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Hanaa Jan 2023
The wound is only a place where light enters you.
Hanaa Jan 2023
It’s like you’re stuck in a locked room and everything is burning except you
Hanaa Aug 2020
my life turns to escaping harmful reality
running from judgmental and disgusting society
yet im just spinning arround myself hopelessly
Hanaa Jun 2018
Nobody will ever know how depressed i am
Hanaa Jun 2018
Im so tired of ******* at everything in my life.
Tired *****
  Jun 2018 Hanaa
This is nothing but another depressed soul

Typing away all that I know

See I've been months clean

But there is things unseen

A smile that is fake

A laugh they can't take

Beneath it all something I couldn't take
Hanaa Jun 2018
How can emptiness be so heavy?
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