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 May 2017
i am alone yet again,
wallowing in thick melancholy
letting the darkness seep onto my mouth
and onto my ribcage it accumulates,
turning my chest into an empty void of despair.

all alone, i gasp for air
but nothing seems to pass through
this black hole i created for myself.

all alone, i am afraid
afraid that this emptiness would swallow me whole
and leave me cold and numb, lifeless.

i am alone yet again,
and i'm out of breath.
i want to breathe, yet i also don't want to.
 May 2017
people try
to heat up my
frigid exterior
but drop me, like
a glass of hot water
and leave me shattered
on the ground
as soon as they sense
the fervent menace
brewing within me.
 May 2017
here i am again,
trying to fill the crevices you've left
not on my heart alone,
but on every piece of my being.
 May 2017
the clouds are my eyes
and the raindrops are my tears.
do you hear my cries?

— The End —