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I assume we are scared of death because we don’t want life to end

but Death wants to live too,

The sun has to go away
For the moon the be able to shine .
Ya know?
as my lover swims
in the blue waters
under the golden Sun
the birds sing a song of love.
she stands alone
in a sea of pearls.
the Sun rays shine upon on her milky skin.
Neptune's kingdom was built for her
you made me feel immortal
and in return
i broke your heart
perhaps it is not that simple
but isnt it?

the heart of a lion
resides in my chest.
the heart of a lamb,
within yours.
they are identical.
this was in my drafts from april, i really like it.
Living was a constant battle
My thoughts told me I was worthless.
Stupid and unloved.
People’s actions left an impact on me
My emotions left neglected.
Unhealthy coping mechanisms.
Filled my days with ease
2015 was the worst year of my life. The first time I tried to commit suicide. 09-03-15. A date that used to haunt me, but I have now gotten over. It is something I remember now because this year, 09-03-19 it’s an important day for me. It’s the day of my third testosterone shot in hormone replacement therapy. If 2015 me would have known I’d make it this far, I’m sure I wouldn’t have given up so many times. Everything happens for a reason.
Eyeball sized,
Mottled       green,
The                  monster
Is   a    jealous      queen,
While     sugar   plumbs
The      Front      Page
As       ****      as  
A greengage.

Genre: Abstract Inspirational
Theme: Immortality
And just for a second
I thought we were real
the word "love"
does not exist
in the dictionary
that is me
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