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EpiPen Oct 2019
5th Dimension

Open the door
Loose the ceiling
Loose the floor
I’m feeling. Weight-less
Time and Space is...

Everything is all taken care of

No problems
       No Nothing but love
I am well aware of
And I know
   I won’t fall cause I got
No need to worry
No need to hurry
What is lasting here
Is clarity
      It is crystal clear
Nothing to fear...

There is only you and I
No question why
We are truly here
There’s only us
I need only you
Just you because
I only want to be with you

Open the door
Loose the ceiling
Loose the floor
I’m feeling
Time and Space is

Did I mention
We are in the 5th dimension
Culmination of our wildest dreams
There’s only you it seems
All I see
No borders between
All that is
or was
or has ever been

Time distance space there is no such thing
Just feel the beating
of your heart
Your breathing
Since your creation
from  the start
You’re everything
Did I mention this is the 5th dimension

No need to ask the question why
is it’s just you and I
It’s all that’ is
And was
or has ever been

Open the door
Loose the ceiling
Loose the floor
I’m feeling
Time and Space is

Open the door
Loose the ceiling
Loose the floor
I’m feeling
Time and Space is
EpiPen Nov 2019
Can’t breathe when you are away
I want to keep you company
You think somethings wrong with me
You’re sad
I’m sad too
Even sadder with out you
Don’t feel like me with out you
But I am so used to being on my own
Mabey I chose to be on my own
I’ve got so used to being alone

So me feeling you
Is quite unusual
A far cry
And not my usual
Why would I cry
With you out of my visual
The feelings I feel
Are merely residual

Can’t breath when you’re away
I know I am melodramatic
And I say
It’s probably better
If you walk away
I’d question your mental
If you choose to stay

I’m kinda crazy
Bad things they changed me
No one can save me
So  Don’t be a hero
I want you here though

I’m taking a deep breath
Trying to salvage
What’s left
I got a raw deal
That just how I feel
You didn’t do it
I’ve  just been through it
EpiPen Nov 2019
I’ve thought deeply and analyzed
The connection between You and I
And How to take this  Seriously and I want to make it better
I know its good but it can be better

Packed my bags for a little trip
I’ll be gone long enough for you to miss me
Time to ourselves to rewrite history
You have your times when you want to be alone
Sometimes I’m better on my own

So How far is the getaway ?
Not completely on the other side of the world but halfway
This is not the way I planned it
I realize I’ve taken you for granted
Thoughts after a horoscope reading
EpiPen Jul 2016
And all there ever was
Melting snow shows the bud on the branch
It was so cold
I forgot this in the winter
That there would be a spring
I dont know If you would save me
I dont know if you could save me
Dont know if im worth saving
And all there ever was
I won't ask you to run to me but Run to me
When you know you should be should be with Only me
you know you were my everything
You are all there ever was
All there ever was
I felt everything
And you are all that Ever Was
You don't want this feeling
Like loosing everything
You were all that ever was
and I had the purest intention
The purest intention
But Purest intentions were frozen and White as the snow
That melts away in the spring
Leaving new buds Exposed on the branch
The change of seasons always brings a new thing
Inspired by "Nine Inch Nails all that could have been" This poem is not missing what never happened but what once was and touches on what will be.
EpiPen Jun 2018
There’s something wrong in the algorithm
Designed with a fatal flaw
Where I was not accounted for
Where all signs point to predicting
Because of what I am or seem to be
Assimilated ****** into the sum of me
Elements and indicative of
Subliminal addresses of the unintended letter
If not than it must be
Directed at me
There is no money
Classify me
Ranking just below
As far as dollars go
In households
Earnings no
Devoid of color
And Content
EpiPen Apr 2020
Trying to hide the lines in the dark
The shadows become become who you are
Let the light be who you are
Be the sun and be the star
Illuminating and reaching far
EpiPen Aug 2019
Long stemmed rose
Beauty to my eye
Yet your fate is still
Just to surely die
And each day
I grieve
With More and more guilt
As I watch you wither
As I watch you wilt

Long Stemmed Rose
I am forlorn
Protect yourself
With a hidden thorn
They come to pillage
They come to cut
They see your bud
Then ****** you up

delicate distinct
Sweet perfume
Fragrant blossoms
Fill the room

We stand in awe
As you open up
Petal by petal
You give it up
A  smooth
And gentle touch
You easily bruise
In the fingers clutch

I grow sadder as you tilt your head
I fear it’s over
I fear your dead
I hope that you will grow some roots
Show some sprouts
Start some shoots

When you are given
You simply amaze
quickly placed
In a tiny Vase
A gift for me
Don’t know what to say
Watching you bloom
To fade away
EpiPen Nov 2019
A Window pane has frosted over
I Can’t see out through the GLaze
A White film covers the space
but the light filters through
And I can make out
The distinctive Rays of the Sun and
The Silver Linings of Cumulus Clouds
Sunlight Beams through to find me
Though the Glass of the window is Hazey
It lets me know there is a Bright Day
waiting out beyond the frosted glass
EpiPen Nov 2014
Well now It seems we have found ourselves
woken up from youthful slumber
broken backs from heavy lumber
and it is a reckoning hour
and the sweetness of life has become sour
and all our choices have baked in bread
And out of reach now to choose instead
is the other door
Well now then  a dilemma
feet are not on Terra fir-ma
and we must face what we have thrown to the wind
caution's yellow tape my friend
and it has been broken by
fools and unscrupulous passers by
we are them yet we still ask why
Calamity finds us.
EpiPen Nov 2019
Calm Before The Storm
Warm Breeze
You tease
And I know now
You will never let me in

Your here but distant
A specter
I guess just basic but surreal

I can feel it happening
This build up
We’re reaching the pinnacle
Can’t wait to tumble down

I’ll let it all out

In the free fall

The hurt
The tears
The pain
The fears
I’ll let it all out
Till I just feel nothing at all
In the free fall

And I hope it finally hits me
And I hope it Hurts enough for me to get it this time
When it’s dark I tend to forget
You don’t love me anymore
And this isn’t enough
EpiPen Nov 2014
                    Started when she was seventeen
                                            You couldn't tell her anything
                                                        ­                      Say he wasn't everything
Who could tell her?
                     What to believe
                                               Tell her stop Or not to breath
                                              Because that's what love is its like breathing
                                                       ­         Yeah that’s what she believed
                                                        ­                      She believed she was living
                                           On a wild ride of life
                                                           A catalyst to somewhere like paradise
She said send me ' send me away
I will live to love another day
And kiss me, kiss me goodbye
I’m going on a wild ride
And love me, love me tonight
Loves a catalyst to paradise.

2. And everything
                          Started out like a dream
                                 But now she was waking
                                                      Waki­ng up to everything
                                                      ­           Life played out like a movie scene
    And is this is what life is
                     When hearts are breaking
                                      When hearts are breaking tearing up everything
                                                      ­                                                                 ­                               Just- like -an- earth quake--- nothings left...
You still can’t take her respect
                                           Tell her love isn't everything
                                                                ­       There’s no mistaking that
                                                            ­                                                                 ­                                      She might not make it back
She knew when she took that ride
                                                       A catalyst to paradise
She said send me ' send me away
I will live to love another day
And kiss me, kiss me goodbye
I’m going on a wild ride
And love me, love me tonight
Your loves a catalyst to paradise.

3. And everything changes
                                  We all have to live life and No body is always right
                                                      We live and learn we all take our lessons
                                                       With our pride and our blessings
                                                       ­                                                                 ­                                                                 ­                                     We all take our turn on a wild ride

                         A catalyst to paradise  to find love  in someone’s eyes

Say send me ' send me away
I will live to love another day
And kiss me, kiss me goodbye
I’m going on a wild ride
And love me, love me tonight
Your loves a catalyst to paradise.
EpiPen May 2020
I can’t blame you for the way you use your brain
If you get all your enjoyment from the game
If you don’t indulge me it’s all the same
I’m just the fool who choose to remain
I know that it has always been this way
The people, the friends and the games you play
You’ll choose these over me every day
I’m just the fool who choose to stay
EpiPen Sep 2019
Crying for the stone
He Loved you not
You are alone
Girl you should have known
He’d put you down
When you grew old

Crying for the stone
No he never loved you
Never needed to trust you
There is no love you must prove
He never needed to trust you

Crying for the stone
Wash love off don’t let it stain
When only ashes remain
In what’s left of your

Crying for the Stone
Who don’t Love you
Won’t Love you back
He’s not supposed too
Save Your Love
He won’t Love You
Just a Stone not supposed too
EpiPen Nov 2014
One contemplates
A dash between two dates
A little slip of a life where nothing waits
Is that all there is?
An epitaph engraved in stone if you’re rich
A few words to be said if you have a little bit more
A one word description if you poor
A dash beginning and ending of a life
Ending to be memories in someone else’s life
A dash between two dates
A sunrise a sunset
Everyone anticipates
And a dash in between
Is that all my life is to mean?
Please spare me the why for
That is what my Christ is for
In hopes that dash might mean something more  
Joy and Pain and Life in between
Happiness and Sorrow the Hope unseen
Maybe a Sunset to Sunrise
Life is a dash for a Grand Prize
Dashing is the blood flow that sustains,
Every axon to dendrite and every synapse fires
so that the thought still remains
With the dashing the fleeting
The flowing and the beating
The baiting of the every breath
Until we have but one breath left
Well what is left?
But to enjoy the little bit we have until the last
And to take a look at ourselves and just laugh
Only because it all happened so fast  
All in a dash.
EpiPen Mar 2020
Lost one hour to dream
Well I’m not loosing anything
Got one more hour of daylight to see the sun shining
It’ll be alright
It’ll be ok
It will even up
By the light of day
Well get it back again
Well goodnight my friend
I’m gonna take it down early
So Tomorrow Can do it all again
Do it all again
Sunday, March 8
EpiPen Apr 2019
Visions provoke
Forgotten memories
So remote
A touch of color
A strand of hair
Someone’s eyes
You seem to share
A fleeting moment
Or a lifetime
In worlds we never knew of
Life is living
And look for love
Give what you can
And take enough of
So distant it seems
And still So strange
We stay the same
And yet we change
EpiPen Nov 2019
We were connected once
Divided by the sea
A great expanse
Between you and me
Vastly different
Completely Changed
We’ve grown apart
Been rearranged
With changing seasons
Beyond the meridian
EpiPen Sep 2019
Twin flames burning brighter
Darkness fades away
Flames grow higher
Flickering flames
And strong desire
To merge together
A greater power
Shining light
Into the darkest corners
Outlines and angles
Burning wicks melting candles
Half the room was darker with out you
I held the light on my side
Waiting for your beam of light
To shine just as bright
And light the whole room with me
EpiPen Nov 2019
I was fallin out of the sky
Fallinout love
And falllin  back in
Love again
Caught in somethin
trying to get out off
Screamin to get back to
But in love  
with some
One else
I know I know  that this can’t go on like this
I can’t hold on to somethin that is not
While hoping for somethin that is
I feel selfish for wantin it
Greedy for havin it
There was Not enough before
I feel shady for the past that’s broken
It’s hard.
So hard when all you have claim to
Was never really yours at all
So Let Go
It gets harder and harder
To fall
         By Contrast
It should be easy
Easy to run away from somethingthat scares you
Things that impairs you
You were never the same after all that happened
It should be easier than this
The weight should be lifted and you should be claiming your love
You could Fly.
Fly away with this feeling
This power your gifted
You have all you desire
Easier than this
EpiPen Feb 2020
Your betting on me loosing
And I should bet upon myself
Poison pills ripe for choosing
Half the chance for no one else
Every offer is an illusion
Every gift a Trojan horse
Consumed by paranoia
And Secluded by myself
Poised as a spectator
A ****** just looking in
Commentating to the observer
Just how close till I meet the end
EpiPen Nov 2019
Glutton for punishment
Aren’t you done with it
Thinking your living it
Why do you hold on to it
Can I help
Lemme help
Wanna help
Want to please you
Need to
Me too
Glutton for punishment
Still holding on to it
You don’t belong to it
Just let it go
Don’t need it
But you see it
you want it
But no
Now you serve it
Don’t deserve it
It’s only for show
You already know
Glutton for punishment
You must love it
You cant let it alone
Don’t cry now
No ones fault but your own
EpiPen Apr 2020
You isolate your self
Keep your distance for your health
Your solo uno baby no one else
And you're Impervious to love spells
But You left a light on
I’m like a moth
And I set my sight on
You heart , cause babe you know that its right on...
Yeah! Right on My way to Love ❤️
And I know you‘re amazing
and I know you're unphased by it
Well darling don’t you know that I’m crazed by it
You’ve got me so, so Willing to Try
But you isolate yourself
Keep your distance for your health
It’s just me You know and no one else
If your listenin’
it’s me that your missin‘
Golly gee got me wishin‘
You wouldn’t isolate your self
Song Lyrics From a Picture Prompt... Think Andrew sisters or  Pearl Bailey and Ella Fitzgerald scatting  Away with a big band.
EpiPen Feb 2020
Our Love
Was the inspiration
of the artisans hands  
formed in porcelain
shaped in a vessel
painted with colors
designed with loves passion
new leaves and budding roses
all the memories of our sweetest Love.
Cast in fire
meant for forever
an heirloom for safekeeping
but be careful with our Love
Beautiful, Delicate, and Precious
EpiPen Oct 2020
My most treasured lover from ancient times who spans across the sands of time, I’m yours and you are mine lovers hearts there intertwined.
EpiPen Apr 2020
I already know
I’d give you my heart
Fall in Love too Fast
And Fall too hard
I’d Shatter like glass
and break apart

If I wasn’t what You wanted
If this wasn’t what you wanted
If I wasn’t who you wanted
Cause you were who I wanted
And this is what I wanted
And I’d hoped it’s what we wanted

Because I already knew
That I’d fall for you
Fall deep in Love
Knowing this
I still choose to
Fall in love
With all I’ve been through
Knowing that I’ll fall
Too fast, too hard and too deep
And fires that burn too fast
are awful hard to keep
EpiPen Nov 2019
Bruised ego and back against the wall
Am I moving forward if at all ?
my feelings sink inside of me
Scarred over the surface is what I’ll let you see
And my will is not my own
Just this favor
Don’t ask this
Don’t ask this
Am I moving forward if at all
On the level
On my level
Is it level
You walk I crawl
Is is level at all
Is it order
That’s fair
EpiPen Jun 2019
You’ve been gone a long time,
I’ve been alone.
I never noticed, Thought you were with me,
But, You are light years away.
I am Reading old posts.

You’ve been gone such a long time,
And I’ve been living memories,
Watching transmissions from light years away.
You said “I love you”signed off ,there was a delay.
I didn’t get your message, till only today.

You’ve been gone along time .
Your words travel in waves from light years away.
You said “I love you”..
I heard the echo again and again,
But then it faded away.

You’ll be gone for a long time
How long will you stay?
Somewhere in the future, you are light years away.
You will say “I Love you”
And I hope that I will hear...
A life time to see you,
I hope you appear.
And I wish you were here...
Light years Away... Distance. Time Relationships
EpiPen Jan 2015
Farewell to Love's sweet blade
and to teenage hearts that love forbade
you have cut me by the heart again
and bled me out from the largest vein
left parchment with ruby ink and quill
To sign away my name until
I find the words to leave a note
Loves gentle honey dagger
I never felt the slice
It was only when I was alone
did I know your heart was ice
And if there is love in my heart that will
whisper I love you and still
until I am within an inch of life
I dare bite down again on love's sweet knife
and taste loves tempered steel and measure
and ounce of love, a ton of pleasure
EpiPen Nov 2019
I’m basic so I gave it away
now I’m tainted
And you don’t want to stay
we can make it
But love got in the way
And I hate that  
It’s ending this way

You look beautiful in this light
You’ve got this chance just to make it right
Draw three cards just to clarify
Show me the future of you and I
Looks like we go
in different directions. we will go in different directions
Hoo Ohh Ohh  we goooo in different <directions >

Can’t take it I was the girl next door
Now I’m jaded
Heart’s been broken before
It complicated
And I made it that way
And I hate that it’s ending this way

You look beautiful in this light
You’ve got this chance to try and make it right
Draw three cards just to clarify
Show me the future of you and I
Looks like we go in different directions
we will go in different directions
we will gooow in different directions

Reading deep into this thing that we call love
Never thought that we’d be driven apart
We saw eye to eye and feel heart to heart
It was the best love I had ever had
I have to Laugh.  Because this is going bad

You look beautiful in this light
You’ve had this chance just to make it right
Draw three cards just to clarify
I See the future of you and I
Looks like we go in different directions
we will go in different directions
Hoowoohh ooh take off in different directions

I’m basic so I gave it away
now I’m tainted
And you don’t want to stay
we can make it
But love got in the way
And I hate that  
It’s ending this way

I’m average just an average girl
I got baggage
and the weight of the world
And I’m damaged
And I gave You my pearl

Spoke to my sources
No need to revisit this
We know that is over
We both know just what it is
In my mind I hear a slowed instrumental beat much like I’ll be watching you.
EpiPen Jan 2015
Look at my pretty marbled heart
There is still some love in there for you
once it was torn up all apart
and I cried some cherry tears for you
I thought my heart stopped
while I waited there for you
You didn't say you loved me
that left me jaded, black and blue

Look at my pretty marbled heart
there is still some love in there for you
one time my little heart turned dark
I spent so long there waiting for you
I thought my life stopped
I felt I couldn't breath in it
I was  angry, and I was hot
My heart was twisted up
just like a candy cane for you
Yeah I was so f*$#@d up

Look at my pretty marbled heart
There is still some love in there for you
I got my colors jumbled up
can't believe that I still care for you
Look at my pretty marble heart..
EpiPen May 2020
If I cry baby would it make you stay?
My Tears and I
We’re pieces of the game you play.
Baby why , why does it have to be this way?
My Tears and I
Are pieces of the game you play.
If I
gave you my heart
It wouldn’t be enough .
The things ... The things  you make your trophy’s of .
broken... Broken hearts and long lost loves.
Decorations on the walls that you put up.

Baby if I call your name will you come to me?
If I let desire get the best of me?
Can I , hold you tight
Until there’s ecstasy?
Baby if I call you  will you Come to me?
And If I ...gave you my heart
it wouldn’t be enough.
The things ... The things you make your trophy’s of
broken ... broken hearts and long lost loves.
Decorations on the walls that you put up.

Baby what If I Scream Out for you?
I had a bad night
waking up without you
And you’re not here
So I fear
I have to face the truth
You were never here
My Love and I have no proof
And If I ...gave you my heart
it wouldn’t be enough.
The things ... The things you make your trophy’s of
broken... Broken hearts and long lost loves
Decorations on the walls that you put up.
EpiPen Jan 2020
My Lover the Night Jasmine is Blooming
That is when I think of you
Remember how you promised me
You would make love to me in your room
And feed me mangoes and ice cream
I  remember when the breeze brings in
the aroma of the Jasmine Blooms
I run to find it Somewhere in The night
Under the moonlight
Like a mad and wild creature
So close all around me but I can’t find the source
So I breathe it in
That is how I want you
Like that breath of fragrant Jasmine filled air
I crave it
I taste it
Want it all over my body
It is the Jasmine and it is you.
EpiPen Jun 2019
Sun Dogs
playing with the light
can you find real friends
When your diamonds are shining bright
It’s a good thing
My head is ******* on right
Never trust the Illusions when the sun is burning bright

I’d like to see through, the confusion, shine the light,
From the sun and See the truth in lies
breakdownthe *pyramid.
Shine light in the skies
Just cut through the scheming
Such Sage advice
Never stop dreaming
sell all the things you don’t want
At an astronomical price

Yeah you were walking beside me
We were all made of glitter and gold
Sight to behold
Young Gods of The Sun

There was massive hysteria
We went viral
Reached all our dreams and our goals
Collect All the followers
Started a religion
We were all made of glitter and gold
beautiful sight to behold
Young Gods of the Sun
Light is refracted reflected
The Source comes from One!

They say true friends are forever
Fake friends come and go with the weather
Don’t know if it’s true that’s just what they say
Sun Dogs are just an illusion
The Sun Shines on
And they eventually fade away
The Sun  Shines Alone
EpiPen Nov 2019
The bitter persimmon the fruit of reality
you have choked my throat a sign of  frailty
I am awakened now from my delusions
I am Sober now pardon my confusions
I mistook you for more than you were
You were observing, taking note
You were counting taking rote
of inventory and money spent
we were brethren no, much to arrogant
Equal but apart
It was that way from the start
divided among stratum, gender and class
boundaries defined but broken like glass
You may see only in black in white
you want to keep separate the darkness and the light
But there is twilight in between
somewhere In the hazy sheen
There is dusk and the dawn
when the lights go out, you turn the light on
EpiPen Nov 2019
He sang the words beautifully
But we chose not to hear it
The tortured musings of a broken spirit
He showed us again and again his plan
And we watched with open eyes
Then why now that it's done
Is it such a surprise
And when bright stars burn so bright
And flicker out and the end of night
Please stay for the morning

Written 11/10/2017
EpiPen Jan 2020
When we were talking that was ten years ago
I keep a candle burning
I keep an everglow
Of simple memories
I can still hear you laughing
Things you said to me
Memories overlapping
Of you Ohh ooo
Forever in my mind
You don’t forget the ones who treat you kind

It’s still clear to me just like yesterday
All the things that happened
Time got in the way
I’m some distance from you
And you just needed space
It’s been hard for me
I was happiest when I was with you
Ohh ooh ooo
Forever in my mind
You don’t forget the ones who treat you kind

I get so sentimental I get lost in my thoughts
My heart still beats for you
Inside my memory box
It where I put the things
That remind me of you ohh ooo
It’s hard to get back to the things I have to do
Daydreaming on thoughts of you
Ooh oooo
Forever in my mind
You don’t forget the ones who treat you kind
EpiPen Nov 2019
Residual energies keep bringing me back
         Longing for the love felt in a past life
Something about you beckons to me
                Pulling me closer to be right beside
But I Can’t decipher your current vessel
               Undeniably they have changed the game
Looking closer to see inside you
          I know your soul is still the same
On the tip of my tongue The name I called you
              Terms of endearment for a different time
Memories of Love’s burning embers
                Tender Moments That Feed the Flames
Certain Angles and one Rembers
                        Lifetimes of Love, Joy and Pain
    Although now you present so different
                     And the time, and the place has changed
No need to tell me what isn’t
                     I know your soul is still the same
EpiPen Jun 2018
I’ll tell you and tell you again
Just as Tiny Grains of Sand
Slip through my my Fingers
And there are a Thousand Secrets
That Blow in the Wind
                     Secrets of the Sands are
Stirring And Innumerable
Watching Waves Touch and Leave the Shore
Waters Receding to Sea yet Longing for
Land  That gives way so easily
Sinking Sand Loosing itself to an Endless Sea
A fluid body that just exists to be
Extending down to the deepest fathom
The highest dune to the deepest cavern
I look above to the horizon
A glimmering line between  Sun Sea and Sky
Future Things to hope for things to try
A memory of millennium realms
and days gone by
EpiPen Nov 2019
I must have nothing to progress
Because then well Anything is...
Anything, is better than nothing it is
If you give nothing then you won’t get anything less
There was no aggression
And  I hope I didn’t give you the wrong impression
It’s up to you what you do, so Use your discretion
And I Hope you glean more from this than you ascertain
And the Forgiveness for the untold sins that still remain
EpiPen Nov 2019
Spending time
Don’t mind checking the clock
So I can keep it
It gets away
And I just need it
I wanna hurry up
So I can beat it
An obstacle
I’m up against
How have I spent this time
Upon the fence
On my hands
On my feet
I couldn’t fight the passing time
So caught up in the wheel that’s turning
Spent my early years living and learning
From early spring to late December
All the things I can’t remember
For all the things I couldn’t wait
arrived too early got there toolate
I went too fast then had to hesitate
I couldn’t hold the passing time
Slipped right through
these hands of mine
Trying To grab on to ever second,
Running towards wherever beckoned
I took the time
I had to
I missed the time
It’s passed too
EpiPen Oct 2019
And You Are The Moon, Stars, and Sun.
You Are My Love, You Are The One.
The Burning Embers,That Keep The Fire.
That Feed The Flame, My Hearts Desire.

I will tell You more of what You mean to me,
In the flowery words of Poetry.
You are my World, and all that’s within.
You are where it Starts and where it Ends

I know my Love its hard to believe
That you are the very air that I Live and Breathe
Is it too much of You That I hold Dear?
Too want You Now? To need You Here?

I will breathe this Breath and close my eyes
Imagining Your Darkest Eyes
And How you seem to hypnotize
With elements of Sweet Surprise
You are Everything Ten of Cups
Sweet Ambrosia I Drink You Up
EpiPen Dec 2014
I have come back again
hating myself for it and self loathing
******* Clad Maidens Sans the clothing
Perplexed by the wall of faces in front of me
Smiling at me but never speaking to me
Chatting sometimes casually
Showing their poses but never really doing
Headshots, Pets, babies and cooing
Poking me and Calling my name
Childishly Inviting me to a silly game
generalized statements and proverbs
inspirations tags and action verbs
Still no talking
I peruse  photo stalking
A wall of faces less familiar
Silent a complacent peculiar
living yearbook obscure
I've become a strange ******
longing for what these Faces share
A parody
A memory
A joke
A quote
A note
A like
A laugh
Un like
A fuss
Your smiling face is one of us…
(Time for the doctor they will be coming soon)
EpiPen Oct 2019
Follow along ...
the porcelain doll fell from the wall
And when she cracked...
It all came back!
escaped in vapors
Seeping into the wooden floorboards
Like oozing wounds
And **** from sores...
Putrid the smell
Straight from hell
Now loose from its porcelain confines
The binding inscriptions
Are Your worst fears
Your deepest convictions
Your frightened tears
Dollie’s secrets and admissions
She heard your payers and your childish wishes
Also your sins you whispered into
Her tiny white ear
Yes she could hear
And you had forgotten
She know your true black heart was rotten
Scary Toys   This was written from an image prompt  try it!
EpiPen Nov 2019
Sum of Love Songs
Add it all up
All of the Love Songs Rolled into one
I have Loved and Lost and come undone
The burning heart with desires flame
The crushing blow you don’t feel the same
Oh babe Love shouldn’t hurt like that
You know it’s true
It’s because of Love I do what I do
A song of Love to prove its true
What you do with that is up to you

Add it up and you think I’d get it
I won’t fall for this Again
I won’t forget it
But I just can’t help it
Love song gone wrong
Love too hard and Fall too fast
Love too long and make it last
Do you really want it ?
love forever? Love that’s haunted
Ending Never...
Tiresome after so many years
Eternity with frozen tears
Poems I was too shy to post at the time..
EpiPen Dec 2020
And I can’t ask you to live my dreams for me
Nor can I take your dreams and make them mine
We can only share dreams for a short time
The sharing stops where you draw the line
When we wake from quiet slumbers
Counting treasures and pleasures numbers
And oft we may dream of others
Quiet memories or Distant Lovers
And release a sigh of slight regret
Of Passionate feelings so hard to forget
And wonder why it just couldn’t be
And why the hell it just shouldn’t it be
Once we thought we had the same dream.
Twas all for naught though it may seem
I Awoke While you kept sleeping
A broken clock the time It wasn’t keeping
A broken heart that beats but just keeps weeping
The bed is soft So you keep dreaming
While I forgot if my dream had any meaning
EpiPen Nov 2014
I watched two turtle doves perched high among the mango leaves,
It was the end of a summer's day and start of summer's eves,
I watched them there the turtle pair ,
the female here and the male just there,
He prepared with his display of woo
This is the way that turtledoves do,
White feathered tail ,fanned up and flail in hopes that she would see.
That he was the lover she was looking for and they were meant to be
enamoured with her feathers brown
He longed to nestle in her feathery down
Mr turtledove professed his love, still high among the trees
She did see him there and all his flair
and she flew off into the breeze
By Reava Nuecome
EpiPen Oct 2019
Where You Were
I had gotten used to
Assumed you would Be
In Proximity of me
Assumed you would Stay
And You liked it That Way

Where You are
I can’t get used to
Assuming that you Are
In the Vicinity or Far
Assuming You will Go
And You’d like me to know

Were You will Go
I won’t ever get used to
Assuming you will be
In an different direction
Assumptions about you going
And You Don’t want me to know
EpiPen Oct 2019
I am sorry
I did not
Meet your expectations
I know
Yeah ! That must have hurt you bad
Who knew?
I could make such a difference
what I do
Would be something that made you sad.

So sorry
I could not
Deliver all the things you wanted
I know
You didn’t get everything you wanted
You knew
I didn’t really come from cash
What you do
Is pretend to be upperclass

I could not
Be just what you needed
I know
You’ll find out just what you need
We know
It’s so hard to make decisions
What we do
Is try so hard to understand
#I am sorry  #apology
EpiPen Nov 2019
Searching Right Before My Eyes
In close Proximity
Near to me
dear to me
Close to my heart
Right There
That’s where I start
Well That’s where you were
Or So I thought
In my youthful Slumber
When ages past
In its relative state
The distance grew
And I did
I grew apart from you
I was , I was sleeping
The distance grew and time was creeping
Ever further
We both left the place
Where we started
And uncharted
You navigate with ease
On calm and stormy seas
I sit on the shore
Alone And wave
As you sail away
EpiPen Jun 2019
I don’t want anyone to be trapped
Where they don’t want to be...
Spread your wings and be set free...
If I have to go,
Then so it will be.
I will never chain your heart to me.
I Love You still
And I could never hold you against you will.

I’m alone most nights,
Been alone most of my life.
That’s what took me so long to see
This wasn’t right.

You didn’t feel anything for me.
It’s just one of my problems,
I had an expectancy and I
Thought you could solve them.

Now I see clearly, and that was unfair.
To want your sympathy,
To want you to care.
To lay my guilt on you and To ask You to change.
To show your love for me,
Would be something strange.

Over and over
Expecting a change
Doing the same thing repeatedly
Expecting a change
I can see clearly now and that was unfair
To want your sympathy,
To want you to care.

You turn a blind eye to all my demands
You turn a deaf ear to all of my plans
It’s just a surprise for you
You don’t understand

Over and over
Expecting a change
Doing the same thing repeatedly
Expecting a change
now I see clearly and that was unfair
To want your sympathy
To want you to care...

I could never hold you against your will
That would be selfish
That would be weird
To ask you to hold me
It is what I have feared
you don’t feel anything...
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