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 Jan 4
Jacobe Loman
society the suicide disease
aware of proliferation
following the reaper
abused substance
synthetic chemicals

trailing behind god
melodic tone perceptions
tears high
value low
long will it hurt
loved ones go
drapery over eyes
shadow plays

youth is growing old
give something to behave
only here is now

find the dead
hanging around the head
lidless crossed eye
it's okay
reaching so high
falling so deep
precious human soul

you walk ever closer
taste the doubt
dying on your blade
subject to be aware
visage of pain
 Nov 2020
Imran Islam
I am waiting for your smiles
and sitting on for your voice.
I have found your door after
the journey of miles and miles.

If you accept me this morning
I'll melt in you till the evening
I'll make you never forget me
after my loving touch today.

When you will come and see me
I'm lying down on the front door
You'll just pull me up to adore
and you won't stop hugging me.

I hope you will be here so soon
and I will make you wonder
I'd draw a beautiful afternoon
So, reach my hands to feel better.
 Oct 2020
flower in her hair
her body she shares with you
hold her she blossoms
 Oct 2020
longing for summer;
just a note
     hoping for the better
U w U
 Jul 2020
Sk Abdul Aziz
Some people are so poor that the only thing they possess is money.
 Apr 2020
Thomas W Case
It won't be a silent
night this Christmas in
the Psych Ward.
There are some real
wack jobs in here.
One guy grabbed his crotch,
and said, "I have a hold of all my faculties."
The nurse asked him what
drugs he was on?
He said, "It's not the drugs that
are the problem, it's the women."
Maybe he's not as crazy as I thought.
I shouldn't talk, I'm getting
EST's  (Electra Shock Therapy)
One of the side effects is
memory loss.  I hope they make me
forget the last women in my life.
Life is so odd...
I'm locked in the nut house,
and she's home in her apartment,
cooking and cleaning,
crazy and mean as a
****-house rat.
Life is crazy
 Apr 2020
Thomas W Case
I once knew a woman that
could roll herself into a perfect ball.
She rolled all over town.
It didn't seem that unusual; sad,
but not strange.
Lots of people are all balled up.
I caught glimpses of her face.
It was often expressionless.
She had a flat affect.
Sometimes, she'd come out of her ball,
and smile.
She was gorgeous, educated, and
had a great sense of humor.
But when I'd get too close,
she'd get back into her ball
and roll away.
No risk, no gain
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