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colorless Sep 2015
I love you* and I know love is only an understatement of what I’m really feeling I wish you’d somehow understand where it falls to

I love you and this is not the end of it, there’s more to this, like there’s more to you, it’s a never-ending event of you and me

I love you like how you would always look at the city lights in your rooftop building and say this is my safe haven this is where i want to be

I love you when it’s raining and you're beside me sleeping, and your hand would hold mine

They would say it’s that simple. You feel butterflies when he’s near you, your heart would know if he’s the one you deserve,

if he’s the one

I love you if only it was just you and me and that simple but there’s me and this world and coincidence and alcohol and temporary love

I love you even when she was with you and the pain of it stinged like a ******* but sometimes you just have to swallow it like a pill without water

I love you because I wanna feel loved again and you’re the only one who can actually manipulate my feelings

I love you when im drunk because that’s when my memories pass like a train on schedule leaving trail marks of shattered glasses

i love you and i wish i’d know how i got from folding the pages of my favorite book to being held in your arms being the selfish little ***** that i am, disregarding everything and keeping you all to myself

i love you because i was never selfish before you, i’d always think about others before myself and with you i never thought of what anyone would feel if they’d know what we did

I love you when you look at me because you make me feel immortelle

I love you and I was always that girl who never knew what she wanted or where anything was going

*I still am and I love you still
colorless Aug 2014
I feel them in your eyes
Alpha and Omega
love, come by tonight
the moon and stars
will shine brighter
sing me goodnight
with your absence
I won't sleep tight

Thoughts of you
Alpha and Omega
flooding my mind
creating hurricanes
of missing you
and i can't get your
voice out of my head
Alpha and Omega
where you are is my home

Alpha and Omega
my nothing and my all
colorless May 2014
Poems are revelations
Of one's thought and
One's self and motion

Poems unlock what has
been hidden from everyone
like blowing dandelions
letting it free
and wishing upon
the petals
stardust like magic

Stars on my ceiling
self connected
by my meaning
constellations and
written on my skin

Sparks and nonsense
ruining my vision
trap in my own head
Of dreams and
undone missions

— The End —