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If a writer
Falls in love with you
       you can never
College is
A peaceful mind
Because it's years
And years
Of nonthinking

Free of judgement
And greatly
At a price
Often bought
Tuesday 12 - Back when you're just starting out. You know nothing... And that is great.
I'll never talk about what it's not, but I'll tell you what it is

It's the jaw harps sound, clear as spring water in open mouths

It's an echo clear in a budding clearing

And clear enjoyment in the crinkling eyes of a crying wish

And as for my old mentor, his name was Kitten Lips

Because he purrrrrred when he performed on it
Tuesday 12 - Closed it out with a true story. Had some fun for an hour in change. GG.
the crisp edges satisfyingly crunchy.
i bit into half a blueberry scone still warm from the oven.
a new recipe you decided to try out.
it tastes delicious.
thanks mom.
She was only 6 years old
When her mother caved to a substance
So bittersweet
That it
I am here, but you can't see me.

I am close, but you can't touch me.

I am thinking of you, but you don't know it.

I am praying for you, but you don't hear it.

I care for you, but it may not be obvious.

I cry for you, but keep my tears carefully hidden.

I am here.

How different would things be if I weren't?
Now I come to the end of myself
And my skins crawls off the walls
Off the walls

I bend and I break
As I give and I take
For a softer way
For a yesterday

But it never comes
And if ever does
Will I be ready?
Will I be there?
Because right now I’m nowhere
But I’m everywhere
And I float high in the thin air
Right here
Right there
I smell
The warm, luscious smell
Enveloping me in sweetness.

It’s made from the box?
That’s ok.
It still smells good.
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