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Innocent Sep 19
My love is free
No vines, twines, lines or keys
It simply lays there on my sleeve
Reaching out in all directions
In search of the ethereal tree
Happiness, pleasure and peace
Tagged forever in it’s crease
Innocent May 4
My heart begins to thaw
Like the mist on the river draw
Butterflies wings create a stir in the air
Whispering, so, do you dare?

Dare I run along the ridge of the moon and fly above the stars
Where the rain drops carry the musical notes of your guitar
Dare I open my heart wide, let the love in.
Apparently, It is the original sin

Dare you

You do know

I am inevitable
Innocent Apr 5
We talk about our soul
How we are looking for the perfect magmatic pole
Sparks that makes us whole

Our bodies are simply the vessel, it houses our butterflies, our lies, our dreams and our devilish gleam

Is it possible to have a soulmate?
That person who makes you blush by simply giving you “that” look
That person who you want to play with, laugh with, go on adventures with and of course, have wild crazy *** with

Our ever after person who recognizes our soul from afar.
That one person in the world who knows you better than anyone else..... instinctively
Your inspiration, your joy, the smile you show the world

My ever after, that person, the one whom your soul connects with on a level so deep that it is completely unexplainable, until experienced.

My soul, your soul, our soul
Innocent Dec 2018
Why is it when you are gone that I feel this emptiness from within?
Is this what it felt like for that man of tin?
Innocent Sep 2018
All is alive with rebirth.
The heat from the golden globe in the sky dries the
Water droplets glistening from the wings of the dragonfly.
Souls are transferring along the silk of the spiders creation.
Ah, reincarnation.

Love, survival , desire, it all binds us.
Superfluous, or not.
It is our goal, we seek, have sought, is it all for naught?

Soulmates, instinctively recognize the other.
Calmness engulfs the energy,  draining any memory.
Freedom to be.
  Sep 2018 Innocent
Hank Helman
The overtones were under blown,
And so no one got to the point.
Speak up she said, before you're dead,
There's so many to disappoint.

I furled my brow,a bit angry now,
This crowd has an evil intent.
They want games and names and eternal flames,
And I was about to repent.

Look I've cried and tried and tried to cry,
To entertain all of my life,
I write, I talk and sometimes I gawk,
But recently my time has been rife.

With ups and downs and clowns that frown,
Things just aren't the same anymore,
We've had tears and fears and Trumpian jeers,
How soon can we show him the door.
Trump has to go. Now.
  Aug 2018 Innocent
Hank Helman
500 years ago,
On a shoreline in northern Peru
More than 140 children,
Were ritually sacrificed,
Their chests sliced open,
From the sternum,
And their hearts ripped out,
Literally, all in one day.

In America over 5000 catholic priests
Have been reliably identified,
As child rapists,
And that's just since 1950.
And only in one country.

Over 300,000 child soldiers exist today.
The worst of the worst,
Had to ****** their parents,
On the day of their abduction.
Think about cutting open your father's throat,
And watching him bleed at your feet.
Over 30% of child soldiers are girls.

This poem won't trend,
Almost no one will care,
And I am certainly no saviour.

But somehow, someday, somewhere,
The essence of us must change.
Only art can save us.
I know that now.
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