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I am going to Trust Christ, even if it seems hopeless on the earth.
Because Christ went to the Cross for us , so that his People will Live.
I am going to Worship him , even when my Life is upside down now.
Because the Christ our Lord and Master deserves all the Praises here.
I am going to Live Life for him, even though I would rather be with him.
Because this here Life may **** at times, I shall still persevere here.
Allowing him to use me to Minster to those that really needs him too.
I may not always seem like the Perfect child, but I know that he is Perfect.
So I shall obey him, for he knows my Future and everything else as well.
For He Loves us, even when we may not seem to be Love-able to others.
I spent my whole life chasing an dream that has not been fulfilled.
Each time I finally accepted my fate another woman appeared in it.
Each time it ended dash upon the rocks , with rejection from them.
But God loving-kindness has never abandon me, but is always there.
Ready to heal me but instead of running to him for dear life.
I run to the woman that is not suppose to be in my life at least not then.
But if I was to be like Abraham and say no then maybe she would come into my life later.
Permantly without any rejection, but only acceptation and love.
For Christ has to be first in my life at all times, him first always.
Pain can be healed, sorrow can be turn to joy.
Every one is very important in this life here.
We all have purposes, feelings can be fleeing.
But true Joy can not be shut off not even during trials.
For when we love one another unconditionally.
We are putting them before ourselves, which we should.
Because by doing this, we are telling them that they are important.
Which they are to us, as well as to the Creator of the universe.
Thus then they shall realize that their life does matter here.
Thus also seeing the Christ within us becoming saved too.
All of my desires, is to learn to love without conditions.
It is to learn to live Life in every situation that thrown at me.
It is to learn to accept every heartache, that comes my way.
It is to become an candle in this darken world that we live on.
It is to learn to boldly go everywhere, preaching the word of God.
It is to become an tool, that Christ shall use to minster to others.
It is to become that man that says send me O Lord, send me there.
It is to be thankful, in each and every situation that I get place in.
One of the Greatest gifts that Christ give to us is a prayful heart.
One that is desperately praying for the lost around us to find God.
For when we become desperately praying for others in our lives.
Miracles began to take place in these people lives revealing Christ.
For even Christ spends time praying for people to find him.
Even though he knows who shall find him and who shall not.
Still it might be that one prayer that put them into his people.
So allow Christ to transform you into an Mighty Prayer Warrior.
I am so thankful for all the Powerful Prayer Warriors in my life.
I love each of you all and thank God for each of you GBU all.
Everyone has a story to be written, a life to be lived.

A book to be written, a story to be told as well too.

So Live life ad one dancing through your Hardships.

As one embracing Loneliness, to be alone with Jesus.

As one Singing in the pouring down Rain storms.

Embrace the Hardships, allowing God to mold you.

So that it shall take far less time for it to be finished.

Then again he shall never be finish in this Life time.

But at least you are allowing him to Reshape you.

Into his Likeness, without a struggle going on here.
Stars shine brightest when they are falling to the earth below.
While People shine their brightest after winning their battles.
Yet do not take your eyes off of the victory handed to you by God.
Thus like Elisha after he was use to reveal God in the defeat.
Of the five hundred baal profits that were put to death in Israel.
How he forgot so quickly the victory and allow fear to consume him.
We must stand firm and remember that Christ is always protecting us.
So that we allow no seed of fear to penetrate our minds after victories.
But instead continue to trust in the Creator of us and everything else.
You whom lived before time existed  here O God.
You whom give us , so much that we deserve not.
You whom bless us like we are celebrities here.
For when we have you , we do not need money.
For when you bless us, we gain things without money.
Just like gaining cars, houses without any pay.
Showing the world , how much you have gave us.
Saving our lives, more times then we can even count.
To reveal to those around us just how real that you are.
If only the world would come to you as well in repentance.
Asking you to forgive their sins as well and turn away from the sins.
Summer once again almost over for another year of winter.
Cold weather, dead plants, snow , and hibernation as well.
Slippery roads, cold beds and closings on account of snow.
Christmas as well as the new year hearts breaking at Christmas.
As well as thanksgiving making people whom alone now sad.
Missing love ones whom had pass away, now they all alone.
Still the Good Shepherd created winter as well as spring and summer.
Heavy coats, snowball fights, hot cocoa to warm the inside.
Turkey, mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, and dressing as well.
Christ is using my sister to reach out to the lost.
Her Love for people and Christ are truth reveal.
Her poems are beautiful and Christ inspiring.
I am thankful for having such a wonderful friend.
She inspires and encourage people all around.
If you love Godly poems then check hers out.
Believe me she truly has a huge heart for people.
Her poems are created by Christ to bring healing
So check out her poems they are quite inspiring.
Forever I shall be amaze by you the True Giver of Hope.
For only through you are we given any Hope at all.
Seems that this world is becoming more and more evil.
Only by your Amazing Grace that we are still here .
For you Hate evil, and its only because of your people.
That you have not destroy this evil vile world we live in.
But this is not our home, for we are only passing through.
Soon we shall be going home to worship our Savior.
Then there shall be such a Great Feast set before us.
O America you are so beautiful. I thank Christ for you USA.
For your Creation, Land of the brave and home of the Free.
For you were created to draw people whom wanted to worship.
The Savior whom gave his Life so that we may live with God.
The Savior whom risen up once again so that there would be a door.
To all whom seen the truth and would return Christ Love back.
For there would be others in other countries that would do the same.
But America would always welcome those that were persecuted  there.
To have a place to escape to so that they may be able to worship in peace.
It feels good waking up early morning.
To Bless the Lord, the Lover of my soul.
For there was a time when God deliver me.
From cigarettes , my life was in total chaos.
Back then the evil demons kept attacking me.
Trying to drive me back to smoking again.
So much was coming against me back then.
But one thing I realize is that we rely on God.
Not on us when we become attack non stop.
For only his strength can get us through it.
But he was strengthening me into a overcomer.
Another day, to live and to give without expectance.
Another day, to bask in the Love of unconditional Love.
Another day, to encourage and inspire others to greater Heights.
Another day, to walk in the Land of the Living here on earth.
Another day, to follow the Christ and to stay obedient to him.
Another day, to repent to forgive others and to be forgiven.
Another day, to live in complete Joy, Hope, Peace, and Love.
Another day, to walk in your faith to trust Christ fully here.
To lay down your self to Christ as well help out others.
It been awhile , and I still struggling with laying them down.
Even though they are gone, there still apart of me craving them.
Even though you fill me up daily with strength enough to stand.
Still the battles that I have to go through are still there today.
The same battles that was calmed by me lighting up the cigarette.
After I smoke a cigarette I was calm for awhile anyway Lord.
Now there is nothing here to calm the ragging rivers within me.
I know that you could, but you leave the ragging rivers ragging within me.
So I need your help heal me of these rivers ragging within me today.
Whatever you see, ask God  vision to be yours.
For sometimes things are not as they might seem.
For we may be assuming when in fact its not truth.
But Christ can see their heart and show us the truth.
I myself have made the mistake to believe something.
Only to realize that I was believing in a lie back then.
Just ask the Creator to be your eyes into the Spirit realm.
So just trust that the Christ shall reveal to you the truth.
This way you shall leave the Judging to him alone here.
As the wind blows, I hear God's voice calling.
Stating  Love others as I have love you.
Help others as I have help you throughout your life.
Freely give as I have freely given to you here.
Do these things my child and you shall be very blessed.
For by following me you shall see many miracles occur.
Refuse to obey and you shall lose my grace in your life.
For obedience is by far greater then all of your burnt offerings,
Remember this and you shall surely be bless the rest of your life.
The true battles in life are not physical battles but from the mind.
For just as Christ stated the sins always starts within the mind first.
For first  you think first some sin into realization, then you act on it.
But before the realization, you can kick that sin to the curb.
Thus not acting on the sin either for example lust begins in the mind.
You see a person that turns you on , then your thoughts become carnal.
Then you try to meet the person to act out that sin that grips your mind.
Thus becoming a full fledge  sin that you purposely start acting out on.
At times the battle seem lost, ready to quit.
At times , the battle seems impossible to win.
At times , the battle seems to be very deadly.
At times , all that I can do is stay depress.
At times, all that I want to do is to sleep.
At times, I feel like I have already fail.
Thus giving up, ready to run away from it.
Then you O Father , reveal to me your Goodness.
That with you on my side who can beat me.
For you are always on my side , I just need to trust you.
There is an raging battle within every man and woman that ever lived.
For there is both Good and Evil , in every person alive and lived.
Some have more Good within them because they feed the Good side.
Through following Christ and thriving to help others instead of self.
While there are also those that choose to feed the evil side more than Good.
They feed the make me feel good part of self, the me self thingies.
While as for me I shall seek and always follow the Lord Christ.
For I seek the do Good and listen to the Holy Spirit within me.
So please seek God , do for others as you want them to do for you.
Be a Life changer, not a death maker, speak life into others.
Bring healing into others lives by speaking it into their lives.
For we were all put on this earth, by the Living God Jesus.
To speak life into other people lives here on the earth.
Because by speaking life, we are drawing them to be healed.
For we are called to Love others, not hate them here.
For being Christ like here we shall reveal him to others.
Which is our purpose here to love others into finding him.
Thus having another friend , when we all go to heaven in the end.
My Friends are beautiful Souls, whom want to help others.
My Beautiful Friends have Beautiful hearts, I am so Blessed.
To know so many Worthy people whom wants to help others.
So I just want to say thank-you for your Beautiful Hearts.
If we would some how work together, we could change the world.
One person life at a time, this is the important assignment we have.
That been given to us by our Wonderful Creator to be used by God.
Showing the Miracles that would happen to ones life here on the earth.
If we would allow our Creator to use us to Love others into his Kingdom.
Our Lives and Pains , would be twisted into an Beautiful Love song.
Beautiful Jesus, Glorious Savior, Wonderful Lord and Creator God.
Your Beauty Shines Brighter than a thousand Suns could ever shine.
Your Voice Roars Booming Louder than any Atomic Bomb can compete .
Your Royalty is more worthy than all of all of the Kings and Queens combine.
Your Beauty is more Beautiful than Nature could ever be on or off the Earth.
For To be able to even for a moment to Bow in your Presence here or in heaven.
I would be the most Blessed Man to ever walk here on the road of the earth too.
For You O Blesses Jesus are so Beautiful, so Wonderful, and so very Worthy.
O Holy Beautiful Blessed Jesus , You are so Awesome, Wonderful, and Worthy.
There is none so Worthy there is none so Beautiful nor Worthy O Savior Jesus.
Only you are Worthy and only you are Beautiful, only you are Wonderful God.
So I Shall Proudly call You My Beautiful Savior and Lord God Jesus the Christ.
A beautiful life, is one that is used by Christ to reach others.
A beautiful life, is one that gives to others, rather then to receive.
A beautiful life, is one whom suffer to reveal God within them.
A beautiful life, is not always shown on the outside but inward.
A beautiful life, is filled with so much love that is overwhelming.
A beautiful life, is worth living today, and tomorrow, everyday.
A beautiful life, is one worth sharing with everybody that you see.
A beautiful life, is one that I want to live and to share with everyone.
Beautiful one you have touch my life like no other.
There is none, save you that have rescue me from death.
You whom gave your life, so that I can be saved .
My life may be an mess right at this very moment.
Your beauty is seen through your heart for us Lord.
Your whom went to the cross for us while we were yet your enemies.
Yet you love us so much with an unconditional love.
Giving us Salvation, Mercy, Love, and your Peace as well.
So I shall forever give you the Praise that you always deserve.
I fall upon my knees, your beauty always surrounds me.
Heaven open up, the Angels Praise your Most Worthy Name.
I am but an weak man whom fail you, I am weak and lost.
But since you Saved me, you have totally Saved me O Lord.
So I will never forget, that its not me but you whom works within me.
I shall never Forget, that it was you that has restore me and bless me.
So whom am I , but your most loyalist Servant ready to do your will.
For you O Beautiful One has saved me from the death that I once was in.
O Beautiful One , I shall never forget that I owe you my life and more.
Beautiful Roses, engulfing the Light of the Hot sun.
Beautiful sparkling water, cool to the feel in the throat.
As it falls down into one's stomach quickly still falling.
Beautiful Savior whom took my place on that Cross.
Whom took my place while the soldiers had abuse him.
Beautiful Savior whom has risen back to Life 3 days later.
Beautiful , Dear Friends here whom I love so much.
Beautiful Souls, each of you have I want to thank you.
For being who you are, very special Human Angels.
I want you whom I have befriended on Facebook.
To know that each of you all are very special to me.
I want you to know that I see each of you as Human Angels too.
Your poems are beautiful Earl Jane smile you are truly gifted.
Margaux, you are an saint with true story telling in your blood.
Patty M your poetry is beautiful as well thank you much.
There are so many poets whom poems are so beautiful.
I wish that I could name each of you  in a poem here on Hp.
I just want to say just how thankful I am seeing your beautiful poems.
This is the very last poem with beautiful in the title thank you all.
For blessing me with all of your beautiful words and poems too.
Pure and Holy , You are Life and I want to Follow You.
There is None , that Holds My Heart Like You do Lord.
If I was to Live an Million years , You still be My  God.
If I was to Die tomorrow , You still would hold my Heart.
If I lost everything, and was crush with everlasting Pain.
If I was drop From the Sears tower , then told I was doomed.
To spend My life in bed, with no chance of walking anymore.
If I was told, that I would die next week an terrible death.
Still You O Beautiful Precious Lord I would have none other.
For You still are the Only One that is Worthy enough to be My God.
For it is You that Gives Life and it is You that Gives Death as well.
Only You are Worthy enough for Me to Drop to My knees in Worship.
He has gave his Life for me over two thousand years ago.
Still today he is at work in Saving me from all sort of things.
Especially from myself, he is saving not just me but humanity.
He is so busy Saving so many people from so many things indeed.
For he truly does Love the Human Race enough to Die for us.
Good Friday is the day that He went to the Cross to die for us.
Over two thousand years has pass , since he went to the Cross.
Still he is Saving us from so many different things today here.
Since he has died for you way back then, will you Live for him.
Repenting from sins, knowing that he died for you as well my Friend.
This here Good Friday evening 2018 praying for each of you.
For each and everyone of you are very special and Loved too.
Even through the tough times, you are beautiful Family.
It is your Love for God and others that transforms you.
Into a beautiful person, you are part of the Family of God.
Everyone is beautiful , because we are all made by Christ.
But the Family of God souls sparkle , shining so brightly.
That everyone can see our Light , even in the darkness.
So yes everyone is very beautiful, in this huge world.
Just some Light Shine brightly on them more then others.
The Light reveal the Love of Christ in them more so then others.
You are a beautiful soul, that Christ Loves.
You are a beautiful soul, that Christ created.
You are a beautiful soul, that needs Christ.
You are a beautiful soul, that lives today.
You are a beautiful soul, that Christ protects.
You are a beautiful soul, that Loves freely.
You are a beautiful soul, that blesses me.
You are a beautiful soul, that loves Christ.
You are a beautiful soul, that been saved.
Because of you, I have no fear nor worry in my life.
Because of you, I can face tomorrow every single day.
Because of you, I do not need to fear death at any time.
Because of you, I have everything that I shall ever need.
Because of you, there is Great Joy that is in my life here.
Because of you, I have a Great purpose to fill my hours.
Because of you, I am stronger than I was yesterday too.
Because of you, I cam do anything for you are mt strength.
Because of you , I am Blessed beyond measure as well.
Becoming a Miracle,first you need to trust in the Word, Jesus Christ.
For he came down in human flesh to save them that were lost and hurting
So all of you Miracle men and women whom want to change the world.
Whom want to help the hurting, despair, and desperate as well in the world.
Give everything over to the Word Christ so that he can transform you.
Into a Miracle revealing to the lost that he is truly the Savior of the lost.
Thus then many more will become able to see the truth and repent too.
Becoming a Candle in this dark evil world that we are living in now.
Whatever you do, remember it is always just before the Dawn.
When the Miracle that we all seek just before the Dawn happens.
That what we pray unfolds and becomes reality to us here.
The time when darkness is fading just before the Light takes place.
So keep on trusting God, and keep on seeking his will in your life.
Keep on praying for the Miracle to happen while keep on believing in it.
Keep on loving even your enemies, and keep on blessing them too.
Keep on letting others know your story, and keep on walking out your Faith.
Showing this unbelieving world that you only love them because of him.
For it is by his strength that you are able to love the way that you do.
Being strong means allowing God will in your life always.
Because sometimes his will makes our flesh squirm wildly.
Because the Spiritual side and the fleshy side always battle.
Being strong means accepting things that looks wrong to you.
Because Christ ways are not the way of people sometimes opposite.
But do not take everything as it seems God shall work in your life.
If you allow him to work within your Life here on the earth.
Being strong means asking for Christ will in everything here.
Through praying without ceasing on everything in your life
Then accepting his will in everything, that he allows in your life.
I believe that you have already saved me.
I believe that you are the source to my life
I believe that without you in my life here.
I have no future because only through you.
Can I live the way that you created me to live.
I believe that your Love sustains me daily.
For this I am thankful and very bless indeed,
When you believe in someone bigger then yourself.
When you put your Hope in that being, we call God.
When you learn to fully trust him with everything you are.
When you become fully believing in him the true Creator.
This is when changes start to take place in your life.
This is when you start to see Miracles happening around you.
The more that you believe and trust in him, greater your faith becomes.
The greater that Christ becomes in your life, the greater your love becomes.
I believe that one day soon Christ shall return.
I believe that unconditional love can save the person.
I believe that love , truth, and faith are a choice.
For either we believe in something or not believe.
I believe that by our choices we choose our reality.
I believe that where our Hope lies is where we end up at.
I believe that we all make mistakes and fail others.
I believe that Christ was the only perfect one that walk the earth.
I believe that Christ can heal all wounds and pains.
Be prepare things shall only get worst before they start to get better here on earth.
But we have unlimited strength that we can use here to overcome in hardships.
All that we need to do is believe, For the Spirit that dwells within each of us here.
Is the Spirit of the Living God whom has already saved us from so much already.
So trust in him , and cry out to him when you are feeling overwhelm here in this life.
He shall not only deliver you from these crisis, but he shall turn you into a overcomer.
Revealing himself through you in each of these trials and crisis that you go through.
Because in reality it is him not us that not only go through obstacles but overcome them.
For when we are weak , our God turn us into supermen and superwomen here.
I am so amazed by each of you for you have your talents.
You have your strengths and you have your flaws as well.
These things are what makes you whom you are as a person.
So many different effects goes in to why you are who you are.
Please be not discourage , it might look dark for you right now.
But believe me, there is an Light as well as Hope at the end of the tunnel.
You all are very Special, and you all are in my prayers as well.
So stand firm be strong and trust that Christ truly have a plan for you.
So be strong and reach out to those that are hurting, the lost and everyone else.
Be strong in the Lord, and never give up here.

Trust in the Lord with your full heart as well.

For You shall move mountains with God help.

Never fear, for Christ shall Lead You through.

For You shall see Greater Miracles than before.

For Christ is Your Lord, and He Loves You much.

He shall speak Life into all of Your situations too.

So Trust Him and know that He shall never leave You.

For He knows Your every situation, here on the earth too.
Be Strong,God is love he shall lead you.
He only wants what is best for you all.
For his strength is there to use to keep moving.
All that you have to do is use it to here.
For when you trust in him with your heart.
Then use your faith to know that you shall overcome.
Then his strength is there to do as you say.
To use when you are hurting or drained.
For his strength is good to have in hard times.
There many more gifted Writers then myself here on the earth.
So I know the truth, that  I am a ok writer whom allow Christ.
To write poetry that is Great through me, not entirely me whom writes.
For he wants to use us all through our writing to bless others here.
For he will always add to a offering in his name to bless our gifts.
To reveal himself to everyone else through each of our gifts here.
When we give the gift to him and deciated it to him here as well.
For there are by more ways to give to God then just our money.
For its far better to look beyond our-self to want others healed.
Your Holy Word cleanses my Soul, It brings healing and Hope to my soul.
Your Holy Word makes my Holy Spirit leaps for it loves your truth God.
For my Spirit is entwine with your Holy Spirit, for we are one O God.
Your word is truth and I shall speak it with boldness, for it brings life.
All of the days my soul rejoice to your truths God and I am glad in it.
For within them is true freedom from death and destruction.
For your Spirit leads me, and help me to see your truth, for we are one.
So do white lives, Japanese lives, Spanish lives as well.
All lives matter, because we were all created by God.
So before you decide that this person is worthless.
Think again because Christ has created him as well.
For it was Christ that has allow each person here.
In his country the united states of America our land.
So instead of getting angry at the illegal immigrants'.
Know that Christ might be reaching out to them.
So stay calm and know that Jesus loves them too.
That it might be his way of blessing them here.
I have been very blessed, by each of you.
For your Poetry, have touch my life.
Each of you have written from the heart.
Things that have touched my heart and life.
Each of you have done things that have touched me.
For each of you have talents and gifts from Christ.
That has been used to not only Blessed me here.
But have been used to Blessed others here too.
I am much more Thankful for each of you all.
I want you all to know just how Special that you are.
I am Blessed, from both sides of the Sword.
First of all, I am blessed by the people in my life.
Secondly I am Blessed by the True Living God.
So you see my Life , is perfect in this here way.
I am Blessed by people poetry as well as their Testimony.
For people do not have to be poets to share it.
Thus God has Blessed me with many people in my life.
So that when I get to heaven I shall thank him.
For placing you in my life, for Blessing me with you.
Blessed are you, whom put others before yourself.
For your heart is a heart of a servant of the Living God.
You shall be rewarded maybe not here but you still be rewarded.
For your loving heart is as beautiful as they come here.
When people are by far more important to you then money.
This is an beautiful thing to Christ your Lord and God.
For he loves those that places him Lord and Savior first.
For to put Kingdom business first in their lives here.
Is by far greeater then all of the sacrifices that you can do for him.
Happy Loves Day, you Beautiful, and Blessed ones.
For I, Truly thank the Good Lord for each of you.
For each and everyone of you are Truly Special.
I am so very Blessed by each and everyone of you.
You are an Light, shining in this here darken world.
By shining your Beautiful Light, many shall come.
To learn about and get to know our Living Savior.
I am so very Thankful for each of you here on HP.
As well as the ones on Facebook too my Friends.
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