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 May 2017 Devon Haley
Lora Lee
In this tightly interwoven
tapestry of
           silks and cottons
softness upon stems
an intricately-*****
manifesto of life
        I find myself in
patchwork landscapes
of ochre and
rust turning
earthern shades
of cumin and cardamom
cloves and coriander
piquant red of paprika
alighting the senses
My fingers reach out
to sift the powder
to crush
fragrant fronds
of fresh basil and oregano
upon the blueprint of tips
allow their scent
to permeate my skin
and infuse tissue
                of tongue and lips
and I seem to be
in this
           bustling marketplace
my blood afire like
dried ghost pepper
searing and brightening
all flavors
fenugreek and asafoetida
to soothe the ache
of emptiness
chervil and chive
to get juices flowing
I want to slit open
vanilla pods
get at the beans
revel in their essence
wear it all over me

In this realm of spice
and paradise
I am flying,
a magic carpet of dreams
unrolling before me
like an unfurled flag
of new existence
The sounds of hagglers,
fading in raw visons
of shiny apple colors
olives piled high
textures of smooth cherry
budded broccoli
of walnut wrinkles
aroma of guava

Music takes over
I am in a cloud of
oud and lute
syncopated tabla
bells and rumbling
taut skin drum beats
Or is that long low whir
simply my heart purring
to the cadence of
       freedom's call?

I only know
that in the whisk
of a second's split
I will savor the flight
and also the
 May 2017 Devon Haley
Half of my best work is forgotten
soon after it was thought.
If my mind possesses tendencies
of a natural wordsmith,
then that gift of a genius has
a short-term memory.
 May 2017 Devon Haley
 May 2017 Devon Haley
They said he was a good man.
Why can't I believe them?
They say I was good.
What does that mean?
The definition you find
will not match me.
I carry scars,
resentment for myself.
I cannot hear what you say.
Words you put together
to lighten up my spirits.
You said I was good for sure,
a symbol of light.
I try to deny the negativity
that plagues me, I fight it.
I ask for examples,
you get a little quiet.
Truth settles in, I assign myself
the label as the worthless.
Lower than cheapest dirts.
All I can do is offer
a piece of my sadness,
vague stories of my past.
Just a brief glance into my head,
can't allow your eyes in for long.
Again I'll make my bed
lined with a shaky view of the future.
Doubts stack up around me.
Unstable ground at my feet.
I can never find peaceful sleep
for too long.
 May 2017 Devon Haley
My father represents
strength and confidence.
Such strong faith.
My mother represents
kindness and love.
Such a happy face.
How did they come together
to create a freak who's so afraid?
A mesh of insecurity and self hate?

On the tree of life,
a dying vine.
There was no warning,
no sign.
With this life of mine
I dirtied the bloodline.
I am nothingness
everything and anything
indifference and numbness too
I am a struggle
sometimes lovable and I care, I do
I am the pain
pure happiness and ecstasy
through and through

I remember a time
seemingly so very long ago
when I was filled with life
and had abundant love to give
I remember the nights
they seemed to never end
when I couldn't help but smile
didn't need to pretend then
 May 2017 Devon Haley
Maybe I'm not meant to be

normally spectacular,


the epitome of perfection,

or a bundle of weak bones

held up by mere accomplishments

that add nothing to my worth.

Maybe I'm meant to be,

like you;

Sublime words always ready,

ready to be spilt on paper,

ready to be read by accident

but kept on purpose.

Maybe I'm meant to be,

like you;

A mystery or a person or both,

a mystery status of alive or dead

circulating the air,

everywhere and yet found nowhere,

Maybe I'm meant to be,

like you,

roam the world without

an adieu;

a supernova for everyone to admire

but unreachable.

**A/N:  Thankyou all for reading! What do you think of this one?
 May 2017 Devon Haley
Ryan Hoysan
Some people say that self harm and cutting are fake
I can tell you they're not
These are my friends
This is my family
Carving line after line of fear and self-loathing into their limbs
So you may believe that they aren't real
But I will tell you differently
Because for each and every one of these people
The scars are all too real...
I just thought of this at work and had to rush to the bathroom to get some privacy to write it down before I forgot it. Inspired by real events in my life. As always comments and messages are welcome.
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