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26.4k · Jun 2018
Hanaa Jun 2018
How can emptiness be so heavy?
5.7k · Jun 2018
Hanaa Jun 2018
Nobody will ever know how depressed i am
5.6k · Jun 2018
Hanaa Jun 2018
Im so tired of ******* at everything in my life.
Tired *****
1.0k · Jan 2023
Hanaa Jan 2023
The wound is only a place where light enters you.
334 · Jan 2023
Your thoughts
Hanaa Jan 2023
It’s like you’re stuck in a locked room and everything is burning except you
230 · Aug 2020
Hanaa Aug 2020
my life turns to escaping harmful reality
running from judgmental and disgusting society
yet im just spinning arround myself hopelessly

— The End —