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Like wind that buffets lofty trees
And breaks what’s loose and dry
The trials that bring us to our knees
Will cleanse us by and by

And like the winter snows that fall
To grant the earth a rest
The colder times that come for all
Will help renew our best

Like dusky eve and dawn so bright
Give cycles to our sphere
So let your dark give way to light
Let hope oppose your fear

Let rhythms flow and guide your way
In yielding - you will find
Both strength and joy in every day
Both wealth and peace of mind
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This poem is about following the natural rhythms and cycles of life, and thus allowing more flow into each day.

Our planet has cycles of dark and light, and seasons that come and go.  We can learn from these patterns.
the night with its sandman
and rivers of dream, hangs
pendulous and remote,
cools like a mist far from
the day with its
sun of fire and withering
heat, its ghosts the shaking
clouds, its flowers the trickle
over rock of a burgeoning
autumn melts the skies
her oranges like
bright rouge,
her yellows a
half hidden sun.

the fires of a waking
world, blown by
the branches of the

forgotten, an
ending sweeter
than the last
fragments of day
that dream as they
fall, caught by the
torn breezes that
scatter the leaves
westward and skyward
like little ribbons hurrying
along a once summer path.
Who I was would attack who I am
And who I am would attack who I was
One day I hope to be someone
Who finds peace within themselves
And they can look back on their past selves
Smiling for what once was
Smiling at my growth
I just want myself to know
That regardless of my many mistakes
I'm proud of who I am
And of who I will become
I just wish for myself
To stop fighting myself
I wish for my selves
To be at peace
To accept that they exist
Within me
I am who I am
I am who I was
I am me I always will be

And to reject that
Would be devestating
© Tatiana
I create while under the influence
   of my mind's imbalance.
Equilibrium is not found
within me.

Ask me to walk the line you'll find
   I can do it just fine
But on the inside I've fallen off the line,
which was well above the ground.

Touching the clouds I shout
    I'm falling! I'm falling!
Down from the sky my head was in
I've fallen into a garden.

The first thing I see upon waking up
    is a sunflower facing the sun.
The most surreal flower I've ever seen
is what I'm greeted with after a dream.

Sunflowers don't look real to me.
© Tatiana
They just don't look real to me at all.
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