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Laura Nov 12
If I could plan forever,
have carbon copies to the keys,
of the open hardwood doors,
to the new loves never seen.
I would create endless mood boards
for the heartaches every night.
Put playlists together,
for the good days out of spite.
(and pre-order Kleenex on Amazon Prime).

If I could plan forever,
there would be an anonymous “him”,
and we’d own like 7 succulents,
all 10 inches thick.
I would make him morning tea,
and he would try to make my day.
Put my miseries at Bay,
(cause he’s probably a swimmer but I don’t know that yet -)

If I could plan forever,
own a personality I liked
share the shining mirror with her,
knowing she had a creative side.
I wouldn’t need to be planning,
for the heartaches and the rent.
I would just put on my playlist,
and listen Today instead.
Laura Nov 8
I try my best to feel merry,
like a Hallmark Christmas Movie,
an angel turning back years and hours,
losing both daylight and humour.

For the first time in a while,
I am starting to feel comfortable.
Each stark snowy street,
has a new set of foot prints.
I don’t always get to split the bills,
sometimes I’m held back an hour.

The cities cars cry out into the banks,
I am crying because I am happy.
You and I drink Starbucks calmly,
trading hats on a bench in November.
Laura Sep 24
If I could paint you
in a single moment
and twist out mauve.
Calm thoughts would form
for a jester like me.
You remaining audience.
I would draw out
my cold feelings like Poe.
Shout for resolution,
knowing you share resolve.
If I could paint you
in a single moment
and pull out trust.
Soft constance would form
for an angel like me.
You remaining front row.
I would draw out
my warped touch like Dali.
Shout for self reflection,
knowing I share the mirror.
Laura Sep 18
Sometimes my lonely
cannot by conquered,
fears tear at nails
and then myself.

Have I ever known peace?

Sometimes my lonely
tells me I can’t.
Fears eat at hopes
and then myself.

Have I ever known trust?

Even in myself,
my nails tear at fears,
that can be conquered,
sometimes I’m lonely
but it cannot be owned.
not my best; not my worst
Laura Sep 16
I remember soft cold kisses
on my parents old couch
and long Sunday rides
to the warm blue lakes
I remember you wrapped up
in my college white sheets
and your lips tasting like
coffee in the autumn mornings
I remember long nights
crossing off all of your fears
knowing my hands
being the only pair to catch them
I remember trekking through snow
just to burden you again
and knowing your fears
we’re always wrapped up
in me
Laura Sep 7
Arms have swallowed me whole,
caught me on guard again.
After being lost in myself
you hold more doors open
to options of optimism
or Tuesday work breaks.
I am practically calculated,
disorder on draft,
overflowing with grandeur
and pity projects.
I am not gifted nor humble,
but if your parents will like me more
I have a LinkedIn to match.
Laura Aug 23
If I can learn the way
to walk Belvedere, and
make one-way’s, wrong ways,
your rock t-shirt my best pillow,
a cats relentless meow
a joyous morning alarm.
Than I can find a way to
sleep soundly beside you,
hold hands without sweating,
and park under a sap-less tree.
Ones that shade our backyard dinners,
the fish and fudge left uneaten
and the lies left unlearned.
i’m in a healthy natural *** mature af relationship we are all very shocked
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