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Connor Jones Jun 5
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
What about when the lemons are bad?
Then what do we do?
Truth is, no lemon is a bad lemon.
Take its seeds, start fresh, and leave the rotten one in the past.
And when the day comes and you finally drink that fresh, sweet lemonade, remember the bad lemons that made it.
Every lemon has a purpose if you know how to use it.
All it takes is a seed.
So don't let a rotten lemon ruin your lemonade.
Connor Jones May 20
A life.
A fish.
Swimming through the sea.
Away from the great whites in their life.
Rustic lobsters hiding among the reefs,
from what else calls the ocean home.
5% we see explored.
5% they see invaded.
100% of sea life watching and laughing.
we think we know, but really we have no clue what lies beneath.
Boats like airplanes as they graze the roof of their house.
Starring up at our cluelessness.
Connor Jones May 20
I live in a lost world.
A world that has a population of me.
A world where the saying "live to fight another day"
becomes reality.
A world where each day is a battle of a seemingly endless war.
A world that needs peace.
A world where a life without love and happiness,
gets lost in the depths of depression.
sometimes a light disguised as love comes into my life
that is bright enough to show me the way back to happiness,
but that light seems to always burn out.
One day I hope to be my own light and live in a world where it's not normal to wake up in the same puddle of tears I fell asleep in.
Connor Jones May 19
Dear Alcohol,
I've never met you but we have many mutual friends.
Everyone I love seems to fall for you rather than me.
Lost in the thought that you can heal them, but you didn't fool me.
Or maybe you did.
Maybe that's why I get hurt.
I don't drown myself in you, so you drown the ones I love.
Dear Alcohol,
My glass is full of sorrow.
Maybe one day you will let us all be.
I pray that day be tomorrow.
Connor Jones May 19
I lost sight of the side effects of love.
The sad reality that good things get broken.
No amount of tape or glue can remove the regret
and uncertainty that comes from being betrayed.
The anger at someone's choices fades to hate towards
myself in the darkness.
What is the cure to self-doubt?
Then the cycle continues.

— The End —