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Cayla frazier Oct 2015
Who am I?
Who should I be?
Why cant I find my place in world full

I know that I'm everyone's cup of tea,
more like the tea bag just feeling used.

I pray for peace and self acceptance.
Knowing I need to love me before I can
find where I truly need to be.

Pulling in different directions
barely holding on, my strength depleting.

I'm weak and so tired,
just wanna fold into myself until
it all passes. but the darkness there
can be deafening too.

Cayla frazier Sep 2015
Wrapped in your warmth
Snuggled to your side
your arm draped over me
with pride you cannot hide.
I am yours and you are mine
Forever with you is where I want to be
To cherish each day
For all eternity.

forever his
Cayla frazier Sep 2015
The first time can be scary
not sure you made the right choice.

Unfamiliar sounds and smells
gives you a rush you can never forget.

But with every new one
you slowly become submerged in this world.

The ink lets you express your heart
or heals your soul.

For a moment time stands still
and your at peace.

Accepting yourself and choosing
to live the life you want.

Cayla frazier Aug 2015
Its a comfort to know that I am not alone anymore,
alone to fall apart when my
depression and anxiety catch me off guard.

Because I have you watching over my heart and mind,
you can feel when
I need to be held and told every thing will be alright
and that no matter what you will always be there
to wipe the tears from my face.

The connection our souls have is amazing
sensing each other without
having to say a word.

Our souls were destined to
find each other so they could
be together and In love again.
Cayla frazier Aug 2015
Persistently shaking her bottle,
Not seeing the cracks they are forming.. Little by little losing more and more.. Slowly dripping down, becoming a steady flow. Until they finally break her, the bottle holding her pain shatters.
Cayla frazier Jul 2015
Long ago you vanished from me,
with silent words you were gone.

We drifted apart for reasons unknown,
for gods plan was yet to be seen.

But like a summers breeze,
you have been brought back to me.

Instantly we are connected,
like two soul destined to meet.
Cayla frazier Jul 2015
The wisest men say
never wish away your days.
Pushing everyday to thrive
never taking for granted your alive.
Cherish the good days to
banish all the bad.
Always turning you eyes to the skies
soaking in the positive waves,
washing all your pain away.
Knowing your not alone in the world,
together finding a way to cure the hate.

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