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3d · 103
God Is Our Hope
God is Our , Living Hope for only He can save Us.
I pray that your beautiful lives shall always be used.
For my prayer is no matter who you are and what you done.
That Christ shall raise your life up as a testimony here.
Of what he can do when people reach out to him on the earth.
Wanting him to rescue them and restore unto them what was stolen.
For Christ love is not fake but real and he never gives up until..
That person is dead or gain the mark at the end times here on earth.
But until that time people are always able to turn to Our Lord.
May 7 · 312
God OF Heaven
Our God of Heaven is A Mighty Savior.
He Lives and I thank Him everyday too.
For His Precious Creations that He made.
I thank Him for creating Great Poets too.
For each of You have an Great Talent.
An Gift a Great way with Words thanks.
He created some very Great People here.
Whom Truly have an Huge Beautiful heart.
That Truly does Others very much indeed.
Each of you are Truly Awesome Loving Souls.
May 1 · 300
Thank You All
I thank God, for each of you Everyday thank you.
For you all are very special and Loving thank you.
For caring for others, and for sharing with others too.
You each truly are Amazing and Beautiful Hearts.
Whom spends times sharing your beautiful poetry.
To encourage and inspire others through your poems.
I just want to thank you, for using your gift to help others.
To become better people, You are all Great People too.
May 1 · 218
It Breaks My Heart
It breaks My Heart, that Iowa people and the rest of the Midwest.

Are Hurting right with the Flooding, it really hurting to see it.

Breaks My Heart, that so many People that I Love are hurting.

It breaks My Heart, to see that so Many People are dying now.

To turn on the News and see deaths, deaths, and more deaths.

Mainly gun victims, and bomb victims , as well it so Sad to see.

Every where I look so many more suffering People hurting.

As well as so many suffering People that are dying right now.

This really is Breaking so many People Hearts right now too.
I am thankful for all of the encouraging words from you all too.
I am thankful for all of the genuine Love that I have receive too.
I might had to go through some very dark moments in my life.
But those moments were worth it , because Christ has used them.
To strengthen me , to build up my tolerance toward suffering here.
So now I am stronger, still I cling to Christ strength as well.
Because the struggles, and storms, do not always go away here.
The storms just change , till We finally allow Christ to finish his work.
Then even at times, there shall be new storms brewing our way .
Never regret the words that are written by you.
For we as people are always growing, changing.
Just the thoughts that are in our heads are too.
God is using you some where to encourage them.
The strongest Heart, could be the poet that is struggling.
The Poet that is struggling the most was who I meant.
So as long as you have air in your lungs here on the earth,
You have an chance to change lives through your heart.
God also uses our Poems to help reach others in the same situation.
Apr 22 · 154
You Are
You are a Wonder, a Miracle, Someone very Special indeed in all ways.
You are an Island that has tasted the Rain and knows it is Good.
You are a beautiful Creation , because only Beautiful has God created.
For His Love reigns in you now and always, God bless you too.
I just want you to know just how special that you truly are in every way.
Because Christ knew you all before He even created you in your mom ****.
He knows everything from the beginning in the wombs to our last breath.
You are truly beautiful to Him in all of your deep Love for him and the Father.
So much Blessings come from the words that you write.
So much goodness as well , from those very words also.
For your poetry is beautiful at times, and powerful at time.
Each of you have your special and unique writing style.
I am so blessed to share an connection with you all here.
Through writing poetry, I want to thank you for the healing.
That came through those that been healed by your words.
You all have beautiful hearts that want to help others here.
Like I have said contingently , You each truly are inspiring.
Apr 19 · 107
May Christ Always Shine
I know that each and everyone of you are Awesome
That you are truly Amazing People with Pure talent.
I want each of you to know that I Love you in Christ.
may Christ bless you more than you shall ever know.
May there be no one that ever come against you too.
May everyone who sees you love you and respect you.
May people give to you and never ever try and take.
May your day always be bright with you feeling Joy.
May Christ always shine his flavor upon your life.
Apr 13 · 124
Reveal Your Words
May your Love Overwhelm their Heart here and everywhere.
May you Bless each and everyone of their writings here too.
Use each and everyone of them to Heal others and bless them.
Reveal your love to those reading their poems as well Lord.
Fill their minds with Your words to reveal you to the reader.
Let your words soak well in their minds, filling them up with you.
For O Lord you can do anything that you chose to do Mighty One.
Reveal yourself to every reader that reads , yours and theirs poems.
So that they shall feel the blessing and know those words are yours.
Apr 13 · 111
You Are A True Blessing
You are Awesome and very Gifted, wonderfully beautiful People.
Whom with all of your writings, and art, among your other gifts.
Has Blessed the People of this world, whom has touch our hearts.
I want you all to know, that you have helped many other people.
To be Blessed, and to become healed by your beautiful works.
God shall Bless you for allowing him to use you in this here way.
Sometimes the person that he is using has to make an sacrifice.
Losing something , so that the healing shall come out of their gift.
But I know that as Poet myself , that in the end it is worth it too.
You are Amazing , Inspiring, and Encouraging thank you.
You are Gifted, with an lots of Love and using it to Help others.
For Our Gifts were created to help others to see God through them.
I see your beautiful and inspiring words in helping out others here.
For even the sad poem of Pain can be use to reveal that you are strong.
For so many allow the evil depression or situation that they are in.
To end up driving them to end up destroying the most precious gift.
Their Lives, but through each of your words, hopefully it shall reveal...
That Life here is too Precious to throw away, because we are meant to lean on each other here.
To help each other and to love each other and become stronger, and wiser.
Apr 1 · 396
Not A Poem
Shall be back on later stomach problems
Pure and Holy , You are Life and I want to Follow You.
There is None , that Holds My Heart Like You do Lord.
If I was to Live an Million years , You still be My  God.
If I was to Die tomorrow , You still would hold my Heart.
If I lost everything, and was crush with everlasting Pain.
If I was drop From the Sears tower , then told I was doomed.
To spend My life in bed, with no chance of walking anymore.
If I was told, that I would die next week an terrible death.
Still You O Beautiful Precious Lord I would have none other.
For You still are the Only One that is Worthy enough to be My God.
For it is You that Gives Life and it is You that Gives Death as well.
Only You are Worthy enough for Me to Drop to My knees in Worship.
Mar 22 · 471
I Love You All
I Love You All, with the Love of the Lord too.
I Love You All, with the very heart of Jesus.
I Love You All, For Everyone of You are Special.
I Love You All, for Each of You are Awesome too.
I Love You All, with a Truly unconditionally Love.
I Love You All. and know this Friend You are Amazing.
I Love You All, and I shall always keep You in Prayer.
I Love You All, For You each really are very Special.
I Love You All, and Jesus Loves You very much as well.
I know that the Poetry here is Beautiful and inspiring.
I also know that getting to know each of you here.
Is a Gift from the All O Mighty God Lord Jesus Christ.
You are Truly an Gift that could never have a value on.
For Your Friendship is Priceless, I do appreciate you.
I just wanted to say thank you to each and every one.
For each of You have a Priceless Value to Me too.
So keep writing your beautiful,  valuable Poetry.
I Just wanted to say how beautiful your souls are to me.
Mar 19 · 79
You're Truly Inspiring
I want each of you to know this , that God uses You.
To be inspiring to Me as well as Others You Inspiring.
So start writing now, and start inspiring others too.
For your Poetry is beautiful your poetry inspiring too.
Pick up your Pen , start writing your Awesome Poems.
Never give up , just keep on inspiring your Poetry Family.
Keep up the Beautiful and Good work that you doing.
On inspiring your brothers and sisters fellow poets here.
Just keep on inspiring other that come to this here site.
Mar 18 · 411
You Bless Me
I just want to Let each of you to know this too.
That each and Everyone of You has Blessed Me.
I want to Thank each of You for Blessing Me too.
Everyone of You has been an encouragement to Me.
I just want Each of You to know that as well My Friend.
For each of You are by Far More Special than You know.
Each and Everyone of You are Truly an Blessing to others.
Whether You May know it or not You are an Huge Blessing.
You Shall One Day see all of the lives that You have touch here.
Mar 14 · 516
They Need You Please
You Might not Realize this but Someone really needs  You.
Someone seen everything that You have went through here.
They see all that You have overcome here and really need You.
For if You end it, what about them , they shall soon follow.
I know that Life can destroy You, but for them stay strong please.
That One Person that to them , You are like a giant oak tree.
They need You staying Strong , it might even be a family member.
A brother, a sister, mother, child, Father that needs you.
To be strong, so that They see Hope through You for themselves.
Mar 14 · 212
You Are Worthwhile
You are Beautiful, Handsome , Wonderfully Made By Our Creator.

He Loves You, More than any of Us could ever imagine, ever imagine.

He Loves You and I that much that He stretch out His Arms on the Cross.

I Love You too, Because Christ Loves You and Call Us to Love One another.

In the very same way that He has Loved Us first, so I Love You too.

We were Called to Bless One another with each other as well My Friend.

So I am asking God to Bless each of You right Now with an Blessing.

That Only He knows that it shall really touch Your Heart and Mind,

God Bless Each of You in a Supernatural way today and always.
Feb 28 · 77
We Are
I understand your confusion, I feel it too at times.
I feel your anger, I lose my temper too at times too.
I see your pain, I with draw when it overwhelm me.
I understand your loss, we all have some here too.
For this world seem darker some how even more.
I Pray that you get healed and see the Hope from God.
For only He can save both You, Me as well as others.
Only Christ can bring great healing to this here world.
All that We can do is Pray for hurting Loss to seek Him.
We are both Different yet We both love and Breathe too.
We are both Different, yet in many ways We are the same.
For We both Bleed, and We both Love the very same God.
For We are Brothers , Some are Our Sister for We are Christians.
We are Humans, needing to Be Loved by Our Great Savior.
We are from the Earth, matter not where We were Born at.
My heart breaks for each of your struggles and pain.
Feb 11 · 455
Your Strength Frees Us
Your Strength keeps me Free, from all of the sins.
As Long as I keep using Your Strength to stay in it.
For Your Strength is never ending and I shall stay Free.
For You rescue me , from sins and addictions as well.
Because in Your Strength , I am one of the Mightiest Warriors.
So I shall Dance, Sing, Run and Praise Your Worthy Name.
There is no Greater Name, than Your Name Lord Jesus.
Because Your Strength, You keep People Free from Sin here.
Your Freedom frees Us from death as well as other things here.
Feb 11 · 239
Our Friendship
You are an Amazing Friend , whom has Blessed me.
With all of your Beautiful words that you have written.
I am Grateful, for your Friendship, I want to say thanks.
To Let each of you all, know that you are Amazing Friend.
Whom has really Blessed me with your Awesome words.
This Poem is to Let you know just how Amazing you are.
As well how Amazing your Beautiful Poems are to me too.
For I truly am very Grateful , for Our Friendship here too.
You have really touch me,  I am so thankful for our Friendship.
I just want you to know that you are Truly Love as well too.
Feb 9 · 237
It is always good when old friends reunite, even if it is miles apart.
When you see an old Friend, that you have not seen in many years.
Then add them to your Facebook, or see them in person then connect.
For Friends connect just like old Lovers connect but in an different way.
I am so Blessed , because many of my Friends from Hon and Iowa.
I been Lately connecting with many of them , just like old school chums.
I am so thankful, for each and every one of them that I connected with again.
I feel the pain from losing touch with , if I was able to go and changed things.
I would have done things differently with time I truly have missed them.
For each of them were very Special to me, I thank God for each of them.
For they each have made an difference in my life and their Love has changed me.
I am more Blessed than I could speak, for like I said Friends Love heals my heart.
Reuniting with Friends in Maryland, other states and countries is Awesome as well.
I once was an real mess, Broken and Wrecked, a huge Mess.
But Little by Little Christ took away the things that I cling to.
The Things that I ran to when I needed to escape My Life here.
A wrecked Life that I wished that I was not Living in anymore.
So first thing that he took was Drugs, then the Boozed and Gambling.
Because it was Him that I was suppose to run to when I got scared.
But I was running to an escape the terrible Life that I had Live in.
For it was His job to Heal Us not any worldly addiction here on the earth.
For they were little gods to me , to escape the Life that I had messed up.
For no longer do I need to escape, but to become a Healed Man here.
He also took away cigarettes from on December 10, 2010 as well.
Revealing to this here world the Presence and the Power of Christ too.
For only He can Heal and Repair People Lives here on the Earth.
Feb 6 · 243
You Are I That I Need
No matter what happens in my life here in the physical realm here.
You are all that I really have, you are all that I will ever need here.
For only you can give to me, Life real Life here and after ward too.
For only you can give us the true Life, Love , and Freedom we need.
For you hold the key to Living , for none other can give us anything.
You are the one that has rescue me, everyday I hold my freedom to you.
So Jesus come and celebrate that you have reveal yourself to me always.
For you are the true Love of my Life, thank you O Lord for everything.
So I shall forever worship you O Lord, and Praise your Worthy name.
You are Loved by the One that had spoke you into existence.
You are also Loved by me, and by others as well here on the earth.
What you are feeling matters, and you are important to God and I.
Know that you have people that Love you here and need you too.
For your words have touched many here on Hello poetry site here.
So one thing that you need to remember that God has been using you.
In ways that you may not even realize, so do not forget this at all.
In those times , where you feel unsure and worthless do not believe it.
For your life here matter , and you and your words matter as well too.
For your words are touching and changing others lives and hearts too.
When you need Help and afraid of looking weak here.
When you ***** up and make an mistake because of pride.
When you mistrust someone, because you have trust issues.
Or you mistrust , because You don't trust or like that person.
Because their values are different than your values here are.
Accept that you are a human being whom shall fail  on earth.
Know that God shall not always give you the right answer.
Because We all live in a fallen world, here on the earth .
We every now and then shall take focus off of our Savior.
So when you make an mistake here like I have at times.
Accept that you are not Perfect and accept that We do Fail.
For until Christ transform Me, I shall admit that I am not Perfect.
Even though-out the Trials, Christ is always reaching out.
Even though all of the Good times, Christ is reaching out.
Even when We keep struggling deep in Sin, Christ is there.
Revealing Him- self to Us while He is reaching out to Us.
For Christ never gives up on Us till We die in Our sins here.
But it is always then that He shall give up on the doubters.
But it is never His doing, but it is Our doubts in the end.
That brings Him to finally Let go of not giving up on Us.
For He Loves each and everyone of Us more than We deserves.
I am sorry been in a lot of pain lately sorry again.
More than usual but I am praying Blessings on you.
Upon you that You shall be blessed more than usual.
I am praying that your purpose shall be reveal to you.
That you shall be Loved by all that you meet on earth.
That you shall touch their lives , and they shall see Christ.
I pray that your poems shall Heal all that sees them also.
I want to see you used by Christ , and that you are held by Him.
Every single day that you shall see Christ working within you.
Jan 1 · 181
Jesus Came To Save Us
I can hardly wait for the day when we see Jesus.
When We bow before Him, and worship Him too.
For He is Christ the Living Savior whom saves all.
Whom , His Father has place before Him to save.
For He is the Chosen One to save those Loves God.
So We whom love the Father shall Worship Him too.
Worship the Holy One whom came to Save Us too.
From Our sins, from everything that should had destroy Us.
But He took all Our sins upon Himself to Save Us.
Dec 2018 · 103
Kingdom Of God
You all have beautiful souls, beautiful hearts and are Precious.
To the Creator that has created each of Us into existence here.
Each of you all that come here are Loved whether you know it or not.
You are Loved by me as well, For I know Christ does not make junk.
I pray that each of you shall be blessed not only today but everyday.
I also pray that your Faith shall grow more and more every day too.
That you shall gain the strength from Christ to overcome all obstacles.
That has been placed by the evil ones to stop you from overcoming.
That Your Light shall be used to draw many into the Kingdom of God.
For not only are You beautiful but Special as well, You are Perfect You.
Dec 2018 · 119
Struggles are going to come and go, Life is too Precious to die too soon.
People are too Precious to let go before the Miracle has a chance to happen.
For when you think that you have everything figured out, Christ surprises you.
For nothing is what it might seem, things usually shall surprise you every time.
Because the evil ones always want us to lose Faith and give up on other people.
So they try to deceive Us into believing the worst in others, to blind Us as well.
But Christ has other plans, He want to teach Us how to learn to truly Love others.
The same way that He Loves Us with an unconditional Love that shall heal too.
He wants Us to even to Love those that want to destroy Us, He wants to teach Us.
Dec 2018 · 55
We Are Desperate
We are desperately, seeking the only One whom can Save.
We are so Desperate, for the Lord whom has created the world.
We are so Desperate, seeking Christ to finish the works he startled.
We are so Desperate, for our God to finish saving our souls now.
We are so very Desperate , for our Creator to finish to rescuing us.
We are so lost, so alone , so empty without Christ saving Powers.
We are so alone without his saving Powers to heal his People.
But We know that through our desperation , he is saving his people.
For it is in the desperate times we become open to Christ will.
Dec 2018 · 144
Love is Powerful, But Love never forces itself on anyone.
Love has Strength without ending but it is never brutal.
Love is always soft spoken, it is never loud nor abusive.
Love is Beautiful, it is never **** nor is it ***** either.
But Love is always Honest, Truthful, and at times Fruitful.
Love is always seeking the Good in others and Trusting to.
Love always Listen First before answering, for Love saves.
Love shall never be hateful, but always gives to charity too.
Dec 2018 · 207
My Heart Breaks
My heart breaks , each time that out of anger or rage .
That someone speaks death into another person life here.
My heart really breaks, when it goes even a step further.
That out of rage that they want someone to get murdered.
It is wrong for anyone to want to paid anyone to get ******.
There are so many evil people that profess to know Christ.
Yet they would **** anyone that would get in the way of their thinking.
Christ not only calls us to love our neighbors but also our enemies.
In other words He calls us to love everyone that we shall meet here.
{Praying that eyes shall become open.
Dec 2018 · 311
Not a Poem
I will try to be back on tomorrow night or friday
Dec 2018 · 215
God Bless You
God bless you, You are Truly Special and Loved much.
God bless you, May today be the Day that you change.
God bless you, May the World see your changed today.
And then Repent of all of their sins , thus become Holy.
God bless you, for you are Beautiful and New Creation.
Because Christ does not know **** and junk is not His work.
For Father-God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit works are Good.
So Christ shall never speak negativity in His Creations here.
He shall only speak Good things into existence here on Earth.
Dec 2018 · 619
Give Love Freely
Give Love Freely , Christ calls Us to Love Our Neighbor here.
Give Love Freely, For Christ calls Us to Love Our Brother too.
Give Love Freely , For Christ calls Us to Love Our Enemies too.
Give Love Freely, For Christ has Loved Us First then We Love Him.
Give Love Freely, For We are Called to spread the Gospel of Love.
Give Love Freely, By Loving Others First maybe then they Love you too.
Give Love Freely, Through doing this People shall see Christ within You.
Give Love Freely, Not the worldly type but Unconditional Love from God.
Give Love Freely, Live Your Life as a Servant for Christ Love Unconditional.
Nov 2018 · 146
Lord Is My Guide
The Lord is my Guide whom shall Lead me safety to the end.
Nothing shall strike nor hurt me without Him allowing it to happen.
For He is my Guide, my Protector, and my Creator, He knows best.
There shall never a drop of blood fall from me without his knowing.
Nothing that He does not want to happen to me will happen to me.
For He is God and He always gets His way in everything that happens.
Even the evil ones have to obey His commands,  in everything He demands.
For not a soul was created that He was not involve in their creation.
So every single being that was created belongs to Him as His children.
Nov 2018 · 277
My Heart is crying for the Hurting , for those without Hope.
My Heart, aches with each of those who are Hurting now.
I am so Heart-Broken for each and everyone of you too.
I too have Heartaches, some by my doings here on the earth.
While other times , I have been rejected for no reason known.
Still I know that Christ shall use my Pain to help others out.
Whom are going through the same things that I have went through.
Still Christ is going to use them mightly for His Glory too.
For Christ wants to use each of Us in a huge way here on the earth.
Nov 2018 · 232
Hope Through Facebook
Thank you each for allowing Christ to use you.
To show Us that , He uses Us to Spread His Hope.
That His Hope at times may be as simple as a kiss.
Or seeing a kind gesture by a complete stranger here.
Or having someone whom disagree but still Love You.
Or a Friend whom suffers yet still keeps pushing through.
Or seeing someone that You care about hurting then Healed.
There are so many different ways that Christ has used Us.
But the Greatest is the Unconditional Love We share for each other.
Nov 2018 · 322
God Use You To Give Me Hope
There are so many that has left that will be really missed on here.
Like Kim Johanna Baker, I have not seen Bradon Nagley in a while'
God has used them and their poetry to show hope on here to others.
There are more that have Left , I miss Vicki as well she is another.
So many Gifted Poets whom worked hard at showing others Hope here.
Through their keep on pushing through in their Life and Poetry.
Still there are others that are still here sharing their poetry and caring.
I just want you all like Kristy, Pradip, Ryn,Tapiwa,H-B,Rose, Walter, Alyssa.
Valsa,Kikodinho,Jen,Logasn, Ben,Cisco,Timur,Kasidee, J Kleins, Traveler.
Wendy,Wordvango, Timothy, Marian,and many more Powerful Poets.
Nov 2018 · 223
Your Life Is Too Valuable
Never allow circumstances to cause You to want to give up.
Never allow any People nor situations to cause you to give up.
Never allow the loss of anything material here on the Earth.
To cause You to want to give up, on Your Life here its too valuable.
For Your Life is the most Valuable thing that You each have here.
It can Lead You to the Heavens themselves, if You use it wisely.
But bin order to reach that Goal, You need to reach the finish Line.
After using Your Life here to help others, to encourage them as well.
For Your Life to help out others whom are hurting at this very moment.
Nov 2018 · 176
May You
May you, always have a Special place in Christ Heart.
May His Love always wrap around you every second.
May You, always have His Perfect Love and Peace too.
May You, always be cloak in His Armor of Protection .
May You, be always touched, by those that Love God.
May when You are Hungry here , They feed feed You.
May His Protection always Guard and Protect You here.
May You, always be the Apple of Christ eyes , always.
May You , never have to worry nor fear anything here.
Nov 2018 · 508
My Prayers For You
My Prayers, for You is this that when your world is turn upside down.
That instead of losing it and all, You shall just simply overcome it.
My Prayers, for You is this, that you shall live a Long and Fruitful Life.
One with many Heirs , and with much Love and respect for you here.
My Prayers, for You is that every thing that You touch in this here Life.
That it Bless by Tenfold and it is better than you had ever expected it.
My Prayers, for You is that You shall always be Loved by everyone.
That not only will You be Loved, but They shall be Grateful for You.
My Prayers, for You that throughout Your Life here You shall have Joy.
Not just Joy but Great abundance of Joy in Your Heart here everyday.
Nov 2018 · 91
You are an Over comer, even when you may not feel like one.
You are an Over comer even when everything seems stack against you.
You are an Over comer whom shall not quit till Christ has use you .
To Overcome and reveal our Lord to the world how powerful he is.
For to the world it takes great strength to overcome anything here.
And They enjoy the addictions way too much than to overcome them.
But a Child of God on the other hand wants to become a over comer.
I guess sometimes when lost people lives become unmanageable here.
That they too seek to become over-comers but most of them enjoy their sin .
Way too much to overcome the sin,. but through Christ they can overcome it.
All that you have to do is lay your life in his hands and trust in him now.
That He has a much bigger and better plan for you and your life here now.
Nov 2018 · 100
There Is A World
There is a world of Light and Darkness , always battling.
That is always hidden from Us from all of all of Our eyes.
Where Good and Evil fight for each of Our Souls everyday.
Where Christ Prays for each of Us to Overcome Evil too.
There is a World , Where Christ heart breaks each time he see.
That One of Us lets go of His hand and walks over to evil one.
There Is A World where A Sinful Man lays down His sinful Life.
To Walk with with Holy Angels and Saints Alike To dance in Life.
To Sing , To Praise Christ whom is Worthy of all of the Praises Indeed.
Nov 2018 · 269
Pour Into Me
Pour into me O Lord the kind of Love that stops wars.
And Pour into me the kind of Love that shall change history.
Change my Heart and Pour this Super-Extra amount of Love.
So that I may be able to move your mountains with your Love.
So Do what ever it shall take it is not about any one else but me.
For I need to allow you to change my heart and my life as well.
By doing this the lost shall see You reigning within me right here.
But if I refuse then I have to face all of my decisions that I make.
Before You the day that We go before the Judgement throne in heaven.
Nov 2018 · 75
You Are Special To Me
You are Special to Me and I think that you are God 's Special Child.
You may not be Perfect, but heck none of Us here are Perfect yet.
Not yet anyway, but some day all of Us His People shall be Perfect.
You are a Perfect Child of the True Living God name Jesus the Christ.
One day We, You and I shall be celebrating with the King together.
But until that day comes along know this that You are Special Child.
Both of You's Brothers and Sisters are Special to Me Children of God.
One day We You and I shall be Celebrating at a super huge round table.
Like a Knight's table and there shall be Ladies there as well celebrating.
Celebrating that Christ has chosen Us to be His chosen people as well.
So this here feast shall be a huge event to party at for a long long time too.
So expect to come to this here event hungry and really to worship the King.
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