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Matt Mar 2
She spoke about the moon
Just like the way she felt about me
Loving from a distance
Never really understood her

The careful words stitched into a sentence
“doesn’t the moon look beautiful?” She says
Translated into “I love you.”

She spoke about the moon
Oh the way she said it melted even the iciest of souls.
She sure thawed mine.
I’m forever changed.
Matt Apr 2020
A sleepless night as I lie awake
Searching vastly for a reason
Murmur of a distant memory
Incoming yet another season.

A meal shared with a smile
Welcoming touch, it didn’t last
Jealousy kept close but far from denial
Left with nothing but the past

Vulnerabilities, anxiety, pain
Sharing a variety of emotions
Experiences, past lovers, promises made in vain
Little did I know I’d never see her again

Miscalculating an ardent lover
Simultaneously a sociopathic
Materialistic, manipulative
Herself above another

My interest sufficed
Despite no good things to gain
She had me bested
I could no longer be the same

Misty eyes while typing on a blurry screen
Willpower gained to sever the connection
Letting her go in a painful scene
A bittersweet goodbye
One more step in the right direction.
Hey guys, I’m still having a bad time with love. But thank you all for reading. For those that I follow, please don’t stop writing. You’re an inspiration.
Matt Sep 2019
5 years gone too fast
A memory, your scent, your voice
My love from the past
Your laughter plays in my head in white noise

The feelings are unknown
No way of identifying
From a teen I am now grown
Love is terrifying

They say time heals all wounds
But baby I’m barely breathing
Got me thinking from dusk till noon
I’m left without any reasoning.

I’ve changed a lot, I put up a fight
One thing kept me sane
Your love went out like a light
But mine remains the same.
Writing this at 3am. Can you believe it? I’ve seen other girls, but really.. Love for only one girl can remain. I still love her. I hate that I do because I don’t know who she is anymore but my feelings won’t go away.
Matt Jan 2019
This year all of us want to find hope
We want to find love
Here we are with sufficient time to elope
We patiently wait for our diamond in the rough

Decisions made upon belief and trust
Our heart will never falter
The last thing we ever want is lust
The life we choose we cannot falter

Do they appear at the end of your search?
After timeless 5 minute rapport?
Maybe you should approach them first?
Or will you simply ignore?

Go ahead and have faith
Decisions aren’t made by their due
They are made my fate
They are made by you
Happy new year everyone, I’m back and it’s time to spread some hope and positivity
Matt Aug 2016
Can anyone ever forget
that voice that made you smile
ever prayed for one last chance
but you're up all night in denial

Or did you ever regret
the day that you lost sight
when words were not enough
to make everything alright

When the cut is still deep
but your heart is still beating
can we really move on
when we know we're still bleeding

Can you listen to that love song
without your throat getting sore
when the bittersweet melody
makes you cry even more

Will we ever be the same
when our heart turns to stone
can we ever return,
To the love that felt like home.
Matt Mar 2016
Almost 8 months since I've felt your love
Shrouded with doubt and hope
Love suicidal and dealt with
Drowning alcohol through my blood

Out into the city
Dealing with my past
How the memories still intact
The wish to make things last

Rain falls down pelting on my skin
Love was harder than this
Like the tears that ran down our faces
The pain we both have been in

8 months, since you went away
I still wonder of the hope of your return
I'm numb, lover.
I'm numb to the pain.
The love we shared, it still burns.
Matt Dec 2015
Sit on that verandah
Pour yourself a number of glasses
Arms of the clock go ticking
Till this year passes

You wonder why she's not around
But you seem so indifferent
Miss her laugher? That audible sound?
You spent every single cent

Sharing memories, laughter,
Sights of her, let her go, let her fly
Clean the slate, free your heart
Lover 2012-2015 kiss you goodbye.
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