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Jess Balingit Feb 2018
the fog grew thick
and the clearest sound I could
recognize was your
I haven’t driven by this god-
forsaken place in weeks,
but it’s always a warm welcome.
instead of being ordered to stay here,
I have the power to visit –
on my own
free will.
the silk sounds of your
Voice give me the strength to
communicate the exact visions
in my mind,
where my tongue tends
to slip.
you take a shovel through the
dirt and grime that fills this
lot that once was an intricate maze, Walls
covered in vibrant green vines.
And I tried for
years to stop you from
watering those Walls – trying to
prove to you that these prison-concrete
Walls were just that. Walls
that make you clutch your
throat and gasp for air.
what I didn’t realize was how lovely
it could be to walk hand in hand with
your one true love surrounded by
over-grown vines until
this warranted

– what it’s like to be in
harmony w/ your subconscious
Jess Balingit Jan 2018
The walls you signed your life away to
were never thick enough to seize your
Tone of condescension aimed at
the woman that I needed to draw strength from.

Your Roar echoes, vibrating
through my Vocal Chords to the point that
I can’t reel back the sharp hooks I continuously
sink into my lover’s back.

Maybe it’s you I should blame

For letting my first “love” wrap his sorry
hands around my Throat, lips
black blue Red

For convincing my adolescent self
that the Chatter of a girl was nothing but
White Noise, that my comfort
lied in the Dialect of
teenage boys

For believing that I could never find
comfort in the Words of a woman –
your copious Lectures filled with disdain and
the only Words I can ever recall were the ones
she never Said

As if a woman’s Voice were most valuable
when Silent.
Jess Balingit Jan 2018
it convinces you to swallow
a constant flow of
molten tar,
soon to blacken the pink
matter that resides
in you,
eventually oozing through the
pores of your paper-thin
skin –
and once you finally
unlock your jaws to
The ones you thought would
save you shove it back
down your throat with
Jess Balingit Sep 2014
I'm sitting here at my window, gazing up at the sky's beauty after rain pour, and how the moon illuminates the clouds like a night light. And suddenly I'm okay with the storm that's been roaring in my head, it's all come to an end. People are like clouds - there for the storm, and gone once it's passed. But the moon in my sky has and always will be there to bring light to my darkest days.
Jess Balingit Sep 2014
summer lost in all of you,
and how lovely it is to not be found
gone is the silence,
for my heart beats clear and sound

summer lost in all of you,
and in your eyes - a compass
exploration into your deep abyss,
a beauty so bright and fathomless

summer lost in all of you,
and loving you holds no description of escape
consider it natural,
or humanly innate

you see,
a summer without you is a fiery season,
and all the others -
the same with no reason

with you,
every day is summer's eve
and if you gaze beyond the trees,
you'll catch a road built,
for the journey of you and me
Jess Balingit Jul 2014
lips pressed, long drag
if it was anyone else,
I’d step aside, look away.

chest raises, you take another
my eyes see your interior -
smoke travels quickly…

breathe in, breathe out
why can I see the residue
in the cavity of your lungs?

lips pressed, chest raised
why am I the one
who feels light-headed?

I watch you fill your lungs with
the opposite of life,
and all I want is for yours to last longer
than mine.
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