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Dennis Ayzin May 2019
You are magnificent and gentle
        can turn reflection of the sun
into a diamond,
we get when stars and moon
                                        are drawn
on darkest surface, and abyss
        feels dear,
        comforts soul with bliss
For my entire life I wanted to live by the ocean and didn't. Why? Because I thought what I wanted was not important. I am changing :)
Dennis Ayzin May 2019
You swim in linens
                while your skin,
Is touched by blanket,
                lucky creature
you barely breath,
                you are …
                so thin,
the night’s awake,
its magic sweeper
picks worries, doubts and frustration,
the place for them, the destination
is not in dreams, it’s out there
with those who evil
        who don’t care

right now the night
        with all its power,
        all its might
protects you,
        standing guard
I am watching too
I’m allowed
To see your dreams
        their gentle flow
like morning haze
        they drift so slow
they give you comfort,
        and the time
sits next to me
        its touch divine
it shows me future
and the way
I dare not move
        I see the day
It edges sky
        On the horizon
with silver thread
        I beg …
Time looks away,
no compromising

we must adhere to rules created
to keep the balance in the world
I searched for you
        and I have waited
for many years, and I can hold
my dreams away a little longer
to put my arms around you
we passed the test
        and we are stronger
it’s only weeks, it’s only few
To Anabella
Dennis Ayzin May 2019
When life gets dark
and everyone you loved
        is gone …
it hurts to breath,
it pains to rest,
        you scream, you run

you fight yourself
        while silence rumbles,
it boils your blood,
        it floods your ears,
you’re deaf,
        not dead yet … tiny crumbles,
of past that’s gone come back,
        bring tears

it was
let sorrow settle, let the pain,
deliver final blow,
will cloud your mind,
        you now insane

you try to leave,
                                to draw the line,
with ink, both bold and bright
But wait, it can’t be right!
the page is black … it’s not the light
                                you blind

alone …
        with hands extended,
you start to walk, you calm your fears,
you want to live, and you are tempted,
by something no one ever hears

your heartbeat …
        keep it going,
it gives you life with soft caress,
it’s yours,
        desire’s growing
to find your way by cheating death

one tiny step …
        one simple move
you taste your sweat
        no need to prove
you are the best
one more, some rest ...

It’s cold and lonely, but remember
“don’t let IT tell you who you are”
you are your only true defender
        The violence in universe
        will give the birth
to brightest star

already born,
        its light will travel
to find you and for many years
to see it
        walk or ride in saddle,
fly high without any fears

Don’t ever hesitate,
                                leave darkness
Go there …
        where warmth and kindness
will take you in
                        and care for you
You’ll hear again,
                they cure your blindness
become reborn,

                        feel loved and new
Dedicated to survival of the events that were forced upon me and a woman I love dearly

— The End —