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heather jackson Sep 2014
i can't even sweat without you
& my hot little bedroom
smells of you
i can't light a candle
without thinking of you
asking me if that's a candle
or a coffee cup...
(i PROMISE i'm worthy)
please my
just let me
take care of
heather jackson Sep 2014
& if you
never saw me
lying on the floor
would you still not be in love?
heather jackson Sep 2014
what if i told you
i love you
while i was sleeping?
heather jackson Sep 2014
hurry up and get here
fill my doorframe
with your big frame
and i'll jump up with a little squeal
to let you fill me
heather jackson Sep 2014
*[i've never heard
              so beautiful]
heather jackson Sep 2014
i gave my love so freely
& so often
to such
so that now i feel like i have nothing to offer a good man.
a good ******* man.
who maybe loves me too.
its too much to even breathe life into such a thought
(i'm so in love with you)
i don't understand you yet
but honey
i want to love
heather jackson Sep 2014
i met him.
[the devil.]
i danced with him.
he's a good dancer.
dancing devil
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