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 Jan 2023
Megan H
I used to believe
A heart broke quickly.
A strayed lover,
A punch to the gut,
A truth revealed-

But it is not like that really.

A heart breaks slowly.
It bruises and strains
With each added hurt
With every small fight.
Little fractures begin to form
With every feeling of being unwanted
And every time he makes you cry.
Pieces begin to fall away
When he stops coming home
And starts sleeping on the couch.
The pieces get larger
When he stops touching you
And his actions no longer match his words.

When he breaks his promise
Of forever with you-
You realize you feel an emptiness inside.
A heart broken gradually
Until nothing is left behind.
Your only hope-
Is that maybe a small piece still remains
That you can rebuild from.

And you vow-
To protect it better next time.
 Aug 2022
Megan H
I did not expect-
To mourn you.

It feels like you died.
Maybe you did.
 Jun 2022
Megan H
You were the one
That taught me to
Love myself.

You were also the one
Who made me feel
Like I wasn't enough.
 Jun 2022
Megan H
No matter how much love
I put into it-
It still fell apart
In my hands.
Nothing but ashes now.
Is it wishful thinking-
To hope for a phoenix?
 Jun 2022
Megan H
He said,
"It's not you, it's me."
And I agreed.
 Sep 2021
Jessica Head
You are selfish
Don't be expecting to get my babies from me.
You accused me for years.
Yet you still act so innocent.
Grown *** man
Can't be an adult
Has to put everything on reverse
Put every little lie on me.
I'm pretty sure every one knows you
And you do that to me.
Everyone knows you.
I don't have to tell anyone
Cause they already know
You lied to my face.
When i seen you cheating.
You come back inside throwing me around.
Almost beating me up.
Cause I caught you.
You still denied the two little boys we have together.
You keep saying
"They're not mine".
So 6 or 7 years going on with this pretend life you wanted.
Babies you say that aren't yours.
I think I'm done here.
He knows I'm pregnant with my 4th. His 3rd biological baby with me.
And he still says it's not his.
So i think I'm done.
Me and my little ones are going to go hide in a shelter somewhere.
You don't deserve us.
Wheres your fukking *****.
I'm sorry i bothered having your babies.
Or whoever babies you think these are.
Only I know.
I'm too honest
I'm too loyal.
No man is going to tie me down.
Or put me 6 feet under.
After this pregnancy
I'm tieing the notts.
No more babies for me.
Because there father doesn't have *****.
All he wants is baby making ***.
He can't even admit these are his babies he has with me.
But whatever.
Go live a lie by yourself.
 Sep 2021
Jessica Head
10 years to be exact
I've been on this on website.
That's a long time.
I thought I would've been famous by now
I'm not all that good at poetry.
Or writing.
 Aug 2021
Megan H
The metal chains clanking loudly
From her cage-
Where she has been imprisoned
In the darkness
All these years

She is trying to break free.
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