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FiesaLy Jan 2017
this brain thinks wisely
yet this heart is blind
love and hate
all blended in one
every resistance i tried
the ignorance come forward
stronger that the hate
braver than the love
but still
in a blink of an eye
catching back your arms
and get hurt
once more
FiesaLy Dec 2016
how long it is been there?
growing bigger and deeper
wanted to remove it
as the dew disappears by itself
but this
the feeling
can not be rejected nor be forced
FiesaLy Aug 2016
bright morning sun radiates its light
to bring the joy
to cheers the broken ones
to light up the smiles
the music plays in sudden
recall all the moments open the healing wound
FiesaLy Jul 2016
street light down the road
the reflection of yours
glazed eyes
tidy teeth
smiling back at me
overwhelmed my heart once more
back then we were lovers
you and i
the impossibility that we are keep trying to reach
never tired
FiesaLy Jun 2016
be quiet
it is better than destroy something
be silent
it is better than hurt someone
think twice
it is better than create a new story
do not judge
what inside of it not always bad
just ask
it will end up good
FiesaLy Feb 2016
i heard that u are taken
my heart startled and died for a second
i never liked you
but i think im wrong

i may good with my words
not good at act
you are good with your words
as good as your act
but nothing can be glued
our feeling
yours and mine
eventhough they are same
FiesaLy Jan 2016
the desire to lay a hand down
to reach you

those feet are running
against the wind

eyes blow out the pure water of sadness

one single angel

standing in front of
the mirror

regretting one word you said
for the last

full of your words

cant hold the amount
inside the letters

liking you even more than

how to send the words directly

when the distance is growing bigger
to the biggest
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