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The Muse Jan 2011
I look out at the expanse before me and think if only I would just let myself go and fall, fall to the serenity of the moment and let the air take me to where I am free, let myself glide off the roof and enjoy peace and know no more sadness and I peer out of the edge and wonder if it would be easy to let myself go, to slide down the roof, but something holds me back. A flash, a vision, maybe of false hope and I peer once again at the edge which beckons me to join it and I crawl in from the window in hopes of a day filled with less sorrow.
The Muse Dec 2010
I would do anything to save her
If I knew that I could

I would give up my blood
For hers to circulate redder

I would give up my lungs
For her to breathe better

I would give up my kidneys
For her to live freer

I would give up my heart
For her to beat stronger

I would give up my arm
For you not to worry

I would give up my leg
For you to be sane

I would give up my life
If it would help to save hers

To make you happy
To make her live longer
To make her wake up
And bring joy to your life
Hear our voices and our prayers
The Muse Dec 2010
Your touch
Your kiss
Your gentle ways
All I want
Is for you to love me

Your mind
Your ideas
Your meticulous thoughts
All I want
Is for you to love me

Your passion
Your power
Your overwhelming presence
All I want
Is for you to love me

My loneliness
My fear
My lack of self esteem
All I want is for you to love me

Our embrace
Our connection
Our undying chains
All I know
Is that you love me

The Muse Nov 2010
I wish I could be your sun
When the rain comes pouring down

I wish I could be your light
When only darkness can be found

I wish that I could be your joy
When depression comes to stay

I wish that I could say the words
That would make it all go away

I wish that I could hold you
And tell you how I feel

I wish that we were together
Our love forever sealed

I wish I could take away all the pain
Like you take away mine

I wish I made you happy
I wish I made you glad
I wish I was the better one
I wish I was already yours
I wish, I wish
Yeah some words came pouring out in the form of a poem.   Not my best poem by far, but since I am in the middle of writing a novel....
The Muse Oct 2010
The desert land
Stretches on like an endless sea
A vast chasm of nothingness and emptiness
And all that exists
Is the hot sanded wind

Crouched down in a ball
Loneliness is the only companion
To the desolation that has become life

Peering at the setting sun
Knowing the terrors of the night to come
The knife holding promises of peace
And it beckons for the warm flesh of serenity
And the blood of tranquility
--'In the Wasteland'
The Muse Oct 2010
If only you had loved me like you said that you did
If only you would have seen me for the person that I am
If only you would have supported me in all that I did
If only you could have been there when I needed you the most
If only you hadn’t left me and put a crack in my world
If only you hadn’t changed me to be someone I am not
If only you hadn’t called me things to make me feel so low
If only you hadn’t taken what self esteem I had
If only you could understand that I am my own girl
If only you could have let me be who I was inside
If only you hadn’t killed the love that I once held for you
If only you would realize that my love is dead and gone
If only you could let me move on to something new
If only you were now someone else could I stand to be near you
The Muse Sep 2010
They called it a May December relationship
He was the May, she was the December
20 years was the difference
And no one could see why

What do you see in her they asked him?
But they didn’t know
How her intelligence captivated him
How her beauty overtook him, how her sexuality enthralled him

What do you see in him they asked her?
But they didn’t know
How she grew weak in the knees
When he walked up behind her and whispered in her in ear

They didn’t understand
How she and he hungered for each other
His energy boundless
Her passion endless

They didn’t understand
How well he took care of her
And how well she took care of him
In every was possible

They called it a May December relationship
And they liked to judge
But she knew she loved him, and he knew he loved her
And always they continued as one
for my other half....without whom I do not exist
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