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 Apr 2020
Mrs Timetable
You looked at me
Cleared your handsome voice
Took a deep breath
Forgot all the words
Then kissed me

Beautifully expressed my sweet
Sometimes you don’t need words
 Jan 2020
Traveller in time
I returned home from work one day ,
went to bed and here I lay ,
in my own room without a friend ,
to say good night ,
when will it ever end ?
And so to the bad ,
the great and the good ,

the whispering of the years ,
the misunderstood .
For the black bird still sings it’s merry tunes before dawn,
as i lie alone in my bed ,
thankful for all the years ..
They captivate me still ,
the snow drop yet to bud ,
the red ant who keeps a home for the stomaphis beneath the bark of an old oak tree ,
as my saviour keeps a place for me .
No woman have I held dear ,
her gentle touch when death is near ,
no whispers in my ear .

But I have seen luminous lights light up the beach as if it were day ,
and monsters of iron ,
giving out their steam ,
acuducts and tunnels built by mans own dream ,
Yet I have lived and has it not been grand ?

Still pity the man who has no hope ,
nothing to cling to when life becomes a joke ,
Who works and dies to what a cost ,
he has never seen Gods promises ,
and it is in them do I have my hope ..
 Oct 2019
If within the limitation of parentheses
(Throw away information goes here)
Holds the reflection in a greater sphere
I hold in my heart (Mostly in my art)
The thought of you my dear
Your heart should be aware
(Written in the stars
In our private holy hemisphere)
We have always
To each other been near

Sub-atomically we arrived (In ethereal beauty)
Aesthetic attractions draws us
Again we manifest (Another mess)
Until we learn the laws (Of eternal rest)
Then shall we begin again (In thee end)
Traveler Tim

Drawn on the spirit of E.E.Cummings
Who died a month before I was born.
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