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 May 2017 Devon Haley
Rachel Ace
I trapped on the stairs full of turns

A few days so high up in the sky
A few days down in misery

Sometimes led to sanity
Sometimes led to gray

Railings full of thorns         s  
Down the rungs to   o n  u    i o
                                  c       f           n
Half-raised arm                                
Touching opacity

Tail dress
Bare feet
Hidden blushes
Saved hope
Ballerina hands

Lost in the middle of your stairs
You pushed me down?
Mess catch me

I'll always be the morning dew for you
You insist on showing
You forget the thread that joined
You changed the pretty
Why like this?

You are well on which step you are?
In which can I find you?

It's not down to sadness
(You changed the meaning
The essence disappeared)

Existence is like many steps
                                       I thought I came to the top with you
                                                             ­                                  But it was an oasis

For your young you: Generator of ascending stairs in our dimension.

- Codelandandmore //20:30 PM ©
Real Cute boy, remember last mermay, It was all so fun :)
 May 2017 Devon Haley
 May 2017 Devon Haley
Take me from this earth
and place me in a realm
where I cannot be seen
and I am not me.
 May 2017 Devon Haley
 May 2017 Devon Haley
She sat on the 3 seat couch alone,
drink in hand and looking pretty.
Her mind somewhere else,
her foot tapping to the music.
Her glass was already 3/4th's gone,
and she only just got a refill.

As someone walks by,
she looks up and smile.
Trying to keep small conversation.
trying to hold herself together.
Fighting the tears behind her eyes
the pain of needing to let go.

But it's okay,
she is pretty and not at all in pain.
Her hair and makeup are perfect,
no indication that she wants to die.
So she downs the rest of her drink,
and sadly goes in to refill.

All this alcohol and it does nothing,
no numbness at all.
Only hazy thoughts bouncing back to you,
only you and always you.
She goes back to her couch and pulls herself together,
because girls like her aren't suppose to want to **** themselves.
 May 2017 Devon Haley
Crushed between the rocks.
Fate has me between it's fingers.
My fragile heart has been
rolled through the dirt again.
Alone on this path,
nobody walks it with me.
I have lived and suffered,
filled with hate for what I see.
These eyes are going blind
and the picture gets blurred.
My goals and my aspirations
have always been dangled
over my head, mocking me
and my inability
to grow and succeed.
Perpetually trapped in this cycle
of trying and failing over again.
Trying isn't doing,
the failure of my life.
I break when I bend.
Thrown to the wolves,
taken by the wind.
 May 2017 Devon Haley
Autumn Rose
Far away
in the forbidden
forest of thoughts,
where i often forget
to remember again.
I can see burning autumn
leaves that gently dance in
the breeze, creating a swirl
of golden memories.
And watch the unspoken words
lapping beside glowing faces.
Listen to the trembling voices,
Tired and wondering
If I was by their side.

,, Do not hide,
for in the morning we can
take the chance by flying away,,
I love you.
With all of my being I love you.
To take a bullet for you,
I would not hesitate.
My only request would be
To please aim for the brain
And not the heart,
So that my heart remains in tact
To continue loving you
For as long as the sky stretches
And as deeply as the ocean rests.
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