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Dez Blue Feb 2019
It gets better they say
But who can really tell when every day is just a gamble.
The idea that it will seems so far from my mind
My thoughts in general haven't been kind.
Echoes of my own cries of frustration are all that surrounds me
The thought of going mad terrifies and is the only thing that grounds me..
Love, Loss, Lies, Leisure.
My suffering is giving me pleasure.
The end is near, the sky is falling
But the only thing I hear is my pitiful thoughts calling.
We see the end of another day
We'll see in the end, if I can find my way.
Dez Blue Feb 2019
How does one truly live when on the inside you feel like dying
Stress and struggles multiplying
The need to try but you fail at trying
So here you are.
You feel like dying
But you won't say a thing
You'll just keep on smiling
And when you find a way to put your stress to bed.
You'll be old and gray and you'll wind up dead.

— The End —