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May 2020 · 449
Jazzy-Goats May 2020
You will never see
How your smile lights up the room


                                                        ­                                           You always see
                                                             ­        How your smile lights up my heart
So it's official I am continuing "her" series.
May 2020 · 881
Her II
Jazzy-Goats May 2020
I wanted her
I needed her
And now I have her
This is a continuation of the original poem titled her. I'm debating on possibly making a series about "Her". And no I am not planning on saying the word "her" all the time.
May 2020 · 406
Jazzy-Goats May 2020
I adore her
I admire her
I want her
But I can't have her
She knows who she is.
Apr 2020 · 393
Brown Eyes
Jazzy-Goats Apr 2020
To you, her eyes may seem
Insignificant, boring, or bland
But to me her eyes
Are absolutely perfect
My girlfriend's eyes are so pretty
Apr 2020 · 309
Jazzy-Goats Apr 2020
There is so much
That I wish to do
But I can't do such
Without You
Expressing love in poetry is difficult for me. I'm so used to writing about my traumas that now when I write about the love I feel it seems weird.
Apr 2020 · 605
The Disapointment
Jazzy-Goats Apr 2020
If my parents knew...
If only my parents knew...
The secrets my mind holds so tight
I wouldn't be a smart child anymore.
I would just be a gay disappointment.

I would be the disappointment that they'd hate
that they'd equate
to the moldy bread, they once ate.

I'd be the trash they burn in the pit on the hill.
I'd be the bubble gum stuck to the bottom of their shoe.
I'd be the pesky fly they try so desperately to ****.
I'd be the gross tobacco that my Dad chews.

Who would win?
Me or some hobo on the street?
Well, where have you been?
Who would want to meet?

You see to them...
Me... or some hobo.
I would be condemned.
Because the hobo isn't ****.

I'm a "****"?
I prefer the term, Lesbian
This is my first poem published here. Hopefully, someone can relate.

— The End —