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31/M/St. Louis    I'm a homunculus. A homunculus is a little human working the control panel in your head. I, too, have a homunculus (he, too, has a ...
London    Poems are potent. Never exceed the recommended dosage
Aveline Mitchell
Aveline Mitchell. Writer. We live in a world full of wonderful horrors, so I write.
David Lessard
75/M/Prescott, Arizona    Retired. Thirty five years as a Respiratory Therapist Hiker, writer, music lover, photographer (shutter-bug), poet.
Mydriasis Aletheia
29/Other/Empyrean    I dissolve ♄ere, hαving known and loved ∃xistence in the ωorld and a path to being 0therwise, within and beyond ●_● ☯_☯ ರ_ರ one's place ...
Mike Essig
Mechanicsburg, PA    I am a monk, minimalist and anarchist. I now live in Mechanicsburg, PA in a shotgun apartment (without a shotgun) with only a neurotic cat ...
i am miss brightside
In my Father's Kingdom    I am a princess. Not because I believe in fairy tales, or has a prince. But because my Father is a King, and He is ...
Alan S Bailey
M/Unlisted    I've played Piano for the past 25 years or so and write poetry, Here is my piano music link:
Bruised Orange
United States    "This poetry. I never know what I'm going to say. I don't plan it. When I'm outside the saying of it, I get very quiet ...
54/M/Cleveland, Ohio    Creator of the "Quantum Loop" poem. I study English, science, and mankind. Shemale and he-she. Asian/black/arab/white/americaN.
blushing prince
neptune    this was meant to mean something
Shelby Predrick
Singapore    I've been pretty much oppressed by everyone my whole life. With a horrible social phobia, I struggle through each day that's filled with interaction with ...
millsboro    Hello I'm now putting this up because I believe that this site isn't only a site but a family, a family that shares their feelings ...
Scarlet Niamh
21/Aberdeen    He called me a real life poet, sent shivers down my spine
Were it not for lack of accuracy My tears would type fantastically.
Joseph Schneider
Valentina Van Goethe
Val|they/them|Society is broken, but I ain't in power to fix it (yet).
Victoria Kiely
Guelph Here to tell a story or two
If I could only find the words then I would write it all down. If I could only find a voice I would speak. Read ...
Nicole Mock
Houston    xx
Justin S Wampler
30/M    Pens were designed with wordful purposes, our hands and minds serve only as catalysts.
26/F/Canada    Sarah Ahmed
Paul Butters
UK    I love creative writing, especially poetry. "O the mind, mind has mountains; cliffs of fall Frightful, sheer, no-man-fathomed." GM Hopkins. Perfection is Relative.
Cecelia Francis
24/Non-binary    A growing list of useless information.
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