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 Dec 2019 purple orchid
 Dec 2019 purple orchid
My sorrow will
always find
your memory,
and smile...
fires all about
sky orange
not from flame
but refracted light from
smoke so thick
you can gather it
in your hand

the flames miles away
for us but for some
on their doorstep
devouring house

ash falls like snow
and sits in drifts
up against firetruck tires

men and women
volunteer warriors
return soot black
and exhuasted
to rest before
to the front

of wildlife corridors
devastion of small towns
live's lost and broken

and it is still only spring
Our town is one affected by the fires raging on the Coast of NSW Australia,
we had a day where the sky became orange due to the amount and type of smoke...this smoke can be seen on sattelites..our town appears to be have kept safe..but many outlying villages  have been decimated by these massive fires..It as amazing that there has been minimal loss of human life(5deaths at present) but the loss of flora and fauna is unimaginable.. as to homes and infrastructure massive...
We are ok my family and friends have been lucky... but it is and will be a difficult time....for some time...for many in this area...please keep us in your thoughts
  with layers
of suicide
  enveloping me.

colors of
  death above
me and
  below my feet.

hues only
in octobers
  and novembers.

leaves and
  their exquisitely
beautiful demise
  had me pondering how
death could be.

   would i be
the leaf glued
  to the wet
  forever or
  would i be
the one
   picked up by
the wind
   to live again?

i wrestled
   with death
under that
   autumn's tree

it's there....
  i learned about
hanging on
   and serenity.
 Oct 2019 purple orchid
She pretty much can
Shake me round now
Still I can't
Seem to quit her
All my lies
All but stutters now
I can barely whisper
And for some reason
I don't want to go home
But I could never resist her
  I embrace her and kiss her
Our love is but a blister...
Drops of calming potions
She drawls my garden bath
Water pounding on my bones
Lovers never last
Traveler Tim
 Oct 2019 purple orchid
 Oct 2019 purple orchid
can morbid be anything but poetic?
is death and dying to be hidden
to be avoided at all cost to the poet?
can death be classed as to be so unpleasant?
the moment of eternity be denied?
the half-life of a resolution

~for maaidah durrani~

“your words really spoke to me and
i deeply encourage you to write more”
any resolution
barely lasts to the completion of its
flyby, tower-buzzing,
razzmatazz appearance,
colliding with the wall called
not today a/k/a,

tomorrow takes the lead pole position,
the conditional timing prepositional,
the delaying exscual misanthropic of
but one more,
whatever, it’ll keep for 24 more,
holding out the pretense of hope
for the resolute dissolute

sure, for sure, tomorrow,
will dissolve regret
tomorrow will write of poetry
but not a poem,
tomorrow will swear my
resolutions will be enacted
or, at least,
erased and re-written,
the oldest first when
re-added to the top of the list

will honor thy request
keep on writing for I’m no fool,
1200 plus poems, I’m yet a novitiate
I will keep your request as
one I’ve can never
cross off my life’s list

but tomorrow’s resolve,
be a better man,
leaner, briefer, kinder, a better lover,
the list has overrun the white pad,
the blue lines refuse another resolu....
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