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Chris Fortune Sep 2019
I have this little thing called faith
It's about as big as a mustard seed
When it feels like my life is about to abate
I turn to Him to fulfill my every need

I have this little thing called faith
When it feels like the walls are closing in
I know You suffered greatly and died for me
But I still punish myself for my past sins

I have this little thing called faith
When it feels like I have been forsaken
It's a matter of choice and not up to fate
To accept the offer that has been taken

I have this little thing called faith
In my mind and heart I have been afflicted
My soul feels fallen to the point of no return
But I know it is of the Spirit I am convicted

My soul it hurts so deep from the depths of depravity
I can't go on like this I am a living catastrophe
I will stand firm in the battle for Christ's sake
And I will hold on to this little thing called faith
Chris Fortune Jan 2019
Life is a fight when you try to do right.
Around every corner they try to steer you the wrong way.
There are so many new horizons and paths to go down.
When you're at the end of the rope you can always turn around.

Don't ever give up in what you believe.
You can always achieve what your mind can conceive.
The days have been long and I need to reprieve.
There is an emptiness I need to relieve.

Everything I encounter is tempting and beautiful,
But I will not give in to the fiery desires.
They will only bring sorrow and make me wallow in despair.

I know what the right thing to do is and I will stick to my guns.
Don't ask me why I make myself suffer I know my day will come.
Because in my heart I will never be lonely and I'll have the one.

Never be lonely because you're never alone.
All the friends, family, and faces from the place you call home.
Take me to the place where they call me their own.
Just be who you are and you'll always be your own.

Never be lonely for you can lose yourself.
There's always somebody to lend you help.
Don't give yourself away, your heart is within you.
Just listen to your heart and you'll always be true.

Never be lonely because fate takes a turn.
Always show respect and never let bridges burn.
Inside all of us we can be crude and vindictive.
Just look into your heart for the proper incentive.

Never be lonely because it can bring out the worst.
Even if you don't know it can leave you cursed,
But I have been lonely and I know how it feels.
I'm just going nowhere and spinning my wheels.

If you never be lonely you will find yourself.
You have to love who you are to love someone else.
Never be lonely because you'll be stuck in the game,
With no one to turn to and only yourself to blame.
Chris Fortune Sep 2017
Standing alone in the shadow of a doubt.
When there's no one to run to, or no way out.
Looking down on the water at my own reflection.
Hoping I can get rid of this mental infection.

This mental infection just turns into mist.
Peace in myself is my one remaining wish.
My mind is a storm and I can't find any cover.
I hope I make it out when the storm is over.

I know you still love me and would do anything.
To keep me in your life, with love on the wing.
But I can't turn back, because I felt the pain.
My heart would break again, driving me insane.

There's a special lady out there, who'll really care.
To keep my heart strong, this heart you can't tear.
I will never let you into my heart again.
But you'll always be in my heart, until the end.

I don't know why good love had to turn bad.
Leave me feeling depressed, leave me feeling sad.
But it was not my fault, so my heart won't falter.
There's a long road ahead, and I have to keep pushing farther.
  Aug 2017 Chris Fortune
Cait Harbs
Each day,
I count the highway signs
as I pass by,
hoping to follow them all
and tattoo them on my skin
with the dust of my tires.

Each day,
I drive the same route to work
and then home,
just once,
my heart would go off-road.

Each night,
I mournfully regale the moon
with tales
of journeys great men traveled,
trips brave women blazed,
and my own bland,
listless meanderings between
and then home.

Each night,
the Moon beckons me
to chase the horizon
with open arms,
calls vehemently
for the chained thing
beating in my breast
to fly headfirst
into the Unknown.

One night
I will listen.
  Jul 2017 Chris Fortune
She doesn’t always look the same
Sometimes she’s a silver sphere
Fooling you that she is bright
But she’s just a mistress of the night

Sometimes only half of her you can see
Following you wherever you’ll be
She hides while dancing in the sky
Half, still a full beauty up high

In time, she becomes thin, crescent
Like a smile, a blissful moment
She looks delicate, discriminating
Only a part of her, still breathtaking

And only those prison of the night
Will witness the euphoric stint
Of showing pieces of her then
The beauty of becoming whole again
Look up, what shape do you see me tonight?

This is inspired by Phases, a poem by Midnight Rain, my friend here at HP. Thank you for the inspiration :)
  Mar 2017 Chris Fortune
samantha page
as the day comes to an end
and your mind starts to pretend,
remember this
all these dreams are not for real
nor the emotions that you feel,
one day your life will become
its own version of this one
although daydreams won't come true
you will have something brand new
your future is a fantasy
in and of itself
Chris Fortune Nov 2016
Well I guess I am just all out of words
But at least it was good while it lasted
My letters are picked away by the birds
And all the fireworks have been blasted

It's sad that I can't come up with any words
I guess my heart is now officially dead
Waking up every morning singing a dirge
And all my days are filled up with dread

Maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel
If not in this life then certainly in the next
But the doldrums are thick and fall in the funnel
The tears are flooding up over the crest

But I know that the feeling will not last forever
And the waters will spill over and one day subside
But my heart is on a thread, a very thin tether
Always has been and will be until the day I die
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