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Innocent Feb 7
The flowers fragrance was crushed by the  heavy iron of a man’s error
He hugs their two little buds, distraught to be the bearer
To tell them the story of how Mother Nature will now get to share her.

Her garden, so beautiful and full, slowly weeps a storm so silent and violent it’s unsure if it’s own survival
The forest, the trees, the scrubs, all shake their heads in denial.

Everyday he drives by the place that now has a sign that tells  the world it is no longer safe
She was only 36
Innocent Sep 2020
I can feel the snow
It’s frosty fingers gripping my heart
Multicoloured snowflakes a la carte
Another break another icicle
Until you truly believe love is but a fallacy
****** me my friend with your fantasy
Bring on the frenzy, the excitement, the hope
But I know, you know, we all know the snow will always come
Innocent Jul 2020
In my heart hides a small leaking hole
Which is used to control and cajole
I’m lulled into believing in hope
Feeling light, whispers, like a Kaleidoscope
Leaving me in doubt

Adieu adieu adieu
Innocent Mar 2020
Yes sir, master sir
As she lays on the fur, her mind a blur but her voice a purr
She looks upon him, sweet and innocent remaining vigilant
She’s a willing participant in this game he plays
She will obey,  stay and sashay as this too is her foray
She anticipates his touch
I am yours she sighs as the heat intensives between her thighs
Innocent Sep 2019
My love is free
No vines, twines, lines or keys
It simply lays there on my sleeve
Reaching out in all directions
In search of the ethereal tree
Happiness, pleasure and peace
Tagged forever in it’s crease
Innocent May 2019
My heart begins to thaw
Like the mist on the river draw
Butterflies wings create a stir in the air
Whispering, so, do you dare?

Dare I run along the ridge of the moon and fly above the stars
Where the rain drops carry the musical notes of your guitar
Dare I open my heart wide, let the love in.
Apparently, It is the original sin

Dare you

You do know

I am inevitable
Innocent Apr 2019
We talk about our soul
How we are looking for the perfect magmatic pole
Sparks that makes us whole

Our bodies are simply the vessel, it houses our butterflies, our lies, our dreams and our devilish gleam

Is it possible to have a soulmate?
That person who makes you blush by simply giving you “that” look
That person who you want to play with, laugh with, go on adventures with and of course, have wild crazy *** with

Our ever after person who recognizes our soul from afar.
That one person in the world who knows you better than anyone else..... instinctively
Your inspiration, your joy, the smile you show the world

My ever after, that person, the one whom your soul connects with on a level so deep that it is completely unexplainable, until experienced.

My soul, your soul, our soul
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