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Snow change dull brown meadow
into a white lacy gown,
glistening with sequins and rhinestone.
Enchanting meadow now bridal white
breathtaking bride—a sight to see
winters kiss and snowy robe.
Touch of romance of season
cold but still warm embrace.

© Тадеус 1-4-2015
Все права защищены.
Frozen breath
making ringlet of cloud
from wind chapped lips
and disappear without
a trace. I am like
that exhaled
breath, I

© Тадеус 1-6-2015 8pm
Все права защищены.
 Aug 2015 Jackie Wilson
Is this as good as it gets?   'cause
I'm feeling a little bit tricked,
I'm feeling a little bit foolish like
my dream's had it's pockets picked,
I've been waiting to see
if the hands of Fate
have slipped me a hand
that's not mine,
but it's getting late
and while I've been waiting
she's robbed me of all of my time,
my time,
Fate's robbing me all of the time..
 Aug 2015 Jackie Wilson
 Aug 2015 Jackie Wilson
If I could fly
I'd want to soar in the sky
To spread my hands and feel the wind passing by
I would hover over the mountains and trees
And float in the summer breeze
I'd introduce myself to the boy on the moon
Creating a fragrance from dunes
Sail along the mantel of the earth
Transitioning through a spiritual rebirth
In the end my particals will scatter and blend with the atmosphere
 Aug 2015 Jackie Wilson
i think to myself
as if you could read my mind

but you barely understood
the words i spoke

so why would you
understand my thoughts?
Wildflower 'neath a
     giant weeping willow,
         comforted by the shade
  her fragrance wafting darkly
      whispered into the wind ~
   she'd been 'betrayed by the sun',
frail tendrils blistered
     of indiscretion below
            burning discrimination,
   fallen neath the cracks
        suffocating a delicate essence,
she could no longer bear the
   deep-rooted superficiality  
         of seeds buried within *****
                    little implanted secrets
Rose petals devoured

   of inky promises

blush off garden passages

  of amaranthine radiance,

written words decayed

  on  bruised vines

   of intertwining madness,

as poetry climbed the

    walls of befallen sunlight
 Aug 2015 Jackie Wilson
sometimes you can hear the Moon breathing
-asleep and dreaming
sighing she fell in love with another
-and together they spun off into forever
But her work here is not done.
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