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Whenever I'm in pain
I just whisper
"I'm a Marine I'm a Marine I'm a Marine"
Because Marines are the strongest
The first to fight
The few, the proud
I can't wait until I claim the title
And live up to my name
But before that, I believe
I am a Marine
And the pain always lessens
Is where your
arms hold  me close
and you whisper
I'll never
let go
We held each other so tight,
Hoping in vain
That if we held tight enough
We wouldn't have to leave each other.

Everything came rushing in,
Banging open doors
And showing us all that we forgot
Reminding us why we came together
Why we were.

And now the aching is surreal,
Hard and constant,
Gnawing insides out.
Different from the way I missed him,
This ache is a dear longing for
The smiles all of you put on my face,
The help you always gave me,
My support team.

Thank you for everything.
But I can't say goodbye,
Not now when we've only just go to know each other through and through.

I'll see you later,
Good luck with Rajiv ;3
Dedicated to the dark side ^-^ gonna miss you all so much~ (we are THE squad goals)

By christina perri
I thought I had a friend.
It left me too.
I'm talking and looking at you, poetry. *pokes*

Random thought,
But I love my friends.
They always know when something isn't wrong, and can make me smile always.
Thanks guys.
I really appreciate it.
Thank you.

Super trouper
By abba
"How Are You?"

Ivy Botticelli
Like smoke in my lungs, it is an acquired taste that I could not bring myself to quit. And now that I have, the flavor is unprecedentedly toxic.
2. Your name is merely a catalyst to my relapse. You turned your head away from it then, and I know you will turn your head away from it now.
3. To hear that beautiful arrangement of letters coming from my own lips only reminds me of the genuine smile on your face that you can only have when I am gone. And every time it makes me wonder if I truly mean it when I say I am happy for you.
4. I cannot reconcile what is with what could have been. Maybe if I was still yours and you were still mine, it would be endearing to say your name.
5. When it's 4 am and I am falling apart in my half empty bed, I cannot find the breath to utter your name between sobs.
6. I have spent too much time pretending that your absence has had no affect on me that I have not yet grieved. But, I could never pity myself without shouting your name into an empty void.
7. Maybe I am only idealizing you, but his name left a bitter taste and I have been craving yours on my lips.
8. I cannot say your name because I know that if you were to turn your head in recognition, I'd get lost in those blue eyes and fall for you all over again.
9. There is no logic behind how I inherited the right to say your name. Since you have left, this complacency is eating me alive and I am only left to wonder why someone so beautiful would have ever touched a soul like mine.
10. I cannot speak of your name any longer because it is no longer my privilege. It is hers to say now.
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