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 May 2017 Jewel Burton
I just needed extra love today
but there was no one around to give it
and i realized that's my life
I am the one who gives extra love
Not the one who gets extra love given to her
 May 2017 Jewel Burton
One of the most tender gifts your love gives me
the exquisite recollection of joyous feeling that evoke the same heights of happiness that you give me
Like a kalideoscope of my life's greatest moments
A grand series of uplifting thought
Ah, love, God's greatest gift to us.
 May 2017 Jewel Burton
Dry  your  tears,
No  more  pain.

It's like you are one with nature,
The skies are crying for you instead tonight.
As you stay there looking empty,
Like you have been taken from life...

Dry  your  tears,
No  more  pain.

Like your trust,
Like that broken window you always stare through...
Wondering if he will ever come back,

Like  a  broken  window.
Dry  your  tears,
No  more  pain.

The skies have stopped crying.
You are hurting...but,
Your scars are healing.
Bruises show that you are a fighter.

Go and get happiness,
Not so many *panes
To patch up the broken window.

Dry  your  tears,
No  more  pain.

Jonesy 2017 ©
Italics -conscience
 Jul 2016 Jewel Burton
Leia R
she praced around on graceless feet
wearing a crown made from
the shards of broken dreams
her eyes were vacant or
at least they seemed for there were
glittering tears falling down in streams

it feels like it's been forever since i've written a poem...
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