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1.7k · Jul 2016
Jewel Burton Jul 2016
Under that pretty flawless skin,
Is a bruised layer aching in pain.
And under those heart-melting eyes,
Are the eyes of a lost puppy lying in the rain.

Under that bright and radiant step,
Is something deteriorating into less than a smile,
Under that happy and cheerful handshake,
Is someone who just refused to do that for a while.

It is not very well known that,
Every skinning of the teeth is not a laugh,
You never know; for you may be surprised,
That you may discover someone going down a completely different path.
Jewel Burton Aug 2016
I wonder what makes you beautiful
It may be your eyes
It makes me imagine
That I'm looking at the biggest prize

I wonder what makes you beautiful
It may be your smile
I just sit there and wish
That I could stay there and look at you for a while

I wonder what makes you beautiful
It may be your breath taking personality
I just think you're simply amazing
One day I'll think of asking you to marry me.
560 · May 2017
I am in Love with a Guy
Jewel Burton May 2017
I am in love with a guy
Who is the only one
Who can be touching my skin
And simultaneously be touching the depths of my heart

I am in love with a guy
Who can be speaking words
But can just smile
And that tells me a lot more

I am in love with a guy
Who I love more than anyone else can
Who I would literally do anything for
Who I can show who I really am
I've finally found someone who I truly love...
545 · Jul 2016
A World of Hurt
Jewel Burton Jul 2016
Tears on the ground,
Tears on my pillow.
Why did you do this now,
Just when my feelings started to grow?
I'd fully given myself over to you,
Not knowing all you'd give me was pain.
Why did you have to make me feel,
Like I never want to see you again?

Do you know what it feels like,
Loving someone who's in a rush to throw you away?
Do you know what it feels like,
being hurt in such a heart wrecking way?
Feeling like I've wasted my time,
Planning our lives together.
And feeling a lot worse,
Know that I'd probably lost you forever?

Once upon a time you'd told me,
You won't let me fall, make me cry and you'll forever hold me tighter.
And once again  when I think of you,
I think of a cold-hearted, incapable liar.
Incapable of knowing what it means to care, Incaple of knowing what is love.
Incapable of seeing what you once had,
As one of the greatest gifts from Above.
531 · Jul 2016
How Lucky are We?
Jewel Burton Jul 2016
I look around me
All I see is how lucky I am
I see that my situation may be bad
But others' situations just make me think '****!'

There are so many people out there
Who don't have anyone by their side
So it's really hard for me
to imagine what's in their mind

There are so many people out there
Who don't have anything to wear
I just feel so bad for them
It would make anyone want to rip out their hair

Then there are people out there
Who are no longer alive
So it just makes me so mad and upset
To see there are some people that give up the will to survive
380 · Jul 2016
Jewel Burton Jul 2016
I feel so helpless
I feel so depressed
I just tried everything
All I can do is watch for the rest

I've tried to talk to you
I've tried everything I can
I've tried all that's possible
I even went against who I really am

What am I supposed to do?
What am I supposed to say?
What am I supposed to try next?
Stay there and let you push me away?
344 · Sep 2016
Tribute to Kandi...
Jewel Burton Sep 2016
You were my dear friend
I loved you like a mother
We were so close from the start
No one could part us from each other

You were always there for me from when i was little
You were someone i looked up to
Whenever you were here you would think of me
But now that you're gone I'm really going to miss you

I thank God for everything
For having the opportunity to meet you
You were a loving caring and strong woman of Christ
And i hope you knew how much i loved you

It's so hard to say goodbye
You were the best mother to me and to Orvel the best wife
You taught me how to do so many great things
And that's why I am forever grateful for your life.
291 · May 2017
What a Gentleman
Jewel Burton May 2017
To see someone look so amazing,
But be even more extraordinary on the inside.
It really gets my mind going,
Makes me always want you by my side.

To meet someone who has the up most respect,
And knows how to speak to a lady.
That really touches my heart,
Oh, you could speak to me for eternity.

Oh, Lord, only you know,
How much I want to give him my hand.
He's unique; rare,
And that's what I call the perfect gentleman.

I pray that one day,
I'll see him in my future.
Holding wedding magazines and scouting for gorgeous decorations,
Helping me plan our marvelous and blessed life together.
This is dedicated to the love of my life. He's one of a kind. Special, unique, caring, and he has one of the most beautiful personalities I have ever seen in all my days. He'll always have my heart and my trust, always until I close my eyes for the last time...
260 · Aug 2016
Life After Death?
Jewel Burton Aug 2016
Is there really life after death?
Or do you just lie in the cold ground?
Do you actually go on to something better or worse?
Or is it the last time you see the people you live around?
246 · Jul 2017
If Only You Knew..
Jewel Burton Jul 2017
When it happened, I felt like my world fell apart. What I stood for, what I believed in and what was my life... Just fell to pieces. My heart broke, my mind shattered and my blood..It almost splattered. Everything just went tumbling to the floor. It was almost as if I really could take no more. My head was on fire. I'm surprised the tears didn't drown it out. Behind those rivers, streaming from my eyes, were flames of bursting anger, hatred and aches and emotional pains. What happened to all those years of togetherness, joy, kindness and building of trust? I guess that also went crashing to the floor. Being trampled by my feet as I continue to try and get away from those thoughts continuously trying to penetrate my mind. Oh why.... What ever happened to the value of trust, honesty, love? And even value itself? Have they all rotted away in the hearts of lost souls to suffer in eternal hell? What ever happened to compassion and kindness? Unless they have been replaced with selfish desires and wicked ways of the world. Oh my.... There were so many nights where I just wished I could have died. So these thoughts would just stop invading my mind. But there was always something that kept me alive. Something that made me want to prove that I could get away from the one "person" that held me captive. To prove that I could escape and once again, see the light. Do better than others in such a situation. Rise above all else. Become someone despite of what happened in my life.....
231 · Jul 2016
Do You Ever Wonder?
Jewel Burton Jul 2016
Do you ever wonder,
Who would be so crazy to die for us?
After we've done so many things,
That by now, it would've misplaced anyone's trust.

Do you ever wonder,
How wonderful this person must be?
To do somethings that are impossible for us mere humans,
And be beaten and nailed to a tree?

Do you ever wonder
Why He had done it for us?
It was all for just one thing or two,
For us to meet Him and to show His undying love for us.
185 · May 2017
How I Feel
Jewel Burton May 2017
I feel so lost
I feel so alone
I feel so incomplete
I don't know how to deal with it;how to cope

I feel so hurt
I feel so used
I feel so depressed
I feel like my mind and trust are just being abused

So many things occurred
So many things happened to me
So many things put me down
I don't know when I will ever be happy

So many things hit me
So many things left me in pain
But one day, eventually
The pain will somehow become a positive gain

I feel so refreshed as I imagine the future
So many great things happened
In that time I will be so happy
That finally, my pains will be at an end
My readers, my audience,... There's always hope that things will get better. Just trust and believe

— The End —