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 Dec 2015
My love for you crosses the seas,
Fills it with the tears of my passion,
Which fall from the skies heavenward,
Pure as the angels I imagine there to be.

My love for you is untouchable,
Invisible and delicate as the wind,
Powerful as a raging hurricane,
Destructive and beautiful as it spins.

My love for you is fiery as a flame,
Burning, alive with the throes of adoration,
An everlasting blaze through the night,
Illuminating everything within.

My love for you is undoubtable,
So when you ask me how much,
My love for you is in numbers or scale,
Know I love you more than you'll ever know.

Quick jot in five minutes, listening to Ailee and Wheesung's "That Woman".
 Jan 2015
Spencer Craig
Whenever I write about love it is in the conditional tense: "if"
"I think" "we would" "we could". it is all pensive.
I am not even in the friend zone, i am in a friend ditch
and i am scared she'll refuse me rope if i present this.
i can write beautiful poems and i can pen rich
Thoughts on paper, but if thats all i do, then this
is all futile like me playing Serena in tennis.
i can pay every single type of penance
but if all I am doing is being apprehensive
then does it even matter if she kens this?
I was about to write a love poem and then i was like wait you don't have any experience with real love silly. So i made one about how i don't know about it and how me writing about it is in vain... idk why i gave you the back story i sometimes don't know what to put here... k bye!
 Jul 2010
Oh, mirror, mirror
On thy self-reflecting wall
Honestly, tell me
Who’s the greatest of them all
The answer, of course, is me
tanka'd up
 Jul 2010
The Muse
I must stay hidden
My secret identity
Keeps me prisoner
My longing to feel freedom
To openly be your muse
 Jul 2010
Fragile delusions
Rainbow dreams of daisy fields
False complacency
Shatter in technicolour
Mediocrity knows me
 Jul 2010
A Thomas Hawkins
Born again poet
Romantic fool and dreamer
Groovy wordbender
Exploring life through poems
Ability uncertain
 Jul 2010
Gone to live her life
Adventures unknown excite
Remnants of childhood
Lost between was and will be
Emerging victorious
Tanka (5/7/5/7/7)

copyright©PrttyBrd 18/07/2010
 Jul 2010
deanena tierney
A new life granted
Glad to be starting over
Better days await
A totally free spirit
No longer so appeasing

— The End —