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em Oct 2019
bite your lip or i'll have to
numbed forever more
in my blood
an exponential growth in my throat
i guess i never learned
how to escape quicksand
feeble again
does anything ever change
forever afraid
of dreaming alone
silence overwhelms
pulsations radiating throughout my being
the aching heat, unrelenting
answering the void's lonesome song
blurred droplets on once-dead wood
valued by connoiseurs from what i gather
too many walls around here
too many moats and battlements
guess mine were all for show
eyes closed
always the same words
when will you stop
why must you always
and the images too
why won't you stop
underexplored ideas and lethargic days
em Oct 2019
wooden clockwork silent lands
the lash and leash, broken whip
millennia of tired screams
works left unfinished now undone
moss claims back its lost kingdom
em Oct 2019
to come undone at the first touch
to melt under your gaze
to die a more poetic death
to be alive at last
or so i hope
em Oct 2019
a fortunate day for the soul
a new sun in the gut
five birds taking flight
in the morning sky
a whisper and a sigh
em Oct 2019
running away forward trampling
forget to cry again finally
worried about worries and yet
another attempt rightful need
i've always felt the urge to climb
em Oct 2019
drop of silver tumbling in the grass
twirling threads and swallowed colors
mixed results in these haunted lands
a fierce light coming from beneath

fumbling forth with feet aflame
a shallow soul, scrambling, scattered
desperation claims the best of them
best not to mention the weak
em Oct 2019
splintered at the core, its bones scraping together
hoisting its dying frame, a final cry against the void
chanting and moaning, the screeching numbed, the hate forgot
then the painful halt, the silent fall
the soil forever branded by its corpse
em Oct 2019
running back to an unknown place
a newer home of marble and dust
power back in the broken lights
fiery iris, bones boiling
tears of ink
blood on those streets
but the stillness in the air has stood
and will
though the winds might blow
once more
em Oct 2019
duskened eyelids when the light shifts

                  in the orchard
                  in the valley
                  through the jagged peak's ascent


                                              how many years since the last bead
an attempt was made        all bore the mark
                                              distant shores may save us yet
em Oct 2019
and yet the dust will come once more

gilded shadows on the paths, an unknown resonance
a boiling rash on its bulbous flesh, memories of memories
deafened again by the throes of yore
the unknown its sole prospect
another step, despite it all
these wings shall yet come out

and finally, the winds
em Oct 2019
coma in any other form
ordeal imposed on those who never asked
trials to forget but how could you
unforeseen thoughts one shouldn't divulge
and how could i

— The End —