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Jo Hummel Sep 2016
theres empty spaces between your fingers that fit Oh So Perfectly with mine.
you are too easy to love, and easier to lose.
i would do it all over again.
Jo Hummel Aug 2016
what do you give someone when they already (think they) have the universe?
are all gods as lonely as you?
Jo Hummel Aug 2016
some people are not meant for this world,
and that's okay.
it just makes you a star
Jo Hummel Jul 2016
This isn't a poem;
But it's hard not to miss some people,
when you see things that remind you of them,
when shows play that remind you of them,
when songs stream that remind you of them,
of their voice,
of how you used to be...
I wish things were the same.
Maybe they can be the same.
Maybe I should stop holding on to memories
(but they're all I have).
Then again, I used to be quite a ****.
Jo Hummel May 2016
One time I held you
with the grip of a lost child
and you let me go so swiftly,
I realized then that I really don't matter
as much as the next lover
(I guess I am a bit of a *******).
Jo Hummel May 2016
I want to be the one that makes you happy;
I know I can never make your eyes light up like that.

I want to feel your body against mine, in some perfect rhythm that orchestras can only dream about;
I know that someone else will fit your mold better than I can.

I yearn to be the one to hold your hand on chilly days set in between autumn and winter;
I'm scared that you'll let go again.

I want to love you like I never had the chance to;
I remember I won't be able to break that threshold.

I want you to be mine;
I remember that I am always yours.
It always comes back to you.
Jo Hummel Apr 2016
i want to scream from a mountain top that i am done with everything
but i am in a wasteland and there is nothing on the horizon around me and i do not have the strength to get there
one of them is a sheet, not a blanket
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