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 Apr 27
Rosen Blanche
Each time I do this.. there is another piece of myself to be found

Beauty is all around

Not just in your eyes

Loneliness emboldens

Kindles the fire in me

Your warmth bubbles up

But this is no matter

Find me pushing harder, driving farther

Taking what is mine

Up and out of everyone’s reach

Too good to be true

Read the room.. you will see

They all may look and call to me

Should be a poet by the sea..

rather than a rippled river
 Sep 2021
Jessica Head
You are selfish
Don't be expecting to get my babies from me.
You accused me for years.
Yet you still act so innocent.
Grown *** man
Can't be an adult
Has to put everything on reverse
Put every little lie on me.
I'm pretty sure every one knows you
And you do that to me.
Everyone knows you.
I don't have to tell anyone
Cause they already know
You lied to my face.
When i seen you cheating.
You come back inside throwing me around.
Almost beating me up.
Cause I caught you.
You still denied the two little boys we have together.
You keep saying
"They're not mine".
So 6 or 7 years going on with this pretend life you wanted.
Babies you say that aren't yours.
I think I'm done here.
He knows I'm pregnant with my 4th. His 3rd biological baby with me.
And he still says it's not his.
So i think I'm done.
Me and my little ones are going to go hide in a shelter somewhere.
You don't deserve us.
Wheres your fukking *****.
I'm sorry i bothered having your babies.
Or whoever babies you think these are.
Only I know.
I'm too honest
I'm too loyal.
No man is going to tie me down.
Or put me 6 feet under.
After this pregnancy
I'm tieing the notts.
No more babies for me.
Because there father doesn't have *****.
All he wants is baby making ***.
He can't even admit these are his babies he has with me.
But whatever.
Go live a lie by yourself.
 Sep 2021
Jessica Head
10 years to be exact
I've been on this on website.
That's a long time.
I thought I would've been famous by now
I'm not all that good at poetry.
Or writing.
 Aug 2021
Megan H
The metal chains clanking loudly
From her cage-
Where she has been imprisoned
In the darkness
All these years

She is trying to break free.
 Jul 2021
Megan H
How do you know when the journey is over?
When to say goodbye,
When to move on?
The complicated emotions I feel
Do not give me a clear answer.
The journey doesn't have to end?
If only.
If only.
 Nov 2020
Jack R Fehlmann
I want and try so completely
This time to write, to weave
These wishes limited by
words, my words.
hard chosen.
Praying that they will
Fall and wrap lovingly, comfortably,
Forever, and always, around you
As if,.. To be your very own,
Most bestest, favorite blanket.
That they blanket you safe.
And, away.

From the perspective
Eyes like mine
Have come to view...

No longer so nice
Not innocent
Only goodbyes

From the used to
The last, Newest and greatest.
 Oct 2020
Megan H
The days get longer,
It seems,
With less and less excitement
Life becomes boring.

And the late nights cease,
To wake up for the early sun,
For another long day.
It never really seems to end.

Here I am-
Trapped in a cycle
Of my own unhappiness.
Where I torture myself.
 Aug 2020
Rosen Blanche
The reptilians running society,
have absolutely nothing on me.

Scales on outer, cold inside,
I crept through a semblance,
that was required to die.

Triangle, square, apple, or pear,
my thoughts intrigue,
more than my silhouette dares.

Are you receiving the message I'm sending?

Sincerely yours,
truth transcending.
 Jul 2020
Megan H
I needed to write this poem-
It's what I do when I'm lost,
Trapped by my own mind.
I blame others for my prison,
But it is I who locked the door.

I needed to write this poem-
What happened to who I was?
The freedom, the youth.
I am still very young
But they tell me I should grow up.

I needed to write this poem-
Because I saw how happy I was,
Dancing with my toes in the sand.
I've replaced it with a nice, quiet life.
If only my past and present could collide.

I needed to write this poem-
To remind myself not to put blame.
I am happy.
And there are many forms of happiness.
If only I could taste them all.

I needed to write this poem-
Even if no one knows what it's about.
Because that isn't what matters.
I needed to purge my bad thoughts-
Before they get locked away again.
I guess you can't have it all.
 Jul 2020
Rosen Blanche
She rises again, with her demons in tow.
Yesterday's enemies are this morning's foes.
The flames never lessen, forever rising from below.
They bloom from the heat born 30 years ago.

Why did nobody pause, to let her know,
love is freedom, and we each reap what we sew?
She has never been one to let things go -
still bent under the sun, picking stones to throw,
and burnt all over, casting a bright red glow.

To just stand up, raise her perspective from the low,
would liberate the debts both her heart and soul owe.
From soil sunken, we could all watch the roses grow,
gaze at the smoke rising, as the roaring fires slow..
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