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26/M    Life in the furthest, coldest part of my abyss. Questioning my own existence...
16/F/a little lost    hi im esther. i really like to write and i met a bunch of my best friends on here.
18/F    "Love won over hatred if you danced together through the night and did not let sorrow steal your soul"
14/F/London/uk    I don't know what I'm doing. I know it helps my pain.
BJ Donovan
70/M/Charlotte NC    I'm a quilt sewn from small pieces of myself that each of you has touched.
F    A girl with no name
16/F    fuck you this is my only outlet
ok okay
19/M/'insert quirky line'    hi
F    In middle school, how unfortunate.
Kim B
61/F/Youngstown, OH   
17/F/PA    thoughts into words :p
Jon Thenes
Montreal    no soul at all [TheThinBookOfSelf-Distraction]
16/F/The Stars    My words aren’t here to impress you, they are to reach the stars, and bring me solace.
Tim Kearns
F    Poetry is trending
15/NSW, Australia    I'm not in the best state of mind at the moment. I'm battling the darkness that threatens to swallow me whole. I just... i would ...
Bevan John Kirkland
M/Port Melbourn, Australia.    Most of my poems are fiction. Write in the first person so I can empathise with the less fortunate. My tumultuous life is used for ...
Jasmin Jackson
16/F/Long Beach    Quite chaotic
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