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Drusila Nov 2020
Stay in the corner of my life,
Shed light to my somber hours
Let me taste your mint-flavored candy
from the corner of your mouth

Stay in the corner of my mind
Where thoughts run wild while spring blooms
The almost fading remembrance of us resurfaces

Oh, sweet moment!
In that tiny corner of your room where you stay
Wash away all clothes smelling of you
Give back all the hopes we ever had of us

But that tiny corner, I know you'll always remember
So you forever stay in the corner of my life.
I can't believe it has been almost a year since I last updated my page. I stopped writing as a coping mechanism for some life events. But I am finally feeling good.
Drusila Jan 2020
My own thoughts confuse me
But they make me want to be closer to myself
Not all spaces that accept you as truth take you as truth
Such a reckless existence
Our tragedies aren’t unique to us!
It has been a while. I stopped writing for a while thinking that it would help me figuring life out, but here I am again =)
Drusila Nov 2019
Entrapped inside liquor bottles
Paved with gold religion,
we turned dreams into empires
Puff puff pass,
High in dreams and low in fears
We are the new generation
Turn the commandments down
Because We know
We know
We **** know who we’re
Steaming because we’re never as young as we’re when living
Living in lights of heaven
Moving through the blazes of hell
We still know who we are!
Drusila Nov 2019
I reminisce about the conversations I had yesterday
I reminisce about tomorrow, all those obliged conversations I know I won't like
I am so nostalgic
Why so?
Except when everything else is awfully quiet
My own knowledge is a self-distraction
And no point of views are allowed interjections
I reminisce about this melody
It always plays out in my head
Like a walking party
Such a quicksand!
The more I move the deeper I sink into myself
As time goes by, the more I understand personal growth. I now found myself more often than not needn't earphones to plug myself out.
Drusila Sep 2019
Look out the window
Green meadows and fluttering butterflies
Happy Laughs on the horizons
But they are not in sight
When sitting on cushioned aluminum chairs,
Looking at tired eyes, asking if these people are also in transit
Without a direct line
Hovering in distant lands
Tears fall at the thought of leaving everything you know for everything you wanted
So you cry two weeks before
How can tears premium package be bought?!
In the package reads “better to cry before than later”
This was inspired by the very much present mindset of "catching flights not feelings" culture of nowadays.
Drusila Sep 2019
I packed a bag full of summer
And I almost feel tempted cause you put our record on
Sliding your fingers through the clock in my back
How hard is it, to live with your own decisions?
I’m deep-rooted self-conceit
Dance, slow rock music and kiss me while we do it
Like a ******* dream, I’m living in
Whisper sweet nothings
Simply and purely to drive us insane
But what’s left after this passion?
Just questioning a few life occurrences.
Drusila Jul 2019
In a green expanse,
I am the prolonged fall that never touches the ground
A bottomless pit

The most accurate painting ever made
Beautiful to the eye, tender to the touch,
Makes you feel everything
But nothing in it fills your comprehension

As a vision under the pale moonlight
A silhouette
Takes the shape of the reflected light

Life not yet lived
Wisdom not yet expressed
A beautiful song with only two melodic lines
A Kiss on the forehead with a bittersweet taste
I guess it's already Tuesday!!
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