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 Oct 2014 Dead Words
Set a flower free
watch it float on the breeze
float, fly away,
blow to him

A flower a day
pointless routine
they don’t reach him
The never will

He won’t get my flowers
won’t know they exist
Yet I do it again
I have to have hope.

Hope that my flowers
will reach him one day
after weeks, months,
of journeying.

Set a flower free
watch it float on the breeze
float, fly away,
blow to him

Wind, blow my flower to him.
 Oct 2014 Dead Words
How long, how long,
I check my watch,
and wait, feeling like,
though I'm complete,
I left my heart with you.

My heart is wrenched out,
every day,
while I'm away.
I daydream and sob,
mourning for the love I've left.

Your love, or what I think is love,
makes me want you more.
I want to see you soon,
Or I will lose my sense.

I cannot stay away much more,
I'd **** to see your face.
Even on my birthday,
I only have one wish:
for you to love me back.
 Oct 2014 Dead Words
Harley Hucof
She held the dark apple in her hand
He ate it but felt so sole
He offered her his heart
Instead she took his soul.

She dragged him to her dark land
but he couldn't call it a home
He felt so used, it was love he thought
instead in an endless sorrow he dove.

The time passed she consumed his spirit
the evil in her has no limit.

Once he became useless..

she caged him with the rest of the boys in the basement
so she could start searching for a replacement

A new man with pure essence
A man with a spiritual possesion

a man ready for the next apple
a man who will lose the battle...

Words Of Harfouchism
This is a sequel to " A dark apple " by " Mystic Angel"
 Oct 2014 Dead Words
Her Eyes.
 Oct 2014 Dead Words
Her eyes remind me of a sunrise,
They're both beautiful,
But if I had choice to choose which one to see every morning,
For the rest of my life,
Her eyes would beat a sunrise any day.
 Oct 2014 Dead Words
 Oct 2014 Dead Words
theres an unrest about my
about my
a buzzing in my
in my
a longing in my
in my

— The End —