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Jeckthunder Jan 2020
I miss the time when someone whole-heartedley loved me. The time when love was simpler. The time I didn't love myself.

But now that I do, I ask myself why no one loves me like before.
The most important love is loving yourself. Even if you do love yourself, you'll still feel lonely sometimes, but that's part of loving yourself too - realizing that you're strong on your own.
Jeckthunder Dec 2019
Love someone who loves everything about you. Someone who loves everything they hate about you. Someone who believes in you. Someone who supports you. Someone who never brings you down. Someone who lifts you up. Someone who stays even when you're at your lowest. Someone who you'd do the same for.
That someone is you. Love yourself before you love somebody else.
Jeckthunder Dec 2019
2020 will be different. 2020 will be happier. 2020 will be better. 2020 will be okay.
I just wanna spread some positivity before the new decade comes.
Jeckthunder Jan 2019
Taking care
Of your
Cup of coffee
Is simple
Gently stir
To keep it
Take a sip
Don't burn yourself
Add some sugar
Just as much as
You need to
When it's
Getting cold
Heat it back up
And if you
Truly love your
Cup of coffee
You'll always
Find a way
Love is a working process. It doesn't matter how hard it gets. Love takes love.

This is a follow-up to my poem "A Cup of Coffee".
Jeckthunder Jan 2019
Hope for thunderstorms 'cause after they've passed,
you'll see the sun shine brighter than ever.
There's gonna be more sunshine than rain if you're optimistic.
Jeckthunder Jan 2019
Love is like
A hot
Cup of coffee
A beaut
On the rainiest
And sunniest
Of days
Like the steam
On top
From the caffeine
And the sugar
Like a handcrafted
Piece of origami
But just like every
Cup of coffee
The warmth fades
And the flavor
You might say that a cup of coffee is such a simple thing to compare to love. Well, making and nurturing a cup of coffee is everything that love is for me.

— The End —