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  May 2016 Jake muler
Fey Torres
Me beso
y todo se me olvido
  May 2016 Jake muler
bob wellington
It is the harmony of our voices that transforms the experience of our song into a magical, glorious encounter.
  May 2016 Jake muler
bob wellington
I love women. Their shapes, their softness, their beauty, their strength attracts my complete attention. I am drawn to all and wish to connect to each, but I am a foreigner in their land. I am a guest often without an invitation. I can't resist the allure and never do. No matter how charming or inviting I make myself those I desire the most are uninterested. So, at best I make myself ready, willing and able for there may come that blissful day when the one, the special one, opens the door to my heart and walks in.
  May 2016 Jake muler
Ocean Blue
A desert between us?
Only in your dreams.
Your longing?
Reciprocal, it seems.
Your heart ache?
Nothing compared to mine.
My promises?
Rare and always held.
Your smile?
Bright sunray
Throughout my day.
Your heart beats?
My earthquakes.
Your verses,
Daily narcotics.
My horizon?
Just to love you,
On and on.
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