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Janielle Mainly Sep 2015
Well it's time to count the good things,
to distract the fact your life is fleeting slowly,
so bring it; there's nothing to be pouting about,
when life is fine you're supposed to be glad even if there's some strange lonely feeling you don't attempt to satisfy right?
Simple questions begin to spin into webs of unanswered riddles,
but let's not kid ourselves, everything is just fine.
Janielle Mainly Jun 2015
I'm travelling, on the rode again,
and it feels so good and nostalgic,
I feel like a far away dream has arrived,
but there seems to be obstacles that will end..

It's just gonna take some time,
'cause life is forever changing,
for better and sometimes for worse,
I'm just hoping that this travel,
will get me closer to where I'm going..
Janielle Mainly May 2015
De verdad pienso en ti,
extraño tu cariño, tus frases exageradas,
tus miradas y ese beso que se convierte en varios...
Cuanta dulzura, pero ala vez , que amargada soy!
Cuando te tengo bien, me cambias de humor,
cuando no estas te tengo rencor, pero te amo,
de verdad, y quiero ser romantica, pero realista,
no se si se puedan los dos....
Janielle Mainly May 2015
Feel content every once and a while,
Distract yourself from stress and sorrow,
Fake a smile, eventually it will get there,
You think it's all going south but then something great happens,
Or it doesn't but c'mon!
Don't be like me,
Be happy.
Janielle Mainly May 2015
I know this is an old line,
But actions speak so much frickin' louder than words,
And your words may be sugar coated, but you honey..
You're not so sweet,
Get yourself together, 'cause I love you,
And you don't want to mess up on me..
I'm not perfect, but I'm trying as hard as I can to be my best,
And you're not picking me, you pick the rest,
This problem has to be addressed ,
'Cause promises must be kept.
Janielle Mainly May 2015
Now, the only thing worth calling my home is your heart,
we found each other in this sea of possibilities,
and I don't plan on leaving my love behind,
even if you're a distance from me,
I will love you all my journey,
sailing through so many known places,
and I may cry from time to time but I feel fine.
Janielle Mainly May 2015
I was built on ship,
so they told me, I bit my lip 'cause,
I didn't believe what they said,
I was sold before I was old enough to even speak,
and there are so many secrets I've kept,
nights that I've wept,
but I'm still working..
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