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Z Apr 26
I write...
...because I have no one to play along with when I was young
...because I'm too skinny to play sports when I was on grade school
...because my grandmother gave me a pen and a paper as a birthday gift
...because I want to impress the girl next door
...because I got very ill I need to stay indoors for a whole month
...because I don't want to forget
...because I got my heart broken
...because I miss her a lot
...because there's a lot of things running on my mind
...because my mom loves my poems
...because I'm happy
...because I failed my major subject
...because I'm too bored
...because I got accepted for a job explore all the things I'm afraid of. convey the words I ******* say. help others understand me, to help me understand me.

And I will keep on writing
Z Apr 25
words i can't tell her part 5
Z Apr 25
My eyes are crying
My lips are quivering
My body is shaking
My heart is shattering
My hands are bleeding
My limbs are giving up
My breathe is running out
And all of you are just staring
Z Apr 25
I'm jealous of the way
you care for others
yet you can't even ask how my day was

I'm jealous of the way
you make time for others
yet you ignore me all the time

I'm jealous of the way
you smile at the littlest thing they do
yet you disregard all my efforts

I'm jealous
that you can be happy without me
yet my heart is shattering
at the thought of not being with you

I'm sad
I'm disappointed
I'm jealous
but I still love you
Always have, always will
words i can't tell her part 4
Z Apr 24
If ever we leave this moment
Please remember all the good times
Days filled with laughters
With two hearts beating the same rhythm

If ever we look back
Please forget about the bad times
The petty fights and silent treatments
Where everything is taken for granted

If ever we change
Please promise not to forget us
The “us”, who faced life’s twists
The “us”, who overcame the same

If ever our fate cross again
Please let's reminisce together
Those days made all seemed better
Even when we ignore each other

If ever there’s another chance
Please let’s make new memories
No hesitation, no guilt
This time, no goodbye
Z Apr 23
I don't understand you anymore
or maybe
we never understood each other at all

You're as warm as a wool sweater
You're as cold as the morning breeze
When I don't have time for you,
you get mad
When I exert effort to make time for us,
you ignore me
When I give you enough time,
you feel unsatisfied

I know I'm not perfect
I have the same flaws too
But please know that I'm trying
to be the best that I can be for you

Please don't ignore my I miss you
Please reply to my I love you
Please tell me how your day was
Because all I want is to be noticed by you

It's been a week already
I still feel sad
I still feel disappointed
And I still love you
I always will
poem out of frustration. forgive me.
words i can't tell her part 3
Z Apr 15
I'm sad.
I'm disappointed.
But I still love you
and I feel like a fool.
words i can't tell her part 2
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