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Unapologetic and occasionally messy, we enter into the room
and the parts of each person suddenly click

We're the glue that's bonded tightly
and on every full moon you can hear us howl
Wild yet refined, paradoxes found in the world we live in

We spread our wings and thunder booms,
gusts of wind touching  all in their paths

Taking the road we made for ourselves
Trampling the ground underfoot
This land is marked as free

Our love extends state lines, mountains, and oceans
Messages sent in bottles still seem to always be reached
Souls can sense when another shares their parts

We take what we want, but never too much
(though show me a meaning of the word that sticks)
Perceptions of the world stem from validation
 Apr 2015 des biaglow
beware when you fall in love
with an artist
be it a painter, a singer, or poet

for the artist will
paint you
with strokes and hues
in shapes of every kind

sing about you
with heartbreak lyrics
and feelings which rhyme

write about you
with the simplest words
and a secret message she wants to say

beware of the artist,
and her love
one wrong move
and you're an artwork in her display
I have a cold heart,
and whenever I try to
find a glimpse of
warmth I end up
setting it on fire.
 Apr 2015 des biaglow
 Apr 2015 des biaglow
Love is patient
Love is kind
Love isn't worth a dime

— The End —