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crea Sep 2015
for loving the finality that comes with slamming a door
when i can't stand others doing it
but power doesn't seem so bad
when it's in my hands
i shouldn't be scared of myself, but i am.
crea May 2015
every scar is a galaxy
and every spot is a star
(there are lots of stars)
crea May 2015
fear and an orange light to guide you home
statues made of stone and a grassy path
walls standing tall with patterns carved into the sides
a rising sun to tell you that you are close but not yet safe
based on a dream i had that has stuck with me
crea Apr 2015
i remember days where i curled into corners and pressed against walls to hide from things i couldn't get away from and i remember your scowl when you found me and your pathetic excuses and the way you looked at me as you told me to stop because i wasn't allowed to be upset.

i remember being home alone with you and how the one time i stood up to you i didn't stutter but your shouting about respect shut me up and i don't always flinch when you ball your fists anymore but i would be lying if i said that i'm no longer terrified when you raise your voice.

i remember failing to blink back tears and trying to pretend i could escape as you dragged me to the bathroom and said that i was being ugly because i said no when i wasn't allowed to, and i remember feeling like the ground was shaking because you looked at me like i was a failure and god i believe(d) you.
crea Mar 2015
i want to get all my fears
tattooed on my body
so that i can never forget
what i will never overcome
crea Mar 2015
it was your day to be remembered
but no one said a word.
I'm sorry.
  Mar 2015 crea
Jo Hummel
Is it too much to ask for two more hours with you?
We didn't stay long but I can remember the way your hand fit to mine and the taste of your cheek from our rushed goodbye.
What kind of shoes do I need to wear to walk to where you are?
One day I'm going to wipe the hair from your face to reveal those gorgeous green eyes and revel in the emotions you try to tuck away.
Do you mind if I call every day to tell you how beautiful you are?
I might not always see your face, but I can never forget it when it makes my heart race more than a mile a minute.
I haven't written in a while so here have this thing about my girlfriend
She's v cute and I love her a lot like 10/10 would recommend
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