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Don't let anyone make you feel that you're a nagging being,
Simply because they keep doing the same things over and over again,
Simply because you keep complaining about these same things, over and over again.
Do not let anyone make you feel small and insecure for refusing to be the quiet type,
For refusing to accept their numerous exes still being in the frame,
For refusing to accept their need to always be around the opposite ***.
Do not let anyone take away your joy and self-esteem simply because they cannot rid themselves of their own fears,
Of depression and loneliness,
Their need for acceptance and company.
Recognize these signs early and walk away,
Set your goals and never let anyone make you feel like what you want is impossible.
We can all enjoy peaceful lifestyles if both parties in any relationship,
Be it a casual friendship,
Respect each other's opinions and acknowledge that they both have to compromise and curb their excesses if they want the relationship to work.
Never let anyone drown you in their mess
Because they're used to living that way.
You're not,
Trying to save them will only take you deeper into their shallowness.
All of these poems, look as the children cry
I am disappointed.
I am disappointed with the way i treated you,
I treated you like you were human,
With love, respect and compassion.
You see, you don't deserve any love.
You're a lost soul that has refused to be found,
Even when you find you a compass,
The only thing you think about is how to break it,
How to mess it all up.
So no, I am not disappointed at your actions,
I am disappointed with the time i wasted
When the signs were there,
When it was evident that you were a loose canon.
To forgive and move on
Is all that i owe myself.
I hope you die heartbroken and unfulfilled.
The stars that I shunned.
It's just like you told me,
The horrors of your dreams come true
Flooding my timeline
My days are now efforts to avoid drowning
So tonight, i'll nose dive into the hurricane.
There's no place to hide out here.
Both our hands are filthy and no one will touch us.
But tonight, i'll hold you close
And we'll fall asleep to escape our plight.
We'll live in our dreams, if only for the night.
If we could fly,
Then we'd fly south.
Away from everything,
Everything That threatens our happy future.
Pictures of dead decaying dreams.
Framed photos of this moment
Floating atop the mass dump of the times
We wasted.
The times we failed to spend in each other's arms.
So we failed to gather again at the end of the Purge.
It is not enough to fall in love and be at a standstill.
It isn’t enough to toss a coin and wish that it lands on its tail.
It is not enough to spin the luck-wheel and hope for a big cash-in.
You have no idea what the future holds for you.
Do not try to control it,
Let loose and let the fun in.
That is when the creativity starts to dance around you.
There is never a better time to do things than now.
There is no present like the time we’re in.
Surrender to uncertainty,
For it is an invitation to human will, unexplored.
For your last days must be filled with happy memories,
Blissful recollections of a story, a status quo.
Never should it be recounted by your graveside, tales of you unholy.
But may it be thought of, and numerous nights of candle-wax spent
Thesis of you as life’s alembic, the needed conduit,
Conducting friendships at will; and love’s delightful dawn
And ushering in the mellowing yellow of day.
living legacies
I was just trying to leave something behind.
I broke into his house yet again.
I laid on his bed and smelled his socks.
The smell of old, moldy feet.
So I took a **** on them.
Oh, I was just trying to leave something behind
My blue bucket of gold...
Tickle my *****
Whilst you ****** with my shaft.
I like how you smile up at me,
With that twinkle in your eyes,
The sight of naughtiness in its fullest form.

You're a cruel lover!
You **** me till im dizzy
Then you keep on
Even when i've passed my threshold.
How i think, "hey, i really love her."
When you swallow it all and lick your lips after i've ***.

The way your tongue swirls around your plump lips
As you begin to tease me back to *******.
How without uttering words, you ask me for another round.
It's been a forthnight since we first met and i have lost count of the seeds that we have spilled.
My inner pink must be white now.
I touch my *******,
Ahh!, im soaked again.
Could you show me how it is done?
I can't seem to find it
You know, the places that are spoken about 
On the blues' records we listen to in your apartment. 
Beautiful life of innocence,
our beings formerly benign. 
moments later
My darling, did you feel any pain just now?
Or was that a cry of joy?
Would you like a glass of milk?
Or would that remind you of suckling babies 
Too soon after we've (spilled)wasted them?
Stumbling words at the bedside.
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