face
the young left right splitting
knowing they have to learn
but still afraid
knew what that meant sure enough
saw a peregrine take a big crow in flight
off Tresillian cove
the crow desperately fought for its life  
they both crashed into the sea
the falcon flew up and away
the crow was drowning
upside down
I was praying
one supreme effort and it got airborne
flew to the shore
I am still trying
2.7k · Mar 2011
Picnic Yeah
jeremy wyatt Mar 2011
Off to the park a picnic yeah
three women a wean
and a man who don't scare
well not too easily...
as long as the swings
don't make him queasily
up the slide ok wee girl
she's gonna fall my toes all curl
nope she seems to have it dialled
little hurricane dynamo child
then the swings
for about12 seconds
three turns on the roundabout
maybe less I reckon
then back to the slide
God I am puffed
hasn't the wee girl had enough?
Ok I grab achicken roll
two bites its in a muddy hole
this picnic is turning out to be
endurance playing for Jeremy
tried the kids swing I got jammed
like wearing steel Y-fronts
my privates were crammed
ok so it was all my choice
I say in a funny high-pitched voice
"Jesus go up" I am told so I go
Only she calls me that now you know
where she got it who can guess
got an idea won't confess
(better than being a skinny Welsh Tw*t)
starting to flag like I smoked a ***
need an emergency sicky bag
go home soon and lie down quick
after picnic and playing I am quite sick
Smoking a *** in Scotland means lighting a cigarette, and I don't do that either, so boring a chap, me!
2.7k · Jan 2011
Adults are Poo
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
Adults are poo,
"Get to bed!"
Teachers are too,
"Is that book not read?"
Pizza is nice,
and chips ,
and mice!
And telling
that "I didn't do....."
But best of all,
My favourite call.
From Mum to us all,
"Dinner's ready!"
some adults aren't poo.....
2.6k · Feb 2011
Quiet Woman in the Woods
jeremy wyatt Feb 2011
You were smiling in my heart today
quiet eyes spilling hints of your light
the footsteps you took left white jewels
as snowdrops arose with your passing
your soft calm soothed my fears
all things comes to pass and time cures all
the brush of your hand brings hope and new life
makes spirits soar repairs the hurt
your face will ever be beyond my touch
like the hares that dance at your feet
joyful as you herald the coming spring
2.6k · Mar 2011
Touching Mine
jeremy wyatt Mar 2011
Thought I could feel
your hand last night
touching mine gently
it felt so right
lasted the hours
till  I went to sleep
a memory that
I'll want to keep
2.5k · Jan 2011
Rhubarb Crumble
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
Crunching over the surface,
the bold warriors go
wave after wave of custard
will not fill the men with woe
rhubarb in abundance
doesn't slacken their resolve
any sprinkled sugar
with their sweat they will dissolve
though relentlessly they battle on,
the end it will come soon
"for heaven's sake men,mind the ****** spoon......."
This is making me crave a pudding, all I have is jaffa cakes and scots pancakes (mouldy) I need a woman to shop for me..
2.4k · Jan 2011
Pink Dinosaur
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
I saw a dinosaur today,
his scales were pink!
Perhaps he's gay?
His claws were big,
His teeth were whoppers.
And his *** was firing party poppers.
2.4k · Aug 2014
43 With Your Name
jeremy wyatt Aug 2014
We drifted through the grey stones,
Looking left.
Looking right.
Always looking wrong.
43 women with your name lie here,
amongst the trim green grass and dried, bunched flowers.
43 women who share a name.....
Do you all begin to blur in memories,
as time blurs days of childhood ?
Or are you still sharp in someones mind, as you are sharp in the picture in my hand.
All those women who shared your name,
and we could find only two.
And neither of them was you.
Still looking for his Mothers resting place.
2.2k · Jan 2011
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
I was born out of a tunnel
the midwife found it a fight
I turned around and crept back up
wisty for the night
"who said I was to be moved?"
went through my baby head
"I am not yours to command
so I'll stay in here instead!"
Years have passed I'm out at last
in a time of stress and din
still like a child I fear the world
and yearn to climb back in.
2.1k · Feb 2011
Scorned by the Pew
jeremy wyatt Feb 2011
Scorned by pew browned elders stare
stand calm before their face
they know not of the power you bare
for the  good of all your race
fool's barriers to light and love
is what they want to build
to control the people from above
and have the wise folk killed
women in the huts and crofts
ancient wisdoms ways
scent of healing carried aloft
before persecuters gaze
but life and love still bring them back
their wisdom shall return
for every wise one they attacked
and as a witch they burned
2.1k · Feb 2011
Phelisa was a Fairy Child
jeremy wyatt Feb 2011
Phelisa was a fairy child
of bluebell stock so meek and mild
but in her heart burned flames and fire
fly into danger her desire

once old enough to learn her trade
an uneasy truce with her queen was made
ten years of duty then she is free
to choose her own true destiny

Phelisa born with eyes of fire
outflies the wind no bird flies higher
bravest of all none can compare
Phelisa you must have a care

Be careful watch your little ones
take every day just as it comes
one day the call will come to you
till then protect as we all do

Sweet human children in their beds
hover at their little heads
watching waiting keep them safe
every little human waif

What dreams a Fairy keeps within her flower-soul
and when a warrior small but splendid fair
does not hold watching weans a noble goal
spends hours adding feathers to her hair
so when she flies to battle forces grim
her visage such a terrifying sight
her countenance conveys the chances slim
that any evil will survive the fight

Phelisa where do you go?

Dreams on noble strife and deeds
draw you away to the woods,
but the child you watch is threatened
by a man who means no good

Phelisa drifted to the nursery window, tired from swinging her wee silver sword all day.
Practising her craft with the agile birds and fencing with her friends the falcons.
She was puzzled at the windows edge, she could not understand why the cot was tumbled to the floor, and why the dog howled so.
Then she smelled them, baby cries in the air, hot and sweet and frightened.
And something else Mother was cold afraid.
She cast desperately around the cottage, no sight or sound, but the smell led into the summer evening, mixed with car-smell.
Follow then, if you can little one and help you wee charge.

"I get what I want, or the baby gets hurt..."
Evil swine, all these years hiding and he found her still,
dragged them to the little Austin Seven and drove them to the middle of nowhere.
A quiet wood where noone will disturb them.
Stood there now, screaming baby in his foul fists, eyes full of lust and excitement.
He pulled them towards a small cliff, do what He wants and the child may live, all she could think off, don't and he throws the baby over the edge.
He runs on with them, but frowning, what is this at his feet,the  brown of animals, small warm things keeping pace?
As they run they crush in, making him stumble, making him afraid.
He quickens his pace, strikes out, God they are everywhere get away!
He drops the child and throws the mother to the ground.
Running for his life now, running as  hares and rabbits and foxes swarm around his legs and make him fall over the drop, to his death.

Phelisa comes as the Austin drives  away
Too late to help her features pale and grey
She understands the debt she owes this wood
And makes a vow for its eternal good

Whatever good you did today
I will a thousand times repay
nothing will enter in this wood
that does not come with dreams of good

No beasts each other here will slay
tooth and claw you each will stay
within the confines of these trees
all will live in care and ease

And I will stay with you all here
keep you free from strife and fear
to guard you for the deed of grace
when I was slow and failed the chase

In the rocks at the foot of the drop
evil dwelt
torn faced weasel, twisted and old
Mad man's spirit drawn inside
growing together in their poisoned hate
the loathing of life and love pure
biding its time

For nigh-on thirty years or more
peace reigned upon the woodland floor
beasts walked in fearless glades and rides
no need from tooth and claw to hide
but on one spring day all was fear
Phelisa why are you not near?
Flying out too far this day
following falcons she wants to play
The evil weasel it takes its chance
will lead phelisa a hellish dance

Running into the wood so sweet
pattering horde of weasel feet
heading to hunt and drag away
something small and sweet today
a baby hare they corner at last
he tries to run but cant get past
The Beast with relish starts to whet
his appetite on this leveret
Carry him back then to your lair
frightened meat will taste so fair
down with us among the stones
all we leave will be his bones

Our fairy comes and sees the scene
the fright and fear where they have been
Her vow she has to still uphold
or die as she tries it to uphold

Racing to the weasel's den
at the dark place of the glen
sees the last one running in
sees the hatred and their sin

But at the entrance of the burrow
her fire eyes dim and smooth brows furrow
the weasel entrance is so slim
her Fairy wings won't let her in
But in her burns a fire so bright
nothing will deter her fight
so kneeling in pain she softly sings
as mother -hare bits off her wings

In the deep dark dread is there
terror of the little hare
evil circles all around
forcing it down to the ground
but as the teeth are reaching out
hear the smallest hero shout

"No blood will spill of this sweet thing
my spear and sword and heart I bring
I gladly give my life today
to see this young hare run away"

srtiking silver blade of light
held with all her strength and might
Arthur himself or Great Glyndwr
would not have swung their blades the truer
battles hard and battles dread
blood and bites and screeching dead
all the time she fights them back
not one gets past with its attack
then only one is waiting still
the evil spirit hard to ****
her fairy blood runs down her hair
blurs the fairy face so fair
" You tire and I will **** you soon,"
the weasel spoke an evil tune
But fairy strength is hard judge
and this wee one did bear a grudge
"You took my baby in the past
I failed to reach him flying fast
was not enough but creatures here
they rescued him from pain and fear.
Now I repay them with this life
and cut you with my silver knife
my spear of dandelion form
I plunge into your deadly form
my wings I lost to pay this debt
the ****** back I feel the wet
The pain I carry will all pale
as your foul heart I do impale!"

Her deed was done her battle won
returned the frightened hare's wee son
so proud and fierce a Fairy Queen
The bravest one the world has seen


The terrier and the Rotteweiler were in a frenzy
running wild, tearing at the sheep in a passion of hate
Then the scent of fresh young blood a child
racing over towards the sleeping parents and the wandering baby
the terrier got ahead straining for first blood
Then whispering voices
Tumbling sky flowers pain and blood stillness
Puzzled as it died fairies small and winged crowded its corpse
Blood dripped from their spears.
The Rottweiler drew close, ready to tear them all apart.
Behind them was a hare, armoured with wood and gold, spikes of silver armour, a Fairy Queens gift.
Astride it, scarred-faced and wingless, the old wise fairy sat smiling.
" Stand aside ladies, this one is mine...."
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
I went into the woods today
to feed the little birds
the squirrel in his little  drey
and the roe deer in their herds
went in feeling confident
walked out tired and grey
now I need some counselling
and this is what I'll say!
Those little ******* birdies
had set a trap for me
dug a hole with mickey the mole
they knew I would't see
fell right down
and bashed my head
they laughed so much,
thought I was dead
all they wanted was my seed
No! not my *****!
Oh, please take heed
the rabbits kicked earth into the hole
****** lagomorphs got no soul
except for hares
they are classier
even though
the females are sassier
I climbed back  out
the birds got miffed
"there is no doubt,
he must be biffed!"
so into the fray
they sent their trump
a ****** great stag
to give me a thump
spent ten minutes dodging round
running like a good'un
until I ran into a tree
solid and pretty wooden
"my sodding nose,
that ****** hurt!
I'm bleeding down
into the dirt!"
tough they told me
with their eyes
that tree will cut you
down to size!
I got away at half past six
how was purely luck
I fed the stag some weetabix
and he got hit by a truck
So now we're having venison
and gravy for our tea
and if I go to the woods again
I'll take some friends with me!
2.0k · Feb 2014
Osprey Flight
jeremy wyatt Feb 2014
Old stones weep in the rain
their darkling gaze unblinking
Glowering with ancient pain
of distant glories thinking

Preening Lords arrogant in imagined might
would quail could they perceive
The majesty of osprey flight
True rulers still of Threave
Written two years ago after a dreamy day at Threave Castle viewing a Welsh osprey who moved to Scotland (via Africa)
2.0k · Feb 2011
Wrong Queue
jeremy wyatt Feb 2011
When I was in the queue for brains
I thought that they said pains
and asked for nothing all that sharp
made angel break a string on her harp
Read that the queue marked bravery
said slavery, nope none of that
what a stupid ****** Welsh ****
thank goodness when I saw the queue for smiles
i didn't read it wrong and get **** piles
as I had asked for a broad beaming one
that would have made for a tender ***
more work time fun....
2.0k · Feb 2011
The Last Prince of Wales
jeremy wyatt Feb 2011
Sir Gregory I pledge to serve
my loyal heart it will not swerve
so as I give my vow to you
I promise always to be true

Well, lad I'll take you as my man
we'll go to fight for the Englishman
Berwick north we stand and fight
facing Scotland's rage and might

But tell me first why do you come
to follow Richard's savage drum
A Welshman stong and fair as day
now fights beside some he should slay?

Owain set his mind to tell
his secrets this man would keep well
and as a Welshman of renown
would never cast a fellow down

My heart is full of dreams to roam
before I return to my home
and as this world does change and swing
I dream of Wales set fair to sing

By fighting for the English flag
though in my heart the merest rag
my service and loyalty will save
my people from some English Knave

For powys Fadog is beset
by guile and deceit like a net
to persevere and keep it free
is the task that God has given me

So serve he did the crown indeed
shed blood in lands above the Tweed
his steel was shap his eyes afire
his glance could light a funeral pyre

Thus serving Richard out in France
he led the French a merry dance
bore the shield for Englands King
whilst harpers in his heart did sing

Fitzalan's fleet acknowledged him
he made one hundred Frenchmen swim
defending all the southern ports
all admired him as he fought

Then squire to Henry son of Gaunt
his strength and fire he did not flaunt
at last a knight he travelled west
to the hills and fields he loved the best

But Ruthin Grey was still nearby
a neighbor evil dark and sly
always waiting in the mist
to strike out with his English fist

Now Owain was still Richards man
usurped by Henry's secret plan
but loyalty goes deep in Wales
just read the true and ancient tales

Cronies of the dread new King
conspired to soil his name and wring
out all the misery and lies
to hurt this Welshman they will try

Proclaimed a traitor by the court
their plans were quickly turned to naught
men whose names forgotten since
named fair Owain Wales' Prince

Hotspur rode into the north
striking blows for all his worth
Owain like men of ancient yore
struck  all he faced down to the floor

Castles fell rebellion spread
to Owain's flag a nation led
**** of Strata Florida's shrine
made mad-men of the Welshmen's line

You strike our stones you strike our hearts
but though to you our days seem dark
the blaze you light within our breast
will stand forever any test

The evil Grey they captured him
a ransome paid his dark life grim
faded away and left so weak
no more of Grey this tale will speak

As quick years drew and fleeted by
all Welshmen came they drew anigh
from farms and universities
to battle through adversity

Veterans of Englands savage wars
Welshmen flocked back to settle scores
the blood of Llewellyn still does stain
but Ap Iorwerth's legacy will remain

Back to the laws of Hywel Da
the wise and kind king known afar
so good a man our Hywel was that
He'd punish a man who harmed a cat

Court at Harlech strong and fair
Machynlleth Cynulliad held there
Scots and French men sent their aid
many a fiery fighting raid

But  French kings change their regal minds
and Avignon fooled with their designs
no hope from them was due to come
England's blockades were hitting home

Sat in the darkness of doubt alone
Owain dreams of his wife and home
fair things that he is fighting for
the reasons that he went to war

Now with the sight of ancient days
the future fell before his gaze
his Marred fair locked in the tower
dying slowly his poor bright flower

His castles fell his men were slain
the power of England strong again
a hunted man loose in the wild
though loved and sheltered like a child

Despite rewards of riches vast
his people hid him to the last
he faded slowly into the stones
that make up Wales' strong old bones

He died an old defiant man
clear in eyes and heart
the time was not for a free Wales
a land to stand apart
but freedoms song and fair blood spilled
for causes that you love
still carry on the mountain air
as Owain stands above
1.9k · Mar 2011
Moonbeams as Your Thread
jeremy wyatt Mar 2011
My lady of the darkness
weaving pictures in my head
using night-times gentle quietness
and moonbeams as your thread
the stories that we wonder at
the tales I dream of still
here beneath your loom I'm sat
each thread you weave a thrill
1.9k · Jan 2011
Dragons? Ha!
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
Smaug the Dragon? A mere shrimp!
Fasticollaton, was really a wimp.
The Nasty one from Tolkien,
that ravaged Nargothrond?
Less scary than David Niven as James Bond.
The one that makes me turn to jelly,
was the little blonde one, name of Kelly!
Bruised my arm, broke my finger,
told me that my smelly feet linger.
Ate my chicken, said she didn't,
I thought the ****** thing was hidden!
Twelve years since I moved away,
from the scary friend who turned me grey.
Miss the little dragon so,
wherever she is, I hope she knows..
1.9k · Jan 2011
Termination Birth
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
So many lies from her to me
please don't tell him I'm pregnant
I was ***** she told the clinic
and me
the baby seems big for three months.....
but clinics get money for this
and charities give grants
they don't ask too many questions
6 hrs crying and screaming
till they chopped it up and ****** it through
a young doctor panicking
haven't destroyed one this big before have you you ****
took a long hooked thing to really mess the wee thing up
I saw it's dead eyes in the pan
her dead eyes
half-open and in a silent scream
where is the ******* dad? The nurse whispered..
somewhere ******, I said, I'm just her pal.
Dad didn't want a small thing in his life
my hands bled from her nails
and this felt right
my heart bled despair for her and the mess in the pan
took her home in a taxi suspicious eyes on us, huddled smelling of sweat and blood, no clean-up
she wanted to stay as soiled as she felt

Year later in another room
couldn't *** she wouldn't let me leave her
got a urinary infection holding on
longer this time
thirteen hours of pain and fright
no-one seemed to care again
on a trolly in the cold where is the magic
where is the ******* dad? A nurse whispered..
somewhere ******, I am just her pal.
twisting my hands
she bit my face wanting a kiss as she pushed so hard
the midwife dropped him halfway up her belly
I dragged him to her face
let go the doctor shouted
told him to shut up or *******
got yellow baby **** and blood in my mouth
wanted doctor blood too
tasted sweet somehow tasted of alive
took 83 sedatives that night  her sister found me in ICU
hard to die swap me for the wee dead one
I'm ****** she would have been special saw her face

She would have been 14 yrs old today
1.8k · Jan 2011
Haggis The Cat
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
Haggis the cat is quiet and gentle
hang on! No he is ****** mental
if you speak or touch he strikes,
and that's just people Haggis likes.
Fights with Vincent all day long
even when he's done no wrong.
Lets me stroke him when he's mellow
made a streak in me thats yellow
the other day he pinched my dinner
boxed my face like I'm a sinner.
Fought over my piece of lamb
one each end then Haggis WHAM!
Let me kiss him the other day
but I know soon he'll make me pay.
Yes, now I've crossed the Scottish border
I've found my place in the pecking order..
1.8k · Mar 2011
Iceberg Man
jeremy wyatt Mar 2011
Iceberg Man

Most of my iceberg is under the sea
that's how it always has been for me
if you were to fall in the ocean and dive
one look you would say "Man alive..."
"What a load of mucky ice,
we thought the boy was sweet and nice.
But now we feel it fair to say
we think he ought to melt away.."
1.8k · Feb 2011
jeremy wyatt Feb 2011
Why try any more so hard to climb out
almost had it in my grasp slipping away now
if the sun shines for me tomorrow
its beauty may stay my hand
I will climb the stone finger and view my small world
or look high at the tapering stones
quail, turn, and fade to nothingness
1.8k · Mar 2011
Under Grey Skies
jeremy wyatt Mar 2011
Under grey skies my cold spirit crawls
no white horse flies in my dreams
If there were a space in my mind
that wasn't full of you
I would paint us a sky of summer blue
clouds and longing would drift on the breeze
like meadow scent and dandelion seeds
My window is cold and so is my soul
in such pain today wish I was whole
under grey skies my sad heart calls
under grey skies my cold spirit crawls
1.8k · Jun 2012
Monmouth Raven
jeremy wyatt Jun 2012
I went down to Monmouth fair
a sword and pistol to buy there
I thought to go a'soldiering
for the gold and glory it would bring

I saw a Maiden dark and sweet
a Raven played around her feet
a gleaming pistol she did hold
of fine rosewood and chased with gold

"Wear this pistol at your side
a spirit dwells here deep inside
half your silver this will buy
it's bark will be your battle-cry"

I proudly set it in my belt
the comfort of it keenly felt
then set to search for a sharp blade
then I espied the Raven and the Maid

A yard of steel was in her hands
ancient and blue from spirit-lands
graven runes were on the side
and I sang fell songs as I swung it wide

Alone now silver spent at last
I headed homeward tired and fast
but standing there amongst a crowd
the Maiden crying out aloud

"Who will save my Raven fair
and set him free into the air
these men have taken him to ****
they torture him my heart is chilled"

A group of drunken soldier's swayed
and with the girl's dear pet they played
their evil mouths called curses dire
as they pushed the bird towards the fire

"What cost it's life?" I called out loud
those preening King's-Men vain and proud
"A bag of silver" they replied
"Or those fine weaons at your side"

Moved by pity for the crying child
the captured bird that should fly wild
I gave the weapons with a curse
though they cost me deeply in the purse

The bird we tended all the night
come day it was returned to flight
it gazed deeply into my eyes
then soared up strong to freedom skies

So to the battles I did go
my heart for glory all aglow
but all that I did learn from war
a soldier's life is cheap and poor

Twenty years of war and strife
I lie here clinging to my life
a sword cut deep  into my chest
a great bird lights upon my breast

A raven old still strong and ****
gazing at my wounds so raw
recognition in it's eyes
this King of woeful battle's skies

"I well recall your sacrifice
the pistol fair and battle knife
so now I will repay to you
My debts I pay my heart is true"

"No crow or bird will feast this day
the wolves that slink I'll drive away
To watch and guard you till you die
and see your spirit soar on high"

"And when  your body they do lay
beneath the soil of this spring day
I'll mourn forevermore the loss
and watch your grave from yew and cross"

And now that place is swathed in green
A Lady fair there can be seen
Her ancient raven  watches still
that lonely graveside on the hill.
Really this is a folk song, but would need us to trim it . Makes a nice reading poem I hope x
jeremy wyatt Feb 2011
The Queen of the Tundra stands her ground
mounted on caribou formorians all around
glacier cool she watches with crystal eyes
as her snowflakes answer her call to the skies
Adventurers or fools what brought them here
insidious and evil an empire they would rear
The Queen of the Tundra stood her ground
sword stained  enemies cold on the ground
if you go to her realm hide from  her gaze
Queen of the Tundra till the end of days.
Inspired by the burials of Urumchi and the warrior women laid to rest on the steppes
1.7k · Jan 2011
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
A truce was declared last night
we all saw a remarkable sight
the dogged bruiser sleeping sweet
then rubbing all around my feet
his eyes were saying come on mate
no  stared disdain, no smoldering hate
so carefully I lifted Haggis
scared he might take it amiss
I wanted so long, I did it at last
I cuddles Haggis the King of the Cats!
1.7k · Jan 2011
Pizza Owww..
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
Eating food is an easy thing?
Smug you shovel your food in!
Some of us are not so sure
eating for me has many a flaw
un-plug the oven, my chicken stays raw
could write you many a touching ballad
of how I tripped and fell in the salad
fell asleep when I was pooped
slumped into the bowl of soup
just was a complete disgrace
hot pizza stuck to my pale face
sitting here mouth is stinging
laughter soon I will hear ringing
got to dash, think I broke my leg
thought it was safe to boil an egg.
Here it comes, Tracey, by the way, my friend died sniffing powdered egg...

choked on his own omelette.....sorry..
1.7k · Jan 2011
A Circus in the Valleys!
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
The Circus came to a South Wales Town
Big Top and all ****! Even a clown.
Dew them folks were strange to see
couldn't say "Nos da i chi!"
One of the women was ever so hairy
almost as much as Bethan or Mary.
And the elephant that led the parade
broke into the Spar and stole lucozade.
But the thing that got every lass in a whirl
that foreign young lad with an eye for the girls.
They say that his furry body is funky
but I am convinced that they left us a monkey!
So quick up the trees, be it rowan or pine
and ever so handy down in the coal mine.
they'll be back at New Year, when our valley's a chiller
Perhaps when they go they'll leave us a gorilla!
1.6k · Dec 2010
Head Down, Tail Up!
jeremy wyatt Dec 2010
Got that feeling in the gut?
Tummy stuck deep in a rut,
try and think of other things,
not of spewing up my ring.


Give up almost right away,
cannot fight or hide today,
belly brewing like a storm.
Here it is, thick and warm.

gruggle (sound effects)

Tastes real bad up the wrong end,
whizzes round the toilet bend.
Like Senna and that Alain Prost,
my tummy has the last riposte.

Wuk, wuk, wurg.(I am NOT anorexic)

Shall I try a biccie now,
maybe milk out of a cow,
perhaps a swig of orange juice?
Whats the point, it's no use.

There's a demon in my guts,
giving duodenal butts,
feel it having so much fun,
did it get in through my ***?

Have to get the pills in soon,
hope that I can keep them down,
sat here shaking like a jelly,
heres some more, wow that was smelly!

Since I came here past the border,
exported with my gut disorder.
Need a rapid puke solution,
to end my Solway Firth pollution!
1.6k · Apr 2011
Poor Wee Hare
jeremy wyatt Apr 2011
Poor Wee Hare

Poor wee Hare at the side of the road
deid on the side wi yon dirt
ye should be lain on a bed o flooers
as ye faded so awfy hurt

A car must have hit yer  span yer roon
his lichts did blin ye gaze
ye didnae even see yon doom
cut doon frae ye free running days
1.6k · Jan 2011
Monster in My Cupboard
jeremy wyatt Jan 2011
There's a monster in my cupboard,
peeking out the gap,
I think I hear him breathing,
I think I hear him tap.
Bet he will come creeping out,
if I try to  have a nap!
So I will have to trick him,
and make him scared instead.
I'll just let out the monster
that I keep beneath my bed!
1.6k · Dec 2010
Add New
jeremy wyatt Dec 2010
Add new,
feels like sin.

Away we go,
Needle in.

Mmm feels fine,
quick write another line.

No-one is looking,
they're watching t.v. or cooking.

Pfist yet more,
my arm is sore.

Watch that spelling,
need counselling!

For poetry?
jeremy wyatt Feb 2011
It happened tonight
I dare not clap
Haggis the cat
slept on my lap
watching a film
on the settee
Denise was sitting
next to me
he strolled along
looked at my pants
though "oh well,
I'll take a chance."
A stroke and a pat
I doff you my cap
Haggis the cat
slept on my lap
1.5k · Nov 2012
Beggars Well
jeremy wyatt Nov 2012
There is damp in the earth of Beggars Well
cool soil marks your passing
smiling oaks ease their feet
fences are folly where butterflies glide
1.5k · Jul 2011
I'll Carry You No More
jeremy wyatt Jul 2011

Now the rain hammered down And the waters did rise

And the drunk at the Inn Looked his wife in the eyes

Then he looked at his boots Of soft leather so new

and he saw her strong back Then he chose what to do

"The river is deep and it's running in spate

I'll not get a dousing and I'll not be late

So you'll take me across woman just you alone

Or by God you will suffer when we both get home"

You're a cold-hearted ******* without any charm

You've broken my heart like you once broke my arm

But I'll carry you out through the deep and the flood

Thought the water is almost as cold as your blood

So they walked to the banks of the river so fast

And he clung to her shoulders a man foul and vast

She strode forward with dignity into the flow

Stopped sharp took a breath singing as she let go

"You're cold-hearted ******* your drunk breath on my neck

You've beaten me down to grey broken wreck

Now I'm stood in the river and I need a rest

So I'll stand here a while with both feet on your chest"

So he struggled a little and then he was still

While she sang with new freedom enjoying the thrill

She knows if the magistrate says she must swing

She will still feel the freedom and still she will sing

"You're a cold -hearted ******* without any charm

but I'll wear a smile now I've done you such harm

now you're dead in the river amongst the dark stones

and the trout and the weeds dance amongst your cold bones"
1.5k · Feb 2011
Women and History
jeremy wyatt Feb 2011
We can write of battles and sing of wars
count the dead and keep the scores
but the tragedies hidden in history
the poor wee stories we rarely see

Mothers mourning absent sons
children cold in front of guns
waiting women for the pain
of knowledge that their men are slain

Women make up half the world
give birth to all like flowers unfurled
but history seems to look past them
and cram our books with such great men

In ancient distant Celtic days
the women wise in every way
would help and march beside the men
to guide and heal and be with them

Christian laws came to make them weak
took away their power to speak
stopped the midwife and nature's nurse
said they were witches with a curse

So men at most are children wild
so rarely fit for life great trials
and as a care worn  specimen
my love  is strained for fellow men

The world does change and we can grow
now women heal and use life's glow
to challenge in a subtle way
all of men's damage done today

Easier to take life than create
and to vilify love and strive to hate
but if we stop and count the score
how many women started a war?
Naive I know
a little sad
I don't know
if good or bad
thinking on
men's selfish strife
my woman friends
brought back my life
1.5k · Aug 2013
Beauty of the Morning
jeremy wyatt Aug 2013
She wears the beauty of the morning
like a meadow gently dew-clad
sighs of springs fair breeze
play against my cheek
as we walk through chalk-rooted meadows
She hugs the stones
like a child holds her mother
then departs their grasp smiling eyed
Weaving around stones
Weaving between worlds
We are two strands of this ancient thread
sewing and binding us together through timeless ages
life and love
land and lore
And when we pass beyond these sacred days
the blooms that climb anew each spring
Will carry in their scented flower
the memory of we lover's power
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