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neth jones
Montreal    no soul at all [TheThinBookOfSelf-Distraction]
M    Poet, writer, and artist. Follow my website:
Just Rachel
38/F/U.S.A.    Ok,so I used to write when I was a kid....then I stopped ... However,I just started up again recently.Yes,it's my better escape.I'm your typical pisces..sensitive,likes ...
Imran Islam
27/M/🍁✓Lure Pot ✓🍁    My latest book "Walking On The Moon" is live on amazon []
Lior Gavra
My new book, "BitterSweet," has hit #1 New Release on Amazon's Best Sellers List, I hope you can grab a copy! Sample stories in the ...
25/Texas    Texas
Pamela Penta
59/F/Santa Fe, New Mexico    Poet, artist and photographer. Finally living the life I want instead of the one everyone else thinks I should be living. Life is good......even when ...
Virginia    "I'd rather die of passion than of boredom." quote by Vincent van Gogh .... Words are my world... poetry my universe... I reach for Infinity.
15/F/On the move    Full
Shane Michael Stoops
Mo Valley, IA    I'm 39 years older than the day I was born, I have a wife of 16 wonderfull years. I still take pleasure in waking upnext ...
Love books well, and they will love you well. All poems by me is copyrighted © @carol_meiyin
J Super Star
Guam    Hafa adai from Guam
Debanjana Saha
India    I write, and I write more to soothe my pain & words keep flowing on the go, healing me from within. A quote which inspires ...
Nida Mahmoed
24/F/Pakistan    Nida Mahmoed is a first Muslim Young Poetess, who did poetry against Taliban violence on women. She is the author of Broken Women of the ...
alexia maragh
Toni Lane
21/Non-binary/Washington    I don't wanna die but every day I'm hoping I will spontaneously combust into glitter and go out fabulously gay
Pernille Augustson
25/F    Writing is my therapy. All works are written by Pernille Augustson and are copyright protected. ©PernilleAugustson 2021 All rights reserved
Iowa    Hello! I'm Sarah. I'm 21 and I live in southeast Iowa. I work at a nursing home and I love to read and write! I'm ...
Twm Gardner
M/WALES    I was born
Samantha Francesca
F    21//Indiana//Live with intention
Melbourne    'The hand that rocks the fuckin' cradle rules the fuckin' world.' - Stephen King.
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